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Born of Hell

"Born of Hell" (2005)

1. Veins of Magma in the Heavens
2. The Killing Mind
3. Angels
4. Poison in the Glass
5. Living in Silent Eyes
6. Astral Paintings on Moonless Nights
7. ...Welcome to the End (Lachrymose)
8. Born of Hell

1. Veins of Magma in the Heavens

Of soul provides my body map,
For you,
Please pause to touch my star once more,

Rekindled star wedged in my chest,
It burns for only one,
Solar flares burn away the primal lusts,

Magma running through my veins,
Keeps my inner sun ablaze,

I find pleasure in my fire,
In all the universe,
Only one star do I seek,
Amidst ruptured rivers,
Bleeding lava to the sky,
Throw my soul past the house of heaven,
To the star above it all,

Caressed and kissed,
By the one above the heavens,
My inner star burns on,

Ignite the astral plane,

Celestial bodies overload my system,
All stars but yours dissolve

2. The Killing Mind

The vicious sacrifice of a burned and broken soul,
With a bitter aftertaste of blood, no one needs to know,
She told me once too many,
And she failed me every time,
But now the dagger tastes her heart,
Her time has come to die,

Loss of life,
Traitor dies,
You are gone,
I shall suffer,

Paranoia setting in, what if the neighbor knows?
I'll take the dagger once again, his body shall grow cold,
No one can discover,
This horrible thing I've done,
If he knows he'll die with his wife, and then his son,

I creep into their home, that very night, their lives to end,
I've sinned this once before, what could it cost to sin again?
I slip into the bedroom,
Drive the knife into their hearts,
No one must discover this damned thing that I have done,

Now I realize that someone else knows,
I look into the mirror, he's seen all through his eyes so cold,
I take the knife again,
I put it down, it shall not do,
I pick up the unused gun, this life to end

3. Angels

Melancholy, treading softly,
Over flowered fields of grey,
Bloodred pollen, still forgotten,
Over ashes and decay,
Icy water, never bothered,
To receive the night,
Burning faster, ever after,
Delicate world of light,

I was once confused,
Until an angel told me,
The Son of God is nothing more than words,
I lost all faith, in the blink of an eternal eye,
But her face was beautiful,
And thus I believed,
And reached heaven on her wings; there was nothing,
Now I dream of sleeping, in a melody of slumber,
Sleep-inducing up until the night; I close my eyes,
I lie awake, and lie about the colors on the moon,
Life is so much simpler after you stop thinking,
But thinking brings me angels,
And demons haven't done me any good yet,

I forgot how to breathe when she came to me,
I looked into her eyes and gave my heart away,
I rode to heaven on her wings and tasted love on her lips,
I heard a distant calling,
Temptation in my mind, but in the absence of thought,

She bled me stars across the sky,
To paint for me a picture,
Shadowed by the sun in sleepy drunkenness,
I used to dream of heaven,
But now just of my angel,
It's better this way

4. Poison in the Glass

Blood pumps with the venom,
Of enjoyment, now you breathe your last,
And all the ones who loved you look upon your body cast,
Easy to slide into,
The trap that drains your soul,
Lost in your addiction to the drink that comes to own,

Victim of pleasure,
Taste the poison once again,
Pain that knows no measure,
You inflict,

Crystal filled with toxic water,
So sweet upon the lips,
Through many pounding headaches you've been led to your crypt,

Victim of pleasure,
Taste the poison once again,
Pain that knows no measure,
You inflict,

And the ones who stood aside,
And watched you as you died,
Your choices haunt their sleep,
As they pray your soul to keep,

Unforgiving poison,
Disguised in careless bliss,
Tasted once too many,
Autograph your death wish

5. Living in Silent Eyes

Invisible weavings of a newly invented sin,
A deceitful creature giving way
To the microscopic eyes around you,
Crying, countless as the stars,
On a blackened winter night,

Sattellite collision,
Orbitting around the star of Life,
Around the body all the eyes adore,

Blinded by the beauty,
The eyes begin to turn away,
Awe overcomes them,
As new eyes open to the beauty within,

In a two-dimensional world of light and dark,
Where shadow overcomes the brightness of the day,
Where forgiveness gives way to grudge,
A two-dimensional war,
Depthless and unrelenting,
All fades away, as the light shines through,
Only one thing matters now,
One can correct, whiting out the cloud upon the earth,

A newborn crater,
Fastened tight to the newborn love,
So young, and yet, eternal,
In innocence, confine, confide

6. Astral Paintings on Moonless Nights

Crushing, under spherical blocks of sinew,
Infamiliar cognomen of the beast known as "life,"
Blood infused with plastic pathogens,
To install this intrepid being,
Rage, burned into the flesh,
Scarring tissue with its flame,
Bones of the dead, litter the living land,

Plasma from a distant sun,
Coagulated, into bleeding moons behind the stars,
Impaling all of heaven on its horns,
A beast to end this holy war,

Vines reaching to the heavens,
In a passage, extending,
Deep into this satellite of ice,
Flames licking rocks upon the surface,
To disarm the bleeding heart in us,

Throw this stone, into celestial lake,
Proverbial reservoir of urine and sweat,
Rising high, like a burning fist,
In lachrymal secretion,
Objecting to the gods

7. ...Welcome to the End (Lachrymose)

8. Born of Hell

Shattered matrix of plastic fumes,
Intake valve subsides to cancerous relations,
Reinvent the human race,
Impervious to biohazards,
Resistent to heaven's calling,
Consumption of egocentric valley of the gods,

Subsiding to corpses rising,
Replicate, biologically,
Pandemonium ensues,
Engulf the earth in gaseous,
Ravenous planetary star,
A labyrinth beyond space,
Behind Orion,

Shallow in a sea of ice,
Frozen on charred and melted flesh,
Steel fused to the skin,
Organism omitted from creation,
Reserved for the gods,

Insipid chain of roaming slumber,
Sleeping giants from behind the sky,
Vaporize the stone and steel,
Colonize- This crazed and grotesque stone,
A footnote in the history of corruption,

From stone, to iron, to this grand silicon age,
Gravitational to the point,
Aerodynamic, cutting through the void,
Spinning, velocity unchanging, toward the flame,
Ground dried and scorched,
This blue marble fades to black, and shatters,

A crack in impenetrable walls of the city,
Leading directly to the core,
A celestial guide to terra firma,
A gap in the defensive systems,
Epic, gaping,
Shatter these lands in solar flares,
Calling out in massive proportions,
In comparison to these ancient, sacred scripts,

Completion of an age is inevitable,
The synapse of existence spreads,
A bloody hole in history forms a bridge,
Forsaken by the silicon dolls,
Twisted and mutated in a virtual paradise


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