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Nowhere to Hide

"Nowhere to Hide" (1989)

1. So Much Blood
2. Strontium Dog
3. Concrete Jungle
4. King Corruption
5. Forgotten Tower (CD Bonus Track)
6. Principle Of Speed
7. Shame Of a Perfect Race
8. The Elder
9. We Can't Be Beaten (Rose Tattoo cover)

1. So Much Blood

I can hear the scream of despair
It's shooting through my body

I can't speak or feel or see
I just can't believe it

Torture's laughter echoes through the land
The weeping children cannot understand

So much blood
So much pain
Too much death

No hope, no help, no end
The shadows of fear eclipse the land

Deprived of liberty
They will never laugh again

The mothers tears
The fathers sorrow
The weeping children cannot understand

Is this really our civilized world
Where love and reason stand as sacred words

If that's the way it is, then this world is no place for me

2. Strontium Dog

You ran for your life from the fireball
While death rained down and the skies did fall
Cities wrapped in a fiery shroud
And the land beneath a mushroom cloud

How can you live you twisted thing
Once the great uranium king
What life now in your nuclear bog
You're a twisted wreck, a strontium dog

Before your fall a number one guy
But even then you blackened the sky
Polluted rivers and poisoned the rest
Dear mother earth was this incest
Writhe on your back and look at the sky
What do you see with your mutant eye
The skies are black when they should be blue
Who pushed the button you now it was you

Can you cry and will you weep
For the millions now in endless sleep
Dreams of a race immersed in fire
Your final result a nuclear pyre

3. Concrete Jungle

In a time when mother earth
Gets laid by father concrete
All the trees and all the plants
Will have gone there's no comeback
Concrete chokes our pleasant lands
Lying there so cold 'n' dead
Now we stand in a concrete desert
With no chance to survive

Racing through the concrete jungle
Lookin' for a better place to live
Concrete, concrete grey 'n' dead
Get back to your fountainhead

Lead us to a last island
Where we can live our days
Where we're safe and feel the glory
That once ruled all the world
Where we're safe to find conviction
To start another life
To an island that will save us
Where the last trees have survived

Concrete product of illusion jungle
Concrete downfall of the human race jungle

The human race is in decline concrete takes revenge
Skyscrapers high 'n' proud reaching to the skies
Empty now threaten to break down
Time's healing power is the only cure we all must
Pray for

Human race wake up now
Think of what has to be done

4. King Corruption

Read it in the paper, watch it on TV
War, crises, radiation, revolutions, disasters
The world seems to go round the bend
And everywhere there is corruption

Bribed politicians - see!
Corrupt cops see!
Power hungry presidents see!

We let ourselves be blinded, nobody sees the truth
Opposition eliminated and the media says
Just an accident
Anyway a lot of palms are greased

Is this right? no !
What can we do? fight !
Against King Corruption ! -yeah!

Before our blind eyes
King Corruption reigns supreme
How to tell the children the difference,
between good and bad?
Even if we don't know where the border lies

Break, break, break, the power of corruption
King Corruption reigns
Who can really see
King Corruption reigns?

Moguls wallow in intrinsic power
They control us because they constitute law
They plunder our world and sell it back gift wrapped

Everywhere see!
2ing of starvation - see!
Charity arriving too late!

We shouldn't fight them with weapons, but with reason and resolution
Otherwise the day will come, when we get blown away
Let's declare war on King Corruption
Remember it's them or us
Everyone yeah!
Has the right to live - yeah!
And to fight for right - yeah!

5. Forgotten Tower (CD Bonus Track)

There is the light that saves their lives
In the storm and darkness of the night

The tower, the last hope,
To survive deadly cliffs

Where is the light of the tower
The light everybody longs for? .

A hundred pairs of eyes hopefully look
Through the dark of the night

With shivering hands and a feeling
Of dread

A shout goes out they've seen the light
Tower's proud light is yet in sight

Tower high on the cliffs
Your light it means survival

Forgotten tower high on the cliffs
Standing through the ages

In every one of us there is a burning light
A light of hope, a light of salvation
A light to lead us through this world of cruelty
A fight that lets us forgive, cry and laugh

But is it the light of life
Or the light of death?

6. Principle Of Speed

I made an experience
It just happens once in a lifetime

Speed this is the thing
It's never been like this before

Cos you haven't felt it yet
This product of time and distance

Now you feel a rush of speed
Something you'll never forget

So take my hand! I lead you to a place
Where you will feel the real speed

Slipping between time and space
You will find a new dimension

Faster, faster we cut the air
We break the walls of sound

Our thoughts are one, one is our aim
Now we understand the principle of speed

We accelerate there's nothing
To stop us now

All energy set free
We give ourselves up to madness
Spitting fire all around
And thunder is pumping in your veins
Now shifting to overdrive
Flashing across the sky
At breakneck speed we reach the limits now
We'll never feel like this again
Raging on to eternity
But never forget the principle of speed

7. Shame Of a Perfect Race

Do you know the story of poverty and suffering?
Do you know the story of shame and loneliness?

A cold winter and a cold heart that stole the life
Of an old man
No pity and an ice cold room now he was left alone

In loneliness
He met his doom

Ignorance we feel it
To break out of this game
Blow for blow we fight back
Shout it out we are men

'Subhuman creatures' got to die for industry and science
Just to make Mrs. Rich smell nice
Watch the many beggars roaming streets and doorways
Just a piece of bread, just a coin and for them a dream
Comes true

It's a shame to have money and ignore the need
Closing your eyes makes your mind turn greedy

Want and need are the same for us all
Black or white, rich or poor

Can you sleep quietly when you hear the cries of despair?
Can you live your life without fear?

Look at those wankers they don't care what's going on
People, people like that just think of number one

We're not able to cry
We suppress the truth

8. The Elder

High on the hill he was standing there,
The guardian of his tribe
The clans they looked up to him
With risen hands he started to speak

All life is equal, therefore we live together
With all living things
But then came intruders, sick with greed
And hungry for power

He's the Lord of his people
He's the Lord of his tribe
He's the Lord of this land
He's the Lord of this paradise

He's the Lord of his people
He's the Lord of this tribe
Over thousands of years
He led his clans through this paradise

This race makes laws that the rich can break
But not the poor
Giving to the rich and stealing from those
Who want for more
They rape the earth as if it was their own
They stripped it bare right to the bone
Let's search for a place to live
A valley of freedom where we still can give

9. We Can't Be Beaten (Rose Tattoo cover)

If you wanna be in my gang
Stand up with me
We'll start a revolution
And make the streets free
We'll never weaken
We'll give it our best
Can't be defeated
We're better than the rest

Shoulder to shoulder, we're gonna stand
We're gonna fight to the very last man
Can't be defeated, don't know the word
Shoulder to shoulder, we'll fight the world
We can't be beaten
What'll we tell them boys
We can't be beaten

There comes a time when every man must fight
When he believes in justice and right
He'll take so much, 'til he takes no more
They'll hear us coming when they hear the mighty roar!

Now listen everybody out there that really cares
You got realise that you're the real power
We can rule the streets
It's just up to you and me


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