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Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

"Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam" (2005)

1. Hellbent
2. Words of My Demise
3. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
4. Begging for Mercy
5. Lapse of Faith
6. Unbound
7. Souls of the Lost
8. Abandoned by the Sun
9. We Stand Alone

1. Hellbent

Driven by the need
This hunger I must feed
To prey on the wretched and weak
With my tools by my side
Im a shadow roaming this night
I carry out my obsession
This passion so vile and precise
Perpetuating fear
I always near
There seem to be no reason
It's all unclear
An orgasmic release
for now time has ceasse
With speed and hiding
I carry out my craft
Slicing the flesh out this unworthy whore
I take what I want and leave the rest behind
A massacred carcass they will find
This mass of mangled flesh
The embodiment of my hate
So perfectly placed
No intention of hiding what I create
I take what I want and leave the rest behind
A massacred carcass they will find
This mass of mangled flesh
The embodiment of my hate

2. Words of My Demise

Tenous whisper of death
Shakes my soul
forcing my consciousness
to ease this madness
that ties my will
unborn without rrestrictions
Its coldness and infernal touch
seduces my soul
wrappping me in darkness
carrying me into malignancy
pushing me away from god and his
angelical words
Kills my beliefs
my thoughts are ideals
my dreams
And in simple details
slowly forces me
to leave this mortal life
I grasp the dagger
and I pierce my flesh
cut my throat
spilling my blood
and in a brief moment
of suffering and pain
my eyes fogged up
losing control
And I heard the calling of the demons of redemption
in the end only ashes left
of a life destroyed
a life consumed by confusion
death is the only solution

3. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

The still warm blood
makes it way back in to the earth
From which it came
Thou shall not kill
Rotting waste lay lifeless and still
It is now as it has always been
And shall for ever be.
Ancient hatred burns free and unbound
blessed by the hands of god made flesh
Eternal wheels of divine carnage will
forever grind on
As the hammer falls
as the fire burn
as the bullets roar
for the love of god
As the hammer falls
as the fire burn
as the bullet roar
for the love of god"
There are none as blind as the ones who
choose not to see
The infection spreads through their minds
Conquerors rage on...
You are the chosen ones
administer love through fear
for heaves must be made real here on earth.
For all to touch
for all to see
it seems to be the only way
Belief a game that must be won at any cost
All those who oppose must face the wrath of god

4. Begging for Mercy

The day of the beast is upon us
between the shadows i watch my prey
There you are
I nip you're skin
bathe in you're blood
steal your soul
Consuming you're senses
I gained your strength
No Mercy
No faith
No hope
Serenity cease
And the doors to hell open
The end has arrived
you're flesh slowly dies
Life and hopes loose all meaning
Fuck you
I'll watch you suffer
until the light of day has arrived
The time shall come
when you'll be on your knees
Begging for mercy

5. Lapse of Faith

Envious of all
Sick of life
Cursing days and hours
You're going nowhere passing by a holy place
and a holy man says come my son
With you're tormented mind
you start telling the horror of your life
On the other side you feel the holy man is
making fun of you Forgive me father for I
have sinned Yesterday I went to a unknown
house blinded by surge of evil there they
were all alone
I could fell and smell they're fear
I did not care I grabbed my knife
and one of them I started to stab
I stabbed every part of their bodies
I did not stop until there was a pool of blood
covered in blood i went looking for the other victim
She scremas
I grab the other one and started to rape her
while I mutilate her face
That's my story father what will become if me?
The holy man was stunned and with fears in his heart
He slowly rises to his feet and without
making a sound he makes his way to the other side
to meet this hideous butcher
Oh mother!
Oh sister
A lapse of faith
in the precense of the holy ghost
whit his bare hands the holy man drains
under a spell of rage
He has taken my family away from me
As i have taken his life from him

6. Unbound

To feel as I Fell
To see I as see
To ride upon majestic wings
of chaos and fury
Reaching beyond all worlds
I wield from my hands
the power of a thousand darkened stars
Casting an eternal shadow of madness
A heart blackened by the pain lay still
within this hollow shell Unbound I am as
free as the cold winds that pierce my skin
Turning blood in to ice i gaze upon the endless void
I have become entwined whit my true self
A past that lies dead
As the light that burned my face
Nothing is left
The cold mist covers the endless planes
they rise like phantoms dancing whit the wind
Where no life could ever exist
I stand as a soul witness to this wasted
universe of emptiness
Silent words carry my soul trough this vast desolation
My final resting place

7. Souls of the Lost

Beware all of those who speak
the incriminating words
the ones who choose to walk the path
trough this brutal world
go against the ways of all they have rejected
rotting poison runs trough the veins of all of
those afflicted The sign will come for all to
see upon this frightening hour exhausted
warriors whit broken swords will turn in to
mare cowards
restless souls that swore to fight until
their dying day will see their world collapse
under the weight of their own words of rage
Souls of the lost-devoid of all tooth
blinded with lies - un recreabble glory
one thing is to summon - and other is to see him tome
its not the same to summon - that to see them coming for you
Choose to be one of the week
senseless meaning of lift betray your self
and all those you reach
your void will never be filled
philosophy of life
refuse to see the truth behind
all that you cant understand
you walk asleep through this maze
your awake will be your demise
open your eyes
lies will fall onto the ground
they'll shatter like pieces of glass
nature is fighting
to bring back its balance
trying to maintain
its circle of life
Ignoring the symptoms
eyes of life
mindless consumption
of all that's in sight
soon our doom will come for uss all
we shall bleed for our sins
vomit the soul and return to the soil
the soil that we slowly destroy

8. Abandoned by the Sun

Awaken now cycle of ten thousand years
the frigid cold starts to claim its ground
a thhriving humanity now faces the beginning
of its darkest age
the planet has begun to cleanse its way
abandoned by the sun
a horrible future to come
survival has now become
the only reason to carry on
withering green
starvation sets in
the world becomes a massive grave
humanity is entombed
the popullation dwindles in numbers as
mindless marauders scavange the frozen
land driven by hunger humanity once again
faces its hardest existence unspeakable
atrocities commited every day
by hungers relentless persistence
to feast upon the human flesh
or yourself shall become the food for the rest
fight to survive in a land that doesn't want you alive
look the sky as endless blizzard roar by
you now witness your civilzations demise

9. We Stand Alone

I've been blessed by pain
and we stand alone
start in to the night sky
and contemplate the void


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