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Contaminated Surgery

"Contaminated Surgery" (2005 Demo)

1. Rising Hate
2. Spasm
3. Grind Peace
4. Undercover Enslavement
5. For the Transient
6. Mirror of Mors
7. Stabbin' With a Nail
8. Ghouls

1. Rising Hate

Hate is rising in my mind
The stupid thing of humankind
Makes me angry far too deep
Time has come to leave my keep

Shadow of the evil
Corpses of the people
Venom of the years
From eternal sickness

Total death is now at hand
I can see the end of end
Blood of men is everywhere
Time has come - I'll take a dare

I'm losing my mind
Loud sound of the bell
I made my own revolution
I awoke in my cell

2. Spasm

Piercing pain creates the blast
Of gore, crap & crust
Death is creeping in the veins,
There's nothing that remains

This useless shield
Must be destroyed
To grant access
To the core
To put the sickness in the gore
Sick elements are mutilated

Mutation bears
The creatures of chaos,
Hordes of the dead
Which bring the pain
That flows Inside
The grand body
Of the Universe.

Death, as a great gift, comes from nothing
To bind everything & cover all by universal pain.
Death, the great gift.

3. Grind Peace

Telltale gleam reveals the presence of the crusher
It tries to warn the alive of danger
They senselessly stroll around & get in the way,
Unsuspecting of what can happen the next second

He finishes off everyone who comes across,
Never paying a glance at the face of the victim
Leaving a bloody trace, the crusher goes
Round the planet

A faintest resistance in a moment - panic,
A try to fight a minute later - slaughter...
Nothing can withstand,
All will be buried in tons of dust & ashes
And turn into lifeless desert.
Grind peace

4. Undercover Enslavement

The call of freedom can't
Gift a serenity.
It brings us chaotic
Believe in
Believe in

Through kills,
Surrounded by the
Of billions
Of cripples

Through kills
Surrounded by their

Conquering minds with
Words of...

By invader

We lost (lost)
Will (will)
We lost the will
To struggle

5. For the Transient

Bow to Sphynx
The Lord and Beholder of Wasteland
Bow to Shiva
To the hands of Evil
Bow to Azathoth
To the greatest of great

In the catacombs of the underworld
Lies the greatest city of time
Straight from R'lyeh
Flows the wave
Of merciless Power
Through the ancient cities
Of this world
Rush the ancient powers of the Earth
Mighty words soar in the air
The mankind
To fall into eternity

6. Mirror of Mors

No warning can draw your attention,
Nothing can make you change your opinion
You will gamely go through the open door,
Unsuspecting... that you've been embraced by death!

You pay no mind to the others' cautions and hold your own
When you look at the mystery mirror You'll say it's lying,
But suddenly you'll feel an ice-cold hand on your shoulder,
Unexpected fever, unnatural thirst,
And then you'll set out in search of...

...Leave for nowhere,
And at the exit time you'll realize
It's the black cloak
Of the faceless ancient reaper
From now
You will be waited for

And then the ones
Who'd been afraid to glance at it
Will look inside,
As if they're charmed by hidden powers

They'll shun your fate,
As Death is long gone from the mirror.
He took you away,
Teaching the others a lesson
He didn't leave for good,
He'll return for the ones just like...

7. Stabbin' With a Nail

Puttin' in the ears (knife)
Stabbin' with a nail (them)
Cuttin' with a hook (me)
Climbin' out
Of the well

Drown me in violence
Smash them with pleasure

Slices of the flesh
Throwin' into agony
Puttin' spokes
Into the veins
The disease out

Upstairs to catatonia
Downstairs to the unknown
Injection of the nail
Ejection of blood

Pick it
Burn it

Inspiration with overdose
Recreation into the noise

Bumptious attempt of suicide
Success of the homicide

8. Ghouls

Aren't they haunting you?
Draining your mind's power,
Aren't they?
Aren't they manipulating?

Skeletons in your closet,
This night of your spirit
They come,
Sires of your errors,
Medieval ghouls!

Hope instead doubt is their death instead life,
Ignorant bliss of your conscience. They thrive
On all of our time spent composing the real,

Every time we suspect
Above there is some thing

It is so easy to fancy
Isn't it easy to wipe out the kin?
Drive the stake right in!


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