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Why ? Why Not !

"Why ? Why Not !" (2005 Demo)

1. March of War (Intro)
2. Sacrifice to Fire
3. Journey to the Bridge
4. Menace of this Time p1
5. Menace of this Time p2
6. Smash ! Crush ! Thrash !
7. Wind in your Mind (Outro)

1. March of War (Intro)

2. Sacrifice to Fire

Sacrifice to fire:

They call me witch
Where is my rights
Im waiting for bonfire
All for dreamless nights

I dont understand this
Why you try to take my life
Everybody have his secrets
Your words are like poison knife

Sacrifice to fire
Flames burns my face
I dont want to die
All is for you lie

I can see hell
And I can fell the flame
Satan takes me
My soul will be never free

All is prepared
For my return
I collect your fine
Vengeance will be mine


Iam back and here with me is death
I catch your sons and steal their souls

I give you back my suffering
And if you want to curse me, remember my ....


3. Journey to the Bridge

Journey to the bridge:

I dont see my way
only endless grey
Iam only empty shell
Invation from hell

I feel only pain
jection in my wein
Im in dark cave
see me in the grave

Mind and Spirit are blind
One step to death
No fear from suicide
I wont to be a live
Fall down to the tunnel of darkness
Please my god for bless
My mother is horibble crying
Time to live ? No ! Its time to dying

I want only hope
world strikes me down
last road to home
then bridge and down

Life from the high
Seems like only fight
I stop this war


4. Menace of this Time p1

Menace of this time part1:

he´s comin
sirens scream their song
he´s here
you can hear his laught
he´s fallin
side by side with death
he explode
nobody survive

Smoke is gone
silent land,without pain
ground is fleshless
what for? fuckin vain

FIRE !!!
PAIN !!!

He's changing
Life to death
Order to Chaos
He's changing
Ash to Ash
Dust to Dust

He can strikes again
He brings fear to your hearts
Beware of "eye for eye"
Dont know, where, when and why

5. Menace of this Time p2

Menace of this time part2:

Atom, Atom, Atomic Mushrooms
Like after rain
Kill, Kill, They Kill
What have you ever seen
Nothin, Nothing, There is Nothin
after mushrooms
Silent, Silent, Only silent is everywhere
Do you know Why ?

Menace of these times
Isnt question of the one
But one pen can
Bring hell on the earth

Think, Think, You are thinking that you are in safe
Laught, Laught, Laughting of the death, which is waiting outside
Cant, Cant, You cant Hide
Cant, Cant, You cant Run


Agony, Agony, Agonized end of mankind
Chaos, Chaos, Chaos is crushing earthly order
Game, Game, This game is out of control
Last, Last, Last sight on this world

Finnaly, there isnt menace
Why ? Cos there is no man
We all payed for our ignorance
And for the vain of the choosens ones

6. Smash ! Crush ! Thrash !

Smash, Crash, Thrash !:

Your long hair forever
Without leather never
Jeans ‘n’ Spikes as shield
You are ready for battlefield

Stadion is like hive
This will be best in your life
We blow speakers to the air
We are jar your ears

We are Smashin
We are Crashin
Together as Dissatisfaction
We are Thrashin

Your are in eye of hurricane
Shake your head as a fan
Adrenaline is fillin weins
Body’s movin insane

We are stand on stage
We are watch your rage
Both of us arent sad
All drive us mad


Is this the end of session
No! Here is next addition
We are givin you
Next load of the Thrash


7. Wind in your Mind (Outro)


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