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Where Ironcrosses Grow

"Where Ironcrosses Grow" (2004)

1. Where Ironcrosses Grow
2. Forged With Hate
3. Me-God
4. Tragedy of the Faithful
5. Chasing the Serpent
6. Where Angels Fear to Tread
7. Sword of Light
8. As the Coins Upon Your Eyes
9. Children of the Cross
10. As I Pull the Trigger

1. Where Ironcrosses Grow

Death is all around me, violence and decay
Screams of the dying, never leave my mind
Hanging helpless in barbed wire, another helpless victim
Cut to shreds in the rain of fire, bleeding, burning, suffering
Where blood and iron flow, the iron crosses grow
Pile of dismembered corpses, slaughtered and twisted
Unseeing eyes, staring into nothingness

2. Forged With Hate

Stranger to empathy, numb to remorse
When I've taken your head, I'm the winner of wars
So intense and demanding the vengeance inside
My will for power will never subside
Outgrowing sane control, I'm as close as your heartbeat
When only fear is audible screaming your name
Dread the last sense that remains in this game
Stab my way through religious beliefs
Life is such a slow disease
Face down and thrashed to oblivion
Forged with hate
Concealed murder a tool of the trade
Fate is sealed and deals are made
Fear established in society
Smoke and shadow I choose to be
Embrace the moment of death
Reflect the invitation in my victim's eyes
Cut off their faces and all the lies
Behind the masks that haunt me all his hollow
Still I search beneath the raptures of the shallow
Now it all comes clear
After this there'll be nothing to fear

3. Me-God

As an echo from the past, recognition with a blast
An unbearable hate so vast, I will ignite the world at last
Turned the key to sick, darkened mental shack, drained of fear can't go back
Racing on down the bitter track, I have become a savior in black
Only the living are lost, persisting at any cost
Universal loss will be my gain, suffering in the giving, bringer of pain
Presence of lunacy clouding the sky, passion for bloodshed comes to life
Armed with intentions to kill, ancient animosity grows with a thrill
Shed my skin as I'm closing in, cleansing the world from filth and sin
The death of millions my tribute to the end, no matter what I will never repent
Assassin for the masses on a power trip, madness from inside never lost its grip
All my life they've been leading my way, now the voice are drowned by mental decay
Time has come to unmask the dead, one by one of fire flame draped with dread
Screams of sirens cutting through the air, calling my name I'm god don't you hear?

4. Tragedy of the Faithful

All these years I've stayed faithful, through bitterness I've bled
Sacrifice, betrayal and deceit, has rid me of the weak
Tragedy of the faithful, dying for a lost cause, Tragedy of the faithful, loyalty unto death
At the mercy of the vengeful, mislead and betrayed, through darkness and misery
I've walked the bloodstained path,
Tragedy of the faithful, so many have fallen
Tragedy of the faithful, loyalty unto death

5. Chasing the Serpent

The day of insanity extending like a dream,
The outcast of any tribe is king,
Generations drowned in self-indulgence and deceit,
Mass suicide the liberating end,
New gods will be born and killed to live again,
Religion at its finest being breached,
Monstrous conclusion breaks the surface all too late,
Heaven as they know it out of reach,
God-fearing, despairing,
Each prayer a human grave,
Armed and content with the battlefield laid out,
Delivering the bitter blow,
When darkness is tyrant, never see the light,
Pray tribute to the overlord,
As the body count is done and surviving priests dispatched,
A martyr's nightmare begins,
Atheism made out of divine neglect,
On the side of angels unveiling the fiend,
Fluid system of hatred made flesh,
Take the consequence of revelations,
Godless since God knows when,
Fail to evolve while chasing the serpent,
Shallow and ashen the foundation of souls,
Hollow existence, victimized and scorned.

6. Where Angels Fear to Tread

War birds fly in tight formation,
Across the blackened sky,
A thousand engines roar,
Tremors of the approaching storm,
One man's insanity, revenge and retribution,
Steel birds fat and laden with death,
Their bellies open wide,
Commence to unleash a firey death,
Upon the defenseless target,
A thousand souls screaming in pain,
As incendiary bombs detonate,
The smell of phosphor and petrol mix with the stench of burning flesh,
Firestorms rage across the city even the air seems to be aflame,
The howl of air-raid sirens drowns the screams of pain,
Non combatants pay a bloody toll,
Whole city blocks disappear,
Damnation and a raging inferno,
Destruction is complete.

7. Sword of Light

I am the light and the savior,
I am the one who brings death to mankind,
The bringer of silence, the source of life,
Hammer of justice, the sword of light,
Conflict will end uneasy peace,
Humanity's finest destructive art,
Winds of war tear the world apart,
Nations will crumble and new will arise,
Rising from the ashes the "one" will emerge,
Written in blood, history repeats itself,
Again and again in a ravenous purge,
There is no peace, has never been, man killing man,
Strong defeat the weak, we're always at war,
Sword of light, burning bright,
Hand of doom, death to you all,
Sword of light, might makes right,
Dawn of destruction awaits us all,
Shattered existence, survivors struggle to rebuild,
Dance of death, burning world drowning in flames.

8. As the Coins Upon Your Eyes

The sands of time are slipping through your fingers,
Life's bitter journey, towards the end,
Your time has come, pass the threshold and beyond,
With a conscience cold, as the coins upon your eyes,
Wear the flesh of fallen angels, leave your earthly form behind,
Across the seas of blood, to shores of the damned,
Nothingness surrounds you,
Burning in this void, cleaned and remolded,
Stripped of a sinful past,
A life of misery and pain has come to its end,
All is black, all light has faded,
Howling demons tear your mind to shreds,
Cast aside, the flesh that binds you,
What you want, you shall become after death.

9. Children of the Cross

A thousand deaths I've seen,
My mind is scarred beyond repair,
Don't really care if I survive,
This life of mental despair,
Lies, lies, see the madness in their eyes,
Children of the cross, lost on the path of the dead,
Undead my savior, from tomb to womb I follow thee,
Stigmatized, crucified, I bleed my life unto you,
Seeking the source of the dark I've become,
Hatred and soul is now one,
Killing the source of the light I despise,
Hatred and life is now one.

10. As I Pull the Trigger

What are these visions that trouble my weakened mind,
Haunt my fevered dreams, and dance before my wide awake eyes,
Visions of death and murder, ravaged figures screaming in pain,
People dead and buried, filling my head with fear,
Demons and shadows tear my world apart, shredding my sanity to pieces,
Screaming in horror, crying in fear, my living nightmare never ends,
Now I've realized it will never end, I'll do what it takes,
To get them out of my head,
Goodbye to the world, cannot find final words,
The dark shadows disappear, as I pull the trigger.


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