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"Ethereal Journey" (2006)

1. Halls of Twilight
2. The Realm
3. Reaper's Sign
4. Falling Ash
5. Silence of the Sun
6. Summer Mourning
7. Alt0248
8. Inferno

1. Halls of Twilight

In their halls of twilight
Laid thick with the framework of death
God denies them disease and integrity
In their halls of twilight
Scorn gives itself to breed in agony
And the sickly corpses crawl with rot

In their silent halls of twilight
Carnal knowledge reigns supreme
Implications of the sorrow
And our broken world of Green
Signifying grand implosions
Holy liars held on High
Isolate their red corrosion
Teaching eagles how to fly

All the while, and evermore
A darkened bird perched on my door
Croaking, croaking "Nevermore"

And yet... Nobody hears it but me
And then there was nothing

While sleep subsides to crypt
Locking into eternal cromlech
Burned and charred, the ashes stir
And rise into the nighttime sky
The Emperor entrances frost
Enchanting Fire, Wind, Water, Earth

The wind and air consumes the mountains
The echoes of the ancient ones
Ring clearly in this place

If you look at the sun too much
Is it still foolish to forget about the stars?
Or if you've locked yourself in a cage of hands
Can you still value the ability to touch?

2. The Realm

Eden is the bastard of heaven
When the burden is lifted
Written on the broken backs of thousands
As fire and death subside to
The base of etymology and cosmological
(What crypt does the spirit lie in?)

Heaven erupts as its synapses are torn at the seams
God will it be, yet nothing can be done
An experiment in liquid strength
After all, what speaks louder
Than nautical undertow?
Nothing that isn't graphed in linear precision
I delight in the laws of corruption
And rotting flesh laced with flowers

I feed from the equilibrium of the mortal plane
And devour the very shadows of existance
Anon, the light falls over the edge of the earth
Forgetting all it once forgave
And delivering the world to death
Dark arts make up the equator of Hell
(And the spirit sits in daylights wake
As he plots the land's next mistake)

3. Reaper's Sign

When the night falls
And crystal parts in sorrow
Bury the hatchet under moon-fed soil
Luna shines this night
Her melancholy silver
Shines to sooth these dead December flowers

On this eve I take
it unto me
A dagger's sheath am I

This day is done
Should dusk choose to fall
Like raining blood my heart is changed
All the same, though
Truth might be changed
by history - I shall not fear

If back this clock was turned
Would her hands cut deeper still?
Strike of midnight
This is my damnation

On this eve I take
it unto me
A dagger's sheath am I

Cursed by the day
I live by the dark
I take on the mark
The sign of the Reaper is mine

On this eve I take
it unto me
A dagger's sheath am I

4. Falling Ash

Closed-minded victims of a fallen race
Breathe in the fumes of a shattered mind
All that was pure is stained and burnt
When the lips and the tongue can draw blood

Falling ash of a dying world
Erasing all found in disbelief
Nothing exists, if you disagree

Shot into flames in a final moment
All once held dear cast aside
Laws written in the blood of ancestors
Shunned in forgotten centuries passed

Falling ash of a dying world
Erasing all found in disbelief
Nothing exists, if you disagree

Standing against all morals and thought
Blanket themselves in deadened nerves
Unable to feel all that makes them human
Flesh and machine fused into one

Falling ash of a dying world
Erasing all found in disbelief
Nothing exists, if you disagree

5. Silence of the Sun

The sole mistake of an almighty God
Hatred, rivers flow red with blood
Contaminate oceans, Inward they spill
Blinded by bloodlust, driven to kill

History, a record of errors,
Intertwined in suicide era
As worlds fade out, and Death does come
Lives will pass, in the silence of the sun

Follow along, look to the paradigm
Fear forever the passing of time
Empathy gone, and empathy dead
A brain withered in a drug-filled head

History, a record of errors
Intertwined in suicide era
As worlds fade out, and Death does come
Lives will pass, in the silence of the sun

6. Summer Mourning

Crickets chirping in the summer hauntings
In shadows falling, on the evening red
The corpse of the day rots in decay
And leaves a bleak and starless night
Wrapped in a coil of directed fire
As blasphemous cosmology erupts
From beneath the grave

Electric engravings on the last stone
In the cemetery
What god is here to roll it away?
A eulogy of tragedy, and
An epitaph in the grass
And here we behold the pile of dirt
Here lies a puritanical, misanthropic
Shell of a man and a god
Why can he only see in blacks and greys?
Because he's still trapped, in the forests's womb
Why are we mourning a fallen lexicon
When we could be standing before the absymal gates of Heaven?

7. Alt0248

Caught alone, in a liquid state
Shedding skin to trade for fire

But I'm still alive
I can see the shells of men
Waning in the setting sunlight
A glacier drifting on molten landscapes
And a Christ figure painted into sacred grounds

In a new light, it falls
On the shadows of a new day
The sun was in my eyes
On the day the Will of Men failed
Sometimes it's too cold for fire

They said a king was coming
And when they saw him they were running
Caught alone, in a liquid state
Shedding skin to trade for fire

Denying the benign
The forests weep for wounds unhealed
And we lose ourselves in the vernacular
The Requiem fails us once more

8. Inferno

So now I journey on
Strayed from the path
That does not die
I cannot see
What is to be?
What will become of me?
The she-wolf eyes me hungrily
I cannot pass her
But now a Master
Comes before me

He offers another way to tread
A vicious route that none would dare
He warns cowardice must die
If I am to arrive there

I oblige, and follow him
My trust is thrown to his wisdom
If I shall see the gates of Heaven
Then I must see the sorrow
Of those who lie in Hell

And then we reach the gates
Inscribed above in stone
"Before me nothing but eternal things
Were made and I endure eternally
Abandon every hope, who enter here,"

Sorrow fills me as I gaze upon the first
Chasing the banner
Never to achieve

A single goal
But so many to follow
None to prevail
Journey in endless sorrow

What can they do?
They knew no shame, they knew no praise,
They knew not what would be their fate
Hornets and flies bite at their eyes
Eternally blood tears they cry
Their mortal life
So pathetic
They envy any other fate
God and enemies they hate

Descending now
Into true Hell
I cannot see
The light once held
The air is black
No turning back
I descend

Catalogue of sinners
He holds the key
What level will each one see?
Wraps his tail around him
Each time decides their fates
He knows of every sin
And every law they violate

The lustful fill the second circle
Forever tormented by the storm
Infernal whirlwind spins eternal doom

Gluttony, the sin of the third
Thrown into the mire
And plagued by accursed rain
Cerberus bares his fangs
All souls shall he consume-
They pray for a second death

Now in the fourth circle
I witness how they cry
Damned to push their weights together
Until the end of time

The hoarders and the wasters
Forever share this fate
No peace shall ever touch them
So far from the gate

Now the wrathful have their turn
They bite and scream with rage
Deep in the fifth circle
In the muddy Styx they reign
Never shall they emerge
Their anger in their life
Was all too consuming,
Now they never see the light

The sullen share the wrathful's realm
Immersed in river Styx
They never see the surface
They drown eternally

We cross the river now
Approach the city far below
The place where fallen angels dwell

They refuse us entry
Through the wretched gates of Dis
But Heaven's messenger bids us through

Now we enter in,
The ones around now
Can only see the future
Not present nor the past
In fiery graves they lie
Thousands of piercing cries
These heretics shall never rise
Above their burning beds

Now the seventh circle we have come to see
The first ring of its impossible treachery
The violent against others are now wallowing
In the boiling river of blood
And if they dare to stop
And expose their flesh
The centaurs with their arrows pierce their hearts

Passing on now
To the second ring we come
A damned and darkened wood
Where no path dares cut through
The trunks of trees are moaning
Their anguish fills the air
The suicides are these
Trapped within the trees
Speaking only when they bleed
From the harpies that they feed

Passing to the third ring
That holds sinners more violent still
The ones who stood against

The highest One of all
Supine on fiery sands
The tears that form the rivers
Phlegethon, Acheron,
Cocytus and Styx,
Now onto sodomites
The ones who cross the fiery sands
Eternally damned
Under flaming rain

Now the violent against nature
And all her holy arts
Forced to sit forever
Under the fiery rain
Never to rise
And avoid the burning flames
Now we mount on Geryon
And descend further still

Now entering the eighth
The Hell that is Malebolge
Enter the first pouch

Panders and seducers
Forever whipped and chased
By demons who never tire
Now on to the second
Where the flatterers are besmirched
Clawing at themselves
With shit-filled nails of rage

The third pouch draws yet closer
The Simonists are set
Down in rigid holes
Only their feet emerge
To be tortured by the flame

Now we reach the fourth
Magicians twisted ‘round
Their heads are turned, they walk a backwards path
Their tears stream from their eyes
And down each of their cheeks

Now the next pouch comes
Barrators submerged in pitch
And if they try to surface
The demons thrust their prongs
And scatter many souls

Now escape from angered demons
We slide down to the sixth
We reach that cursed valley
Where the hypocrites will dwell
They’re locked in eternal pacing
Through a circuit of misery
Dressed in lead forever
They continue on

Now we reach the seventh
And witness now the thieves
Bound by twisted serpents
And falling to their knees
One is bitten by his snake
And burns into ash
Then rises like a phoenix
To repeat eternally

Passing through again
We reach the eighth pouch
The evil counselors writhe
Concealed in their fires

Now onto the ninth
We reach the Sowers of Discord
They pace another circuit
As demons slash with swords
They walk the circle bleeding
And once they reach the end,
They’ve healed and are slashed again
To start the circuit anew

Near the end of Malebolge now
We have reached the tenth
The falsifiers suffer here
Darkness, stench, disease
Thirst and filth they must endure

Passage to the ninth plain
Where the Cocytus becomes ice
Antaeus lowers my guide and I
Into the belly of Hell
We cross the frozen landscape
Where only heads protrude
These are the traitors to their kin

Still across the ice
We reach the traitors to their guests and
Only the top of their heads
Will feel the airs of Hell

Traitors to their masters
We encounter now
Incased in ice for all eternity

We draw closer now to the Fallen One
Three heads, like Cerberus before
In each mouth a sinner screams in
Brutus, Cassius, Judas, Unholy Trinity
Lucifer chews their frozen souls
We leave them now, haunted by their screams,
And emerge once more
To where stars fill the sky


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