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Carnal Souls Entwine

"Carnal Souls Entwine" (2000)

1. Chambers Of Fornication
2. Malice In Ecstacy
3. Serpent Libido
4. Towards The Frozen Sun
5. Malician Cavalcade
6. Romantic Funeral
7. Once Divine
8. Carnal Souls Entwine
9. As Mirrors Made Of Funeral Mist
10. Libertine Dreams
11. Welkin's Fall
12. Trodden Wings Of Love

1. Chambers Of Fornication

As a modish object of moisturising prevent
Replenishinwishes with a shingles scent
Lustrous maleficarum that is coming to creep
Under languid laceration that carrions greet
Mantras iridescentand nails askew down
Symptoms of mantled spheres and a fantom frown

I smell witchery like little piece of jewelry
Ebony-tressed bitch and atrocity
Enter the chambers where priests pose eerie
Nuns are cumming blood and going cheerie
Where passions rape flesh and eyes stare lidless
Came glossy the screams from pleasures and dreams
For as ages in bondage the angel restrain
Feeding on and on by the essence of pain

Taste on the tongue
Blood on the fang
Rallying and ransacking
Glitterin and overtaking
Carnivorous in madness
Beaytiness in sadness
Filling and chilling
Leashing and weaping

And as a lament or a vistas in erotic dream
Whispers hearing as soft as cream
Quietly starting but trashing to scream
With sharp claw-fingered hands they flew
To the death's ascendancy they pursuit
Carrions of whores all dressed in blue
What kind of evil lurks in wicked minds
What are the secrets of the beast-likes
Their fantasies of sexuality
Or inspiring words of atrocity

2. Malice In Ecstacy

Cursed as unblessed in sacred light
Her voice casted shadows in starfilled night
The far coming gaze and glitter of moon
Suck-dry and dead her illusion are soon
At millenian night and ravendusk
Only woods hearing calls that her soul sold
Whispers in mind at hallows eve
The eerie spells written in leaves

She looked to dark waters gazing from afar
Assailed by echo ad trying to escape
As the weak people are feeding from chaos
Bowing to hallusinates and ghost behind
Lightning rom the sky came jagged and cracced
Covenant torn asunder and murder begun

Through twisted crimes of Me I've sailed
Cross the madness where many failed
Through the coasts of avalon and now insane
Deepest call of virtue is losted in sleep
Just thrill of supremacy in the veil of wolves

3. Serpent Libido

Dulcet ghostly song
From storms and war in skies
Banshee voiced valkyrians scream
And with elegant lifes they lie
Dreaming from the preassure
Inside her victim's veins
Like sick, sadistic pleasure
Experience as they drain

Angel and serpent laid and kissed
Above the lies above the crucifix
Enjoing themselves at own ravish
Under the shadows from three six's
But if they look through mirror
What wil they see....?

The blackend moment spills through the angel's life
When the perverted serpent crawls through her sight
Trembling before erotic scent in the night
And angel flee as dream
As it was, said and done
In aspects of their dreams
They shrugged of the cloack of eternal sleep
But even though, they nothing gained

4. Towards The Frozen Sun

5. Malician Cavalcade

Through the frozen nightsky
Immortalized in the land of dreams
Casting mist with spells
Of words unspoken and forbidden
enshrined in silent with aeon
Drowned in madness to the depths
Just a path to eternity shines through
As light remains behind me

Dark glow from ravens wing
Guides my path to the ancient times
As the scars in the wind bleed again
Like a northern breeze in chilles
With moonlit abyss it drowns
As I lay embraced by the darkness
Leading me to the shadows
When stormchoirs echo is assailing

Pure as night it starts
The overthroes into violence
Dawn of final war
When night and fire walk together
As the sound of melancholy ends
Through the night it shines
Look-it truly shines

6. Romantic Funeral

Rape the dead mouth of the angelwhore oracle unbound
Kiss the lips full of razorblade brought wounds
Malicous and ecstacy like rallying feel of atrocity
The chokewhite pervirella on orgasmic way to sleep

Penetrate the wombs of virgin still adored
Like masturbation in itís most violent form
Arosements of lust that were lulled to sleep
Dusk to dusk, lust to lust they finally weep

Cumming blood so red and eating floesh so sweet
Desires more stronger than in any fantasy
As she whipped victim scream lust grew bright as fire
They are on their way to zenith of necrofilia

7. Once Divine

8. Carnal Souls Entwine

Psychodance, almost necroathmospherical
Within seven nuns and a man with crown of thorns
Constellation of silver-gleaming insanity
One step ahead from pure virgins chasity
See the sacred flesh that they adored
Now torn apart and as holy as a whore

Carnal souls writing and longing to entwine
Wetting from fantasies of satisfaction sixty-nine
Sinners gather allaround of midsummer brought acid clouds
Serpental penetration under macabre shroud
Feasting from the nightmares and heavens they hiss
The rivers run reverse like bitter lick of a piss

Unveil my evil eyes to see
From where this sweet blood runs
Open my stiched mouth to feel
The taste from the breasts of nuns

Amusing, controlling
This flesh is enthralling
Is this my garden of divine

Bloodred labials pierced with several bones
Inspired bi the wicked sound of Armageddon tones
Their orchids torn apart by teeth of darkest dreams
Still houvering in the air like echo of their please
Raking the empires with lust angels and necrophilia
Now their blood runs free and wings hung to pervert memorabilia

9. As Mirrors Made Of Funeral Mist

10. Libertine Dreams

What kind is the cruelty on the unseen side of glass
Hatreds, four nails and lusts are coming to pass
Of whipping things and hidden love crimes
The bell of all macabre things begun to chime
Of libertine dreams and sadistical vows
One thing to hear as the virgins growl

Bloodbath in paradise that stops rebirth
To see the marks in skin under vestas skirt
Maiden whores collecting killing score
Ravishing the dead to betroth

How to pleasure all twisted lusts of sickle lover
Many things drawing line and awaiting to cover
Eras held in pendants made of torn apart meat
Sister sorceress kissing black widows to greet

Finger out of tomb is the finger in the womb
Dragging, feeling as a libertine in a catacomb
Lesbian attraction to onyx blood dolls
As the mime of eerie voodoo start when shadows fall
Then the whispers will howl and ivory chime
Raving mad crows fly to fragile sky
As the fetish of Netherglades falls in shame
The reflection is same, songs remains insane

11. Welkin's Fall

12. Trodden Wings Of Love

When night and fire walk together
Guiding weaks to insanity
Like sheperd blinded by blasphemy
Leading sheeps to eternity
To there where dead roses abloom
And no dawn wonít rise

Like a man who walks with sheep
The celestiality of their dreams
The loved and bewhored
Behind the mask of love
Falling in sin as blinded child
He tasted fruit too sweet

Too high he reached
Too low she fell
When reaching out for love
This stained child of million stars
Saw serpent eyes too bitter
But I saw her desires and heard her lies
And there shall be love no more

She is as the dark
Fled from the sky
The dreaming nightbird
And bestial rape
Red-med eyed when
Her might is tolled
Screaming through their agonies
As possessed


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