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"Memorial" (2006)

1. In Your Light
2. Memorial
3. Children Of Fall
4. Flesh & Blood
5. Redemption
6. Sometimes
7. Is It The Wind
8. Illusive
9. Hesped

1. In Your Light

I can't feel you no more
Dark pain within me
To be in your light again
I would give the world

Pale all the colors without you
Only shapes of despair
Silent I will remain forever
My joy will be kept away

I fear the void that surrounding
Where your grace
And beauty cease to exist
As desolation grows deeper
The more I am drifting
In your mist

With every moment
That dies
I still see the light
Leaves your eyes
And the emptiness that follows
Reminds me how deep
Is my sorrow

2. Memorial

Our fate has been sealed for life
To pace among our haters
To constantly defend
Our every move
To watch our back from danger

Desperation and frustration
Blurred our sight
We twine our hands with violence
We corrupt our minds with hate
Longing for guidance
That will bring us to the light...

And what is left for us but suffering?
Only names engraved
On cold stones forever
No one to follow the name
No one to hear them

Memories of the days
When we once felt no fear
The sound of laughter
We used to hear
No true joy would ever find
A place in our hearts
Nothing could bring our souls
In warmth back

What are we asking for
To end this worthless war
For you to reach out for us
When we are calling your name
For you to comfort us
When we are losing this game

For how long we'll keep on living
In the dark
What more have you
Designed for us

We are falling one by one
Together we are dying
But not as one!

3. Children Of Fall

Gray clouds are getting crowd
Leaves keep falling
On the ground
Air is starting to flow
And the wind softly blows

The naked trees are all over
The days are getting colder
The sun was removed
From her place
And now the sky
Uncover their real face

Their hearts are beating fast
As they slowly
Wake up at last
Their skin gets its color back
And now they are ready to attack

So, from the ash
They slowly rise
With their dark and fiery eyes
And they are set,
To take us all

They are...
The children of fall

4. Flesh & Blood

Rain of death covered the earth
And the land lost its beloveds

As shallow as his heart can be
He still fears
For his flesh and blood

Its the father himself
Showering the rain of shame

Tears froze into our souls
And left us with this cold hate
Towards life and its existence

Our eyes have seen it all
Our heart wept its own tears
We saw the fear of all fears

The suffering is deeper
Deeper than our belief

Our suffering is deeper
Deeper than our belief
And the search for light
Is no more filling our needs

5. Redemption

This one man dedicated his life
To change the face of history
To break into six million pieces
The spirit of a nation
All on its own
So hated and haunted
Yet so strong

No remorse for those
Who carried Kain's mark
Redemption! No redmption
For our brother's blood

Lately it seems like morality
Has been forgotten again
For we have already known
This kind of pain

For this primosed land
This holy soil
We pay a price in blood
In our mother's broken dreams
In our father's grieving hearts

n our mother's broken dreams
In our father's grieving hearts
We allow these endless sins
In the name of our god

Our breed
The damned seed
Dictated from above

6. Sometimes

You are drowning me
In your sea of coldness
There is fear
In your eyes
Despite you are fearless

Open to me
Let yourself out

You are hiding me
From your deepest feeling
There is happiness
Despite your sadness

Show me
Let yourself see
Free me
Let yourself be

Now feel a delightful pleasure
One flash - anothing glamour
Share with me my shining sparkle

7. Is It The Wind

Trail of fear led us to believe
That we can no longer trust
In the wind which carried us

Is it the wind
That will sweep us all away
Deep into the storm
Where the silence
Wear many forms
Is it the wind
That will sweep us all away?

Are we so blind to see
That the lives we are all living in
Are no longer for free

I can't escape
From those thoughts
Why the wind left me to rot
In these evil ways of life
Trapped between both sides

And we hold the blame
To the one who carries the shame

8. Illusive

A piece of heaven
Was taken into infinity
And revealed itself as illusive
Unforeseen sadness
Dying dreams
It all got lost in time

The future seems
To be well known
Still nothing lays solid
The mysterious path
I am walking on
Drifts me back into the past

To see you crushing
Into the shades
Of your darkest fears
Those predicted slights
Were never expected
To be so real

And through a veil of pain
You have realized
What have I become
What have I always been

I shall fear no more
Of being left aside
By your unfulfilling devotions
Clarity is now ahead of me
I am craving for revenge
But still restraining silently

9. Hesped


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