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"Demo" (2004 Demo)

1. Standard Practice
2. The Epic Murder
3. Evolves into Fear
4. Ideal
5. The Test
6. Vicious Liquid
7. Soft Soil
8. Lifted and Taken

1. Standard Practice

Insulting our intelligence on a daily basis

Taking for granted that we are not allowed

To kill without consequence

If I only could shut you up for good

By burning your head while stabbing your chest

With a knife and crushing you legs with a hammer

Staring at the corner to take away all your hope

Praying still the moment they slit your begging throat

There's never enough time to bleed remembering all the sins that you know

Your torture never ends, descend

Failure, an absolute waste of space

Collapsing, your skull sickeningly ruptures

Aversion, to your fatuous ways

Abhorrence, I must erase you

Warped minds find my actions

Sick and depraved

I only act on instinct

The stupid must DIE

2. The Epic Murder

Taste the flames that murder

You can't prepare for torture

As the blood flows out

Look to my eyes and feel my hate

Taste of blood

To cure the fix

All the life draining from you

Now's the time to repent

But you see I am your god today

Mercy is not my name

I am your savior in death

3. Evolves into Fear

The sound of your cries
The same sordid feeling

Feel my caress

As death sets in

Your pained expression

A work of beauty

Exquisite guise

Excels the lust

Distress turns to pleasure

Feelings of love

Confused by the torture

Deviant freak

No light in sight

But there's one thing to remember

Pain is serene

Then comes regret

Evolves into fear

Pain is Serene

Torture cleanses, distinct hatred, at your service

Our final gaze

Ended too soon

Pain is serene

As it takes you away...

4. Ideal

5. The Test

Compared to my dreams

You'd feel content in hell

Pull the carpet from under me

Downward we go

Compared to my dreams

Your chance of killing swells

Lusting from the insanity

Misery is all we know



Violent moments lingering

Compared to my Dreams

Disgusting pleasure in shape of blunt form

Concussion, immediate crack to your skull

Blood spilt

I will drink

Smear on my face

The smell so real...

No dream, all real

No life, all death

Grotesque lust for

The climax only murder will bring

Prepare to sleep

Well tonight,

For good...

What a feeling

To dream of your death,

Everyone stares as I

Clutch my head

All I can do is scream...

6. Vicious Liquid

Suffer, you will DIE

Violent climax, I wanted death

Furious hatred,

With your end comes relief

As I grab her throat

Her shock clouds her mind

But she soon realizes that my love lasts forever

Curse of my conscious

Relief in her death

Our love came first, our ashes will touch last

Her words could've changed me

Longed to caress her face

Fate would never let her love me but in death

The beauty in her eyes and the smell of her skin

As she held me the one and only time

Do you remember the feeling of the moonlight?

It touched your face in a way I'll never be able to

Curse of my hatred

Sorrow for her death

As she floats away, I love her for the last time

Place the body in water, a vicious liquid

Save me with your death...

7. Soft Soil

Shouldn't stutter, how mechanic

Don't worry, they can fix it

Just forget it, she's not worth it

You could kill him, would she notice?

All that crying, just a phase

I'm not worried, it's all trickery

Worth the trouble, all that vomit?

We'll joke later, I am tired...

Please leave, the sooner the better

Farewell, I can't stand the sight of

You when your eyes have life in them

Hidden faces, while you're sleeping

Are you crazy, or just smarter?

He'll be laughing, how mechanic

Don't you worry, I could kill him

Are you crying? Go to her,

You'll feel better, open lungs...

I will drown her, to make me happy

She'll see clearer, underwater

It's all the same, we are evil

Voices, louder...getting closer

All the while, hatred burning

Tell yourself, you are special

Don't believe it, start to injure...

I will drown her, to stop the voices

She'll see clearer, underwater

At the ocean, when I grab you

Listen closely, as I whisper:

"Tell your children

I won't hurt them"

Death makes her realize

That I've always cared

As she's pinned underwater

Gasping for air

We Are Evil

It's the same...

8. Lifted and Taken

Taken by surprise with
Look of shock so telling...
Told me I meant something
Revenge will be mine now
To a table where you're
Gasoline will cleanse you

Tell me what I want to
Making a new story
Pried open with steel clamps
As I grab the matches
As the spark ignites you
At the sounds that you make

Hearing the color of your mind
Burning what's left inside

Weighing my choice against the tide
Caring no more for the time
Dimming all rays of hope
Death moves so slow

As your remains are lifted and taken
To the water where your eyes stole my mind
I can't help but think your love wasn't real
Memories of you can save me from myself
I can hear your voice saying "Don't let me DIE"
At the water where your eyes stole my mind...


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