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Personal Favorite Venom

"Personal Favorite Venom" (2007 EP)

1. Crawling To the Cross
2. The Weapon
3. Killer Filler
4. Preferred Poison

1. Crawling To the Cross

Fuck yeah! Iím heading for the blue sky,
Wonít be a legend but Iím gonna try,
To meet demands and to cope with scheduled time,
I inject a needle to walk the line,

Now Iím a spider caught in my own web,
The devilís lingered and heís runniní in my head,
All I do now is watching my own curse,
Dreams and ambitions driving off in a hearse.

I can feel that you need me!
Does anybody want blood?

I am the emperor in his brand new clothes,
The truth incognito yet everybody knows,
I made my personal little cycle of lies,
I have become what I used to despise,

I see myself; the reflection of my face,
The mirror shatters from the anger of my gaze,
Startled by myself I start to feel remorse,
As I am on the ground and crawling to the cross!

I can feel..

(Solo - Per)

Blue sky legend cope with the line
Caught in my head watching a hearse
I am the truth made my despise
My face shatters I start Crawling

I can feel..

(Solo - Niels)

2. The Weapon

Now you see
my ass behind your wheel,
Flip the key
All attention now I steal,
I face my greatest fear,
Of driving all the way there stuck in second gear!
Headlight is dead beneath my feet there is a hole,
The buckle for my belt wonít ever save my soul!
We patch you up,
Again we hit the road
Unleash the beast and its lethal load

Sad metal heart, though a big smile
When the flywheel starts
Way to go down, starts every time
Into the ground, but Ďtill then youíre mine
Way to go!

To a show
No need to even ask,
And then we go
This is your solemn task,
Broken down
Dead stopped there in the street,
You couldnít move those crucial final feet!
But we donít care even if you went and died
Still you are the finest lady one could ever buy!
Hard to kill just like a habit old in age,
It lives to take us up on yet another stage!

Sad metal..

(Solos - Niels, Per)

Sad metal..

3. Killer Filler

Heavy laid the crown on the head of me; the king
Who ruled the world of the low
Blows that landed on my corpse, have echoed through my keep
In the halls Down below

Iím the storm
Thatís been kept in a cage
Build up walls
Constructed bitter rage
Objections all in vain
Hear my words
A retribution claim

Awareness of my state, has made me act accordingly
But now I sense that itís time
Judgement, fate and sentencing, is governed by the man
And Iím a tool for his plan

Iím the storm
In which all winds will rage
Blown in two
Is my unholy cage
Punish them
Even the penitent
So be it
My retribution game

(Solo/theme - Per)

In absence of the taker, I fill his place,
his face and homicidal gig
The sound of blows that land, will echo through the streets
And my hands will do the slaying of this menace breed

Iím the storm
That brought you Nemesis
Forced my way
Onto your premises
There was fear
In the beholderís eye
Watching me
As I took him to die

(Solo/theme - Niels)

4. Preferred Poison


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