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Soft And Stronger

"Soft And Stronger" (1997)

1. Iron Fist
2. The Almighty
3. Execute
4. Downfall
5. Instinct
6. V.A.D.E.R.
7. Metal Will Never Die
8. Dostulata
9. Eye Of A Rose
10. Slaves Of Hate
11. To Live Is To Die
12. Enslaved
13. Human End

1. Iron Fist

With Iron Fist
I 'll smash this shit
No questions, no answers
Just with IRON FIST!
Don't ask my why
Hate me, hunt me,
But you'll never get me!
Be careful, I'm waiting for you
I'll smash your fuckin skull
.... And eat your brain!
You won't need it anyway.

2. The Almighty

I'm your master, cause I know the depths of your soul
I saw how you killed
Destruction of your own race but for what...for your lords?
You are to weak to lead yourself
You never learned to think!
You call yourself as humans
But you are only dogs, need your lord. Follow me!
I'm your desire, your hate. your agony
I'm your madness, the almighty!
Follow me, I'll guide you into the holy land
Follow me, I'll steal your mind
Follow me, I'll guide you into downfall.
Crawl, kneel, pray
I love to see you suffer!
Die for me the martyr-death
My little sheep's, come to me
I'm waiting for you!

3. Execute

You don't dream to pull the trigger?
To shoot dead the guy, who nerves you!
Walk discouraged down the streets
If you molest me, your life is gone!
For what a fuck I fought, for you?
My hate is blind
It's cold in my life
But I'll never give up!
Will don't fall into annoyance
My hate is blind!

4. Downfall

Lost in visions I see a land,
Hearts full of blissfulness
A life without a fight.
Lost in visions
A ship called "my saviour" sailed lonesome through times
The aim showing it the right direction was my salvation.
Die in pain
Die In hell
Fuckin' die
The ship passing through all storms,
Through fear, neediness and because danger,
It's exactly the ideal solution as there is no harbour.

5. Instinct

Too much animal too less human
Are between good and bad.
Violence, egoism are with you
Through you wanna love.
Instinct over intellect
Hate, love, war, compassion
Tear apart in a bad agony
You've done good deeds
But in the end you'll be a loser.
Too much human, too less animal
Standing between good and bad.
Compassion, love is with you
Though you should be the strongest.
But the human animal will die
In cause of self-destruction in a furious avidity
In the end there won't be any might man.
Only day and night as from the beginning of time age!

6. V.A.D.E.R.

Lost in the own memory
Point of no return
Hopeless look backward
It's time to say goodbye?
My Soul
V.A.D.E.R., V.A.D.E.R.
Will die, will die, will die, will die
V.A.D.E.R., V.A.D.E.R.
Will die, will die
V.A.D.E.R., V.A.D.E.R.
V.A.D.E.R., V.A.D.E.R.
Look to the sky
I hope to die
In hell I will cry!
No glory on my side
laying naked on the ground
I feel sorry.
V.A.D.E.R., V.A.D.E.R.
Now I'm dead, now I'm dead
V.A.D.E.R., V.A.D.E.R.
Formalised, stiff and cold
V.A.D.E.R., V.A.D.E.R.
Formalised, stiff and cold
V.A.D.E.R., V.A.D.E.R.

7. Metal Will Never Die

Metal will never die, we promise you
Metal is the law, the only for me and you
Be my brother; let us sing this fighting song
We fight for metal; metal is our holy alliance
Nobody can beat us
Together we are strong!
We are brothers of metal; we will have never gone!
Darkness all around us, I hear the wolves howl
But they'll never get us!
We still stand as one!
We are kings, without a kingdom.
We have the might, to conquest the world!
This song is forever; it will always guide you!
If you're alone, listen to this song of metal!
I'm always be there for you
Don't lose your courage
We fight to stayin' alive; I'm always with you!

8. Dostulata

9. Eye Of A Rose

10. Slaves Of Hate

Don't lookin' for any master, don't need an idol,
Goin' on my own way, don't know where.
I try to live, but I almost choked on it.
Wolves attack me (fall upon me) tearing my soul.
Slaves of hate
No light in the darkness, no aim without hope
Defeated by the game of violence.
Gears are working monotonously
Systems work continuously, but nobody knows
How long?
My courage is crushed, my hope, my fears too.
I'm waiting for flying it into pieces.

11. To Live Is To Die

Hope is eternal, almost longer than torture (agony)
Lost in destiny, last dance of the human (mankind)
Destroyed what we loved, destroyed what delights us
Had to stand 1.000 tortures when hate ate my heart.
To live Is to die
The last hope burned down to dust
Out of sense, but without any fear
Waitin' for the end now, on our way to downfall.
Thoughts driftin' in the sea of passion
I had read the book of life and it killed me.

12. Enslaved

Can't believe the world is a place for lies
Can't believe the world is only rules by power (alone)
Can't believe that everyone humbles before repression
But I'm very sure; we're damned for downfall.
Children of damnation, slaved until death
The mankind is the living end of the world
A spreading and ailing sickness.
If you don't want to suffer, start hating
Looking for a way out you'll perish.

13. Human End

Open your eyes and see the people are crying
Open your eyes and see the decay of ethics and moral
Open your eyes and see the war and the agony
Now open your mind and feel the pain of my hopeless fight, feel!!!
What do you see?
Human end will come.


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