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Grey Misery

"Grey Misery" (1992)

1. My Dark Paradise
2. Unity's Interlude Dyes Blind Tomorrow
3. Abtruse Myth
4. Obscurity In The Azure
5. The Chasm
6. And Below Rise Eternity
7. Waves of Hypocrisy Seas
8. Debris
9. Immortality's Open Lake
10. Transcendental Dimension

1. My Dark Paradise

An ashen flat conceals me inside
From the stomach of the petrified prison
I peer the obscure world
Without locks it holds me

A manic world
Created by a thought

An insight of the mankind
An invention from misery
They turned a stone into gold
Mida's time comes

A flight of birds
In the grey bliss

Thy eternal abyss, a warm lap of the mother
Absorbs my body inside, but my soul's left

Darkness surrounds me (solitary)
From the clay, grey misery...

I'm staring, lifelessness to nothing
I'm gazing at the point in my nerves

From the soil arises
Unholy kingdom for hypocrites
In the dark lowlands
There's my dark paradise

Incubus continues
My black blood is filled by air

2. Unity's Interlude Dyes Blind Tomorrow

Man watches the world with closed eyes
He aspires after the colours of completeness
Reaching his hand to the gasping tomorrow
And he finds: "All is not the same..."

Man wrapped himself in a black gown
Rambling in the verdant valleys of eternity
Vagrant begs for a coin for his depression

Man laughs and goes away


He picks up fragments from the ground
And sells 'em to some ignorant shapes
From tears he bilds up brooks
Where lunacy's barlk boats sail

He dispells sorrow with recorder
Tones of griefs soar away
Pain and pleasure have involved into one
But the eye of time has faded

Apathy and disgust merged
And seas are divided
Anticipation is over at last
And sunset glow's brilliancy of colours celebrates it

Unity has involved in its cloak
Everybody has disappeared in vanity
Still there's footprints in the snow
And they lead us up to the north...

3. Abtruse Myth

An absolution into futility
For the sake of of stony eyes
We betrayed ourselves
In crystal brightness

The blind... SACRIFICED

The silhouette of faith
The wall of sourness
A vortex in a blazing pitch
A drowning draw

Abysmal... invisible swamp

Abstruse myth
Do you see those trees?
Don't you feel it's true?
Mass of people inside my body
Nerves under my skin

Together we're watching
In the triangular circle
Thrall hangs from his neck
Hempen nose abrades

A tear absords the soil
The tear which fell from your cheek
And we just laugh
The lunatic laughter of life

Echoing thru lands
Echoing thru forests

Flowing so slowly
Black and abysmal
The altar of the earth
The stream of HADES

An amorphous culture
An absurd desert without a coast
Ten darkish mirages
The guardians of MORPHEUS

The blind... SACRIFICED


Lost entrances
Are dimly seen in the mist
Solitude monuments
Please hear my supplication

Subsidence under the waves
River, raise me up
Before the focus of the sea

4. Obscurity In The Azure

Buried alive
Man amidst the pandemonium
In a trench
Of mud and blood... anticipation

A helmet full of brain
It's forbidden to use 'em
Ear drums spoiled
By pressure

Eyes are gazing at eternity
Among the corpses and smoke
There's no immortality
The order is life

Futility kills
It dominates and affects
One and a thousand
Are a hundred

Anticipation and combat
Waste of all
Those hypocrites
They won't awake

"Hallowed be thy name!"
The ditches of vanity are beyond
The flag is the last guilt
The one...

A gauze for the journey
Thru the universe
You're flying
To the land of marble temples

Stories of a monster
And I've waited for my end
Fairytales of pouring lands
The stench of air putrified

Golden temple
Porcelain stairs

Inheretix, my mistress

I adore your calm mask
Pictures of tomorrow

Obscurity in the azure

Your horizon
Reflects your infernal continence

An aberrant mind above us, a sanctuary
Missing wanderers
Filled by vacuum
The holy centre of universe...

5. The Chasm

6. And Below Rise Eternity

Take a view inside the stranger's eye
A vacuum filled soul, mind petrified
Black fields of mortality
Burned again

Skies turned into deep red
Earth's fist melts down


Ominous serpent of time
Bleak entanglement thoughts


Sickness grows besides boredom
The symptoms of schizophrenia
Sneer echoing into the void
An agonised pressure


Your soul crucified
You're more sour than death
A widow raped by hatred
A spider in the ruins of consciousness


7. Waves of Hypocrisy Seas

Darkness growls...
The last day of deranged man
No aim or future
For living on this globe

Tomorrow rises...
Weakened pilgrim gives up
Old man sits down on the glass rock
On the coast of purple sea

Last wizard, the warlord of lifes
Has lost his empire of agony
In vain, he faces the truth
And dives into the heart of sea

Under the waves of hypocrisy seas
He finds his favour world
Flashing trees and unknown bees
Empty closets are smiling

8. Debris

9. Immortality's Open Lake

In arid lands
The roots of men are mouldering
In the depth of mud
Surrounded by rotting bulrushes

A black unforeseen lake
It rinses me, sand calls me towards ruins
Immortality's open lake
The kingdom of gulls

Dead fish
As a food of mind
Red eyes gaze
Bleakly at my neck... immortality?

And the rain washes rainbow down
I scrull to it, examinate a net
It twind from your hair
Curls dyed by bottom mud

Only the dead hear
The sigh of the sentenced
Who are inside the rounded rocks
In a mender stream

A day follows another
An engulfing red time
The red has spoiled my hands
And a sign is on my forehead

Maybe lunacy was my force
Buy you knew it
A dismal everyday, endless agony...
Please kill me!

Spin my remains
Burn them inside the circle
Take me away, apprehension
And bury me with cellophane flowers...

10. Transcendental Dimension


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