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Reject Darkness

"Reject Darkness" (2004)

1. Humiliation
2. Way for Life
3. God's Wrath
4. False Emotion
5. Fallen Face
6. Silence of Angel
7. Cry in the Dark
8. Reject Darkness
9. Eternal Salvation

1. Humiliation

He left his infinite glory
Delivering himself for all the men
His body was nailed to the cross
He was humiliated and blasphemed
He has no doubt obeying his father
He was faithful in everything
It has to followed for every men
Living in peace with God in heart

Jesus Christ is the Lord

Don't let anguish erode your soul
Don't let loneliness invade your heart
The solution to painful is christ
Open your heart and let it act
Don't ignore who loves your so much
He just want to change your life
Christ loves you don't close your eyes
And you will see the glory of God

Jesus Christ is the Lord

Pain, Tears, Sadness is over

He is my way
He is my truth
He is my life...

Jesus Christ is the Lord

2. Way for Life

Look the world
How the himanity agonize
By evil of the men

By dead gods
What deceiver
Your empty heart

Come look your creations
Look the effects of your work
You are happy with your conquests
They'll carry you to the salvation

See what
The Heart

False doctrine
The way for life


Men believe they are immortals
Rising their glance and say
Lord above I don't need you
Cause I can win without you


Because the sky will open
And like a flash of light the son of
God will appear and his glory
And will carry his people

Force of destruction
Way to hell
Word of blasphemy
Vocation to evil

Why you seek in darkness
If you, can't see.


3. God's Wrath

The grand day of God your never be
Cause many will suffer it's consequences
The ins committed have no more mercy
Cause the disdained the creator

The will be taken to condemnation
Cause they didn't want salvation

And will claim the hills to fall down on them
Cause they cannot face God
The God's wrath to the hell souls
Will punish the with the eternal fire

The shall be weeping and gnash
Of teeth because everything is over

It will be sad seeing making repentong
But there won't be solution Knees will bend
And all people
Will confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord
There nobody that can resist
The God's wrath..The God's wrath

And those who have choice salvation
And confessed their sins will recieve mercy
Those will listen to the masters voice saying
Come unto me my sons
Cause they have chance of accepting Christ
And chance their destiny living with the Lord

Listen to our creator's words
Who delivered his son cause of his huge love
And has free man from all damnation
Giving him the choice is destiny

In the end all people will regret but it will be
To late

All knees will bend and all people
Will confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord
There nobody that can resist
The God's wrath..The God's wrath

And those who have choice salvation
And confessed their sins will recieve mercy
Those will listen to the masters voice saying
Come unto me my sons

4. False Emotion

Why enjoy a life in a world of fantasies
Where happiness is a false emotion
In every day life of this people
More and more they go
To the end in darkness
Because they are blind
And can't see the salvation
Waiting you to choice yourself

Because in the cross Christ has won for us all
And conducted our life to the light
Taking evil out from our hearts
And making us try truth in ourselves

Why staying in beautiful ways
If in the end your days will be to death
Cause the ways of wrath are easy to live met
And take mrn far away from God
But solution is found Jesus
That through his death gave you life
The life in heaven in God's side
That will show itself in the end of days

Every pain he will put out
And every tear in your eyes he will dry
And forever we shall live at his side
We shall be his own and shall be our God

Because of this forever we shall adore his name

God will bless you, and will free you
And will change yourself saving your life,

For those who had accepted God
Awarded with the eternal life

Everything is done I'm the alpha and omega,
I'm the begining and the end,
I'm the fountain of life waters to who has thirst

5. Fallen Face

Why hating him if he gave himself up for you
Why blaspheming him if he died for you
Why you don't accept him if he takes care of you
He has been helping you and doesn't want anything
from you

Don't be with the evilness try to free yourself from all the chains
That are holding you and will take you to the gates of hell

A tear arise from a fallen face
Lonliness invades a sadly heart
A soul longing for divine forgiviness
And claims for celestial mercy
Go! Raise your head and wake up
Don't let anguish destroy your life
Hold my hands I can show you life
Let's walk together in paradise

Don't be scare of facing the world
There is a good way to folloe the up

Your enemies will cause no evil to you
Cause you are under God's protection
That won't give you in evil's hands
And you feel victory only under his hands

Don't be scared of being happy
Open your heart and shed your soul
Put your head up and listen to God's voice
Get courage and be winner
Go! Walk above the waters by faith
Raise your sword and sea will open itself
Get fulfilled from glory of the saint spirit

And your soul a sea of live water will run

Because only Jesus Christ is the way, truth, and life
The Lord that delivered himself to death
There's no condemnation for those who accept Christ
There's only victory and it's in those hands

6. Silence of Angel

Winged beings made for Lord's praise
And protection of everyone who serve him
Messengers that will take Lord's good news
For the fulfillment of the prophecies
Adoring ones who are always proclaiming
Holiness and greatness of God
Warriors that fight against all the princedom and powers
In the horts and celestial regions

And the fight in favor of God and the Lamb that won
Who is our Lord and for whom angels claim
In God's adoration they will never cease
Proclaiming their Lord because there's no silence of the angels

Fight in favor of God against satan they
adore when shall to the Lord
Silence of angel

Faithful serves doing their deeds
God has been putting in their hands
Carrying out great acts to manifest
The grand glory of the kingdom of heaven
Combating the power of evil spirits
Enemies of hell,
Obeying Godís designations
Because the love their Lord


7. Cry in the Dark

Our father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name
Thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven
Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trepass against us
And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil

Hearts in misery blaspheme their creator
Condeming themselves to torment and pain
They live the dreams of a failed world
Delivering their lives to a fallen angel

Souls seduced by the darkness
Impeded to see the impetuous win
That blows emptying their mind

Ways that look like leading to joyness
But in dead they lead to death
And to a track of no return

Evil wanna deceiver all people but in
The grand day he will be destroyed and
Those who was with him

Satanism Spreads Through humanity but his days are getting over.
Man will lament his blasphemies in adoring in heaven the son of God

Keep you out from the death
Road reject the dark
Open your eyes see the illusion of world

Tell me why do you cry in the dark
Recieve the grace of God
Raise up from this grave


Because the way of life of men is who decide his way
Dark or light what will be your destiny

8. Reject Darkness

To believer in the God's love is to comprehend
That only him can bring freedom
Cause all the destruction in your life
Comes from the lord of darkness

He is a murderer
Don't let him kill you

Black forces from hell hide the truth
To carry you to death without God
Cause this is the way to take you eternal life
Then there shall be weeping and gnash of teeth

There is an exit
Reject Darkness

9. Eternal Salvation

For holy Christ I believe my life
Through his blood world was free
Bringing hope for those who seek for him
Without exceptions cause love is above everything

The biggest love prove that God has shown to mankind, A merciful act for people dept in demise, He did not care about his own suffering in any moment

And with his acts Jesus Christ showed the world the power of God
The powerful divinity teaching us a new way but people didn't believe that it's Messiah

What breaks my heart is the way they betrayed him. Because people who followed Christ screaming crucifix him

And they spanked my Lord
They nailed him in the cross
Tore their clothes and showed
His naked body
But God resurrected him
And at he is now at his side
Until he put his enemies
Under his feet

Christ left your pain
Because his image
Reciever Christ in your heart
Because salvation is him

You won't see destruction in your life
Because your life is protected
Reciever life edify your home
Because there's protection in your life

We didn't love him but he loved us first
And men preffered death than glorifying the God's son

For men understand and withdraw the blindfold
And keep going in the promise of eternal life

The men of God began to move away and the sin began to come close
Going to his destiny walking in his own away
Because the divine and huge love gave his own son


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