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Lamentations Of Innocents

"Lamentations Of Innocents" (1995)

1. Lovely
2. Affiction
3. The Torment In Blind Eyes
4. Damocles Gladius
5. Unflading Sorrow
6. Pryer For Love
7. Luck Of Tears
8. Echoes Of My Sadness

1. Lovely


Cool and unfeeling is the look of my eyes,
In which slowly dies longing to live.
My soul straies into the labyrinth of the hopeless emptiness
And burns her glow of extinguish love,
And I want tell you only, that source of my pain
Are exactly you, which I so loveÖ

2. Affiction


Why I stared fixedly in your eyes only,
Why I caressed your soft and tender palm of hand.

Mockery, this damned laughter thwarted my fate.
Ah, this damned edge split the passion in me,
But killed your love!
Ah, how I regret my own deed and beg for forgiveness,

My tears flow down rough and dark bark of a tree,
Which once was beauty and soft body yours.
Among fingers the twigs I entwine and dream.
I caress their leaves and touch of you seek in them.

I fall down in depths,
In depths, from which isnít return.
In madness I seek the oblivion,
I donít want suffer anymore!

Throttles sorrow is now my gloomy friend,
Friend torturing my parchedly longing soul.
As shadow now I stray over meadow full of asfodels,
Flowers, which seal up my fatal hopeless.

Where ends the affliction,
I ask and look at heavens.
Already I recollect only
And the wreah start to wind.

3. The Torment In Blind Eyes


Perhaps the wind itself from
Old myth sweped the dust away,
In a sleep of beauty frigg caused the fear.
Ah worried, worried is Baldeís mother.
So worried, that even the death takes a pity on him.

I saw the meadow full of faces,
Faces full of childís smile.
Their eyes lived for the joy
And the death was only dream.
But the grief dimed my eyes by blood
And the time blew the horrifying day.
And I for this beauty, now in recollections mourn only.

Bitter thorn is the joy of other/
Innocence of blind eyes of brother
Starkles in cruel trap of envy,
Which like treacherous rose
Lacerates the white palm,
So as under the veil of sweet smell
Sees the fright of pain in his eyes
And the death like swanís neck
Flew toward the end of his life.

Vindictive, but full of tears
Is malice of mother, which by
Death of dearest is
Drowning in agony of grief.
Crowning by bottomless nostalgia
Helplessly seeks in the eyes of death
The forgiveness, but it was fated her
To be destitute further.

When the envy wakes up the pain
And the innocence is betrothed with baseness,
Then by sorrow mourns even the death
And the Life parts with the joy.

4. Damocles Gladius


Tomorrow is chamber of sadness griefing for today,
When the prophetes break so unfeelingly
The ray of my luck.
And I my hand rear to you kissed by pain,
To forever take down from mute mouth bitter fruit of my wailing.

I interweaved by aure of despair.
I judge, that the joy is only punishment for me,
Only load of other disappointment,
Which I canít already bear anymore.

Also sorrow me dresses, dresses me in his tearful clothing.
On this distressful way, on which is obvious to pity.
I, on crossway of joy and sadness, my mind search,
If the pleasure sheer fief is and the kingdom is the sorrow?!

I pressed, ah in dreams pressed on my heart the gentlest flower.
And I craved, ah how vainly craved, when in my soul the grief started to push.
Oversad, ah oversad the song pitiless fate didnít stop to sing to me.
Although the love in my heart abundantly blooms,
Here isnít why,
Ah here isnít why to enjoy!

5. Unflading Sorrow


No voice, no singing,
I call at the distance.
Only like sad whaleos songs
Resound from dark fog mournful
The soul lacerating lamentations.

Only the silent wind, this one my tears dries up.
Only deep silence is music of my heart,
Which entwines by roots and thorns of grief
Dies hopelessly, slowly and acerbly.

In clutches of anxiety flourishes in my soul the grief.
The rain of suffering fills up my eyes by paleness.
And I deaden by merciful cruelty,
Iím condemned the joy to reprobate.

My soul and heart now dance
In convulsiveInebration
From feelings and moods
Of this dream.
My life is only the shade of sorrow.
Is only the pang, the garden of woe and sadness,
When the love like shadows in light disappeares,
The light of endless darkness and gloomy nightlyvisions.

6. Pryer For Love


As the cold penetrated in my body
And I heard the childís crying,
Then the strange woman I saw
And in her arms my soul infatuaded the sorrow.

Ah no, I separted, departed, departed and lost my love.
In a dream I saw her my dead body to embrace.
I mourned for her, yes mourned and hoped,
That in my new being I would find her perhaps.

7. Luck Of Tears


Hear my song, which my breast opens me,
To my hands can lay my heart into your palms of hand.
My love, my love is mournful ship
Sinked in the sea, in the sea of my tears.
Ah my tears!

As rainbow overarch across you her smile
Full of sunsolight and smell of sage.
Exactly you were stick also in my dream.
Now I awake and my eyes full of uncertainly look up
To turquoise sky.

Grief, grief this is everywhere, everywhere, where you
Donot bloom.
Adressed by my sadness, I pass all, what when were.
My thought flies toward on black wings of tomorrows,
Toward tragical end of my martyr part.

By mournful hand writing of sadness
Stay forever engrave my tears
In my recollections
On the wall of my wailing.

My soul is full of lamentations,
But sweet is my suffering.
My heart is until to border full of joy,
But my luck is of tears.

Thorny, ah thorny is my way to your heart
And my suffering is full of gashes.
About more this, sadden my eyes, when see how your love
Dies before, than she was born.

Exactly you were stick also in my dream.
Now I awake and my eyes full of uncertainty look up
To turquoise sky.

8. Echoes Of My Sadness


Look of my eyes, full of sadness
Spread diffusely on affable curves
Of your innocent body.
My sorrow is waterfall sash topieces
About crystal surface of finded luck,
Later dresses in blossom of narcissus.
I stray to gather fragments of your voice,


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