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One-way Deviation

"One-way Deviation" (2004 Demo)

1. Lost And Found
2. Challenge All
3. A Flame From The Deep
4. Frozen Heart

1. Lost And Found

Lost and Found

Lost from where I was found
Trapped in a cage inside
What do you ask of me?
Tell me how to break free

Dreams, reflections
like the mirror shows my truth

One step aside
I walk towards the end of my life
One step to far
Walk trough dimensions, seize the stars

If I would find your truth
I wouldn´t share with you
Lies is just what you gave
Lies is what I give you

Coming from the grey mass
from a corner in my mind
When darkness comes and get´s me
I´ll hide the love that I once felt
When it is all over
I´ll find you once again
and when it is all over
I´ll keep you were its safe

2. Challenge All

Challenge all

Why don´t the stone fall upwards instead?
Why don´t we all just aim for the sky?
Make it all happen like the dreams of a child
Trapped by the limits of the mind

Think of a future not ruled by the book
I´ll show it all to you, here is the facts

Take your conscience to its grave
Leave to me what I can save
Follow like a blind dont open your eyes
Words of oppression hits you hard

Everyday every minute it´s always there
In every dream and every woken hour

I challenge the book
sentenced to die
don´t bother anymore
I challenge everything

Listen to me with an open mind
to hard for you as always before
no need to argue anymore
I won´t discuss this matter again

Everyday every minute it´s always there
In every dream and every woken hour

Watching the sky close down and the world turns black again
Trees as dark shadows streching out fingers around the night
I am calm in the silence when everything sleeps
I feel free and inspiration takes me on

3. A Flame From The Deep

A Flame from the Deep

Her eyes is fixed her past is forgotten
the pain in her sins can not be forgiven
A dark cloud is building her dark wings are spreading
Now it is time for the redeemer to play

Reflection of the opposite is pale as the moon
It´s clear as crystal; we´re heading for doom
The beauty of innocence is sharp as a knife
A flame from the deep to take our lifes

She doesn´t dare to see her own reflection
the mirror will tell her true identity
The hatred for mankind defeated her fear
Lucifer smiles, a new dawn is here

In a part of her lifetime the boundaries will bend
Words from the past will show her the way
In a part of the future the battle will stand
Words of our Gods will decide that day

The dreams she had turned to nightmares
A seed of death grows inside of her
Her dreams of life turns to black
To her life before she can never go back

4. Frozen Heart

Frozen Heart

The clouds lies frosen a sky of stone
I´m woundering why the wind is so cold
the ground lies silent and forever so
I´m woundering why the grass do not grow

The things I find I cant understand
our mother is dying, just trying to breath
supposed to fill the rest of my life
I´ll take you inside and close down for today

A well planned fake that takes me to high
I know what I see but it´s easy to lie
a mirror in front of you, it´s easy to see
just to be free, just to be me

A silent sea no deep mystery
A coldblood murder with no regrets
my soul remembers the death inside
still I wounder and still I cry

Sometimes I don´t know why
sometimes I really understand

My emotions they´ll sing with the wind
My anger rage through the storm
My emotions they´ll sing with the wind
I´m bleeding my heat away


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