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Chanting Evil

"Chanting Evil" (2003)

1. Bitter Winter Waft
2. Chanting Evil
3. Dethrone The Weak Mortality
4. The Last Of Storms
5. Der Schwur - Part III
6. Der Wächter
7. Gentle Eclipse
8. Rausch der Macht

1. Bitter Winter Waft

2. Chanting Evil

Where sun refuses to shine, a shadowed might grows unknown,
Open wounds lie complaining, a fading Eden for lost souls
Roaming through blazing grounds, drained by freezing winds,
The will to rise again caressing sin-swallowed senses.

Glancing in virginity, led by stars of purity
while sadness can do no harm, such a veracious heart.
Stream of fire, attempts to lighten this dark abandoned place.
A junction for sadness and death to unite - creeping forward.

A retribution of drowning, charming evildrunken voices
Sounds from the depth of the woods carried by a whispering breeze

Hear the beasts chanting a solitude spell:

"A dreadful abyss for a lightened beauty to fall,
Barely a touch of madness, bathing in a grey sunrise,
Wish to see winged saints stumble through fields of evil,
Come follow me in the night, for heaven is blind 'round here."

See the face shine in the moonlight, soft as silk, pure as water.
But a dark affection, growing hidden in lonesome moments.
When just a breath disturbing the impermeable silence
"Drink deep from the fountain of seduction and treason,
corroding your absurd mind, let apathy take command.

Now feel the filthy power rising on far mental horizons.
Dragging you into infinite worlds, catching stars and moons."

"Live is here for me - distress is here for me"

Constantly, aging romance to creep on bent knees - feeble creature
Under the disturbing blindfold control of shaping fears
A raging new sun is born for darkness and cold,
so far - and dimness breathes for a storm, leaching this star.

3. Dethrone The Weak Mortality

"Divine leader of these thundering dark legions,
Blessed by the shadows' power, honoured by the twilight of proud.
We hail you."

In the valley of depraved thoughts, where retention disappears - disappears
Scaring, slightly shadowed lights untomb lost hearts - lost hearts
While an infernal gift of wisdom stoking a redeeming fire - such a cold fire
Strafing life, as infinity winds in corroding, leeching fields.

- Dethrone the weak mortality -

I'd wandered around millions of these soothing places,
Seen hundreds of defiled souls, preserving humbling secrets
Blinded by hate, driven by unknown inner instinct

On a gloomy autumn night, spotted by a fatal glimpse
My consternated body, willing to run, not able to move
A piercing scream, brightens the surrounding darkness,
An unsacred creature, haunting this bleeding place.

- Dethrone the weak mortality -

"A treasure to feed my hunger, to grant me peace?"

Hark! A nearing, provoking challenge for me to come,
Time to forget former battles of irrelevant insignificance.
A deserved catastrophe for all these grudging cowards
To dethrone this weak mortality - flame of darkness.

A forbidden, seductive strength, enchanting my senses
Mocking weakness in serenades of despise - free to rise

Valuable sins waiting for my unholy, deadly commands
Shadows flee in cold despair, a world is bleeding

An unstained dream to conquer yet reaching higher
To catch the luminous, oppressing moon, the depraving fire

4. The Last Of Storms

Born in haunted captivity as stars bled
Dusk's bringers of storm, a degraded rapture of light

Driven by storm, conquered hazy fields
While fallen emperors were drowning through the night
An imbrued and tortured valley, sweet wounds not to heal
Gleaming in faint moonlight, left for ages...

Distant towers, covered by mighty shadows
Glancing in a feral light - realm of ice
Infernal fires introduce the coming of Hell
Longing for promised victories - resurrection's storm
With raging insanity on the Almighty's side
Swords spilling out men's lives - the battle turns
A wounded, withering landscape left behind
Where carnal statues turn to dust

As daylight sets for the coming of the deciding dawn
A tremendous clash hits the vanquished battlefield like a funeral storm
And finally as dark turns to light,
A memorable solitude of despised souls pushes within sight.

An elemental light-crushing victory for men, so night shades are free to crawl,
Perpetual sounds invoking prayers, hear them whisper and murmur.
An obsessed, even doomed army graced by the devil's mark
A devious hunger for a disgusting feast, strange illuminations to come

Wounds … sinner … war … breathing fire
Chaos … master … flesh … trembling dawn

A burning throne, absorbing all surrounding delight,
Gifted with cold supremacy
A tearful, dark time under the reign of one king
Thundering down its divinity.

Fierce, unhearted creatures inspired by a gloomy cohort,
Now guarding once tender seashores.

Compassion being erased, extinguished at the gates of dawn.
Tender dreams to follow this course.

5. Der Schwur - Part III

6. Der Wächter

Stolzer Sohn der Vergangenheit, Glanz einer dunklen Zeit,
Mit Schwingen aus edelster Nacht regt sich Würde, dürstend, sacht.

Ein gefallener Augenblick, nichts zu spüren von erhebender Wehr
Nicht geizend mit aufrechten Reizen, blindlings streifende Gebilde
Stark durch ewig tobende Kriege, feurige Dornen in welker Gestalt
Führen in steter Düsternis das gierige Heer zum weit fernen Gefilde

"Seht her, ihr wirrende Menschen, was dort zieht am Horizont,
Seht her, ihr schändliche Wesen, wer da stürmt am Firmament."

"Sieh her, ehrlose Kreatur, wie dein entseeltes Land an Furcht zerbricht,
Sieh mich, harrend dem Eid zu Töten in einem jähen, kurzen Augenblick."

"Sieh dich, schwelgst so trüb und matt in blindem Unverstand
Sieh dich, treibend in Einfältigkeit bedeckt von fremder Hand"

In Tiefe gebannt, schier unbemerkt züngelt das lockende gierige Licht,
ein berauschende Hinterhalt, prächtig geziert in eines Verführers Gesicht
"Verliere dich"

7. Gentle Eclipse

Furious storms rumble the unburdened land, sounding the tranquillity
Spreading rumours of a fallen seraph, doomed to wither away…
This enraged, lost night, brilliance died, a war is declared.

8. Rausch der Macht

Gesichter wie aus Stein gemeißelt,
Stimmen wie aus einem tiefem Grab.
Ein Lachen ohne Fröhlichkeit,
erwarten wir, was kommen mag.

Heute ist die Nacht der Nächte,
wir tauchen ein in den Rausch der Macht.
Zittern sollt ihr feigen Knechte,
wir haben die totale Schlacht entfacht!

Unser Krieg kennt keine Feinde,
denn vorm Feind hat man Respekt.
Wir brauchen keinen Grund zum Töten,
die Welt ist unser Lustobjekt.

Jämmerliche Missgeburten,
Gestalten ohne Sinn und Wert,
ihr fragt nach eurem Recht auf Leben,
die Antwort gibt euch unser Schwert.

Wir kämpfen nicht mit heißem Herzen,
für eine neue bess're Welt.
Was fallen will, das stoßen wir,
zerstören, weil es uns gefällt.

Glaubt nicht, ihr könnt uns vernichten.
Hilft kein Wort und keine Tat.
Ein Sterblicher wird niemals richten -
Dämonenbrut, Dämonensaat. - Rausch der Macht


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