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Empyreal Dusk

"Empyreal Dusk" (2006)

1. The Quiet Before Storms
2. Dragon's Flight
3. Treason Of The Fimbul Winter
4. The Act Of Natural Misconception
5. Rain Upon A Shattered Sword
6. Following Wyrd
7. Alive
8. The Giant Ymir
9. Aspect Of Nature
10. Through Storms We Tread
11. Kingdom Call
12. The Meeting At Ida Plain

1. The Quiet Before Storms

2. Dragon's Flight

Awake mighty creature of dusk
Banish the light of day
And let the great fires of the night consume you

Rise and make your song take flight
Tonight dreams will be alive

Break free from solitude
Just bear your own soul now

I will follow you through darkness and make end to
Covetous desire of the heart
Then we'll stand proud knowing that
The world will be infallible

So abandon all your dreams for a greater cause
To end sorrow for all has impressive rewards

Bred in the nature of the self
The fiercest beast is within
Look past instinct and take control

And the dragon flies over the mountains
He's flying on again to search for all the glory of life

As I see the beginning is near
I'll ask for divine wisdom
To show us the path to the end
And hope that the means are good

And in the end of this darkened winter night
As the stars disappear
Just as everyone is waking to the light
Be with hope that in sight there is an end
From the day once again
Let me take you on a new journey

3. Treason Of The Fimbul Winter

Everlasting sorrow will rage in us
Until three years have become the past
And all the lands only waste of god and man

Now the Fimbul Winter begins with wind
A year of frost and unending cold
Will mark the end of day and the world will be dark

In wind there is pain of greed
And visions of the raging frost
Chilling us to the bone
Relentless will be the air we breath

When the winds give way to the sword of man
A brother fights with his closest kin
To curse the famine and damn it all to hell

Those who died in battles will raise up high
Although there is not much to hope for now
As all the heavens will soon be left for dust

With this winter
Our days will become numbered
Swords clash
As the fight freely in our hands

Strength in all or one will fade

Now the Fimbul Winter will begin
Transparent is the end
It's the ending of the world
That we have known for all our lives
I see right through this life
There's only nothing there
But I will fight

In the skyclad hall above
Odin waits patiently for the brave

The death to all believers
Will be the treason of the Fimbul Winter

How I see a beast I can never tell
But now this tale will surely impress
A wolf devours the bodies of all fallen ones

Growing larger and hungrier for god
The beast will open its jaws up wide
And cast a wave of blood to the gods in the sky

With end of the wolf
There comes only more despair

I'll let my song take wing now
Ragnarok is coming soon
This night I feel the fires above
Signs of the end take grace in my sight
As an unnatural cold breaks the ice
Ragnarok is coming soon

4. The Act Of Natural Misconception

So life depends on the enigmas of fate
All life ends with a question of death
In the beginning there was madness
But in the end I reigned forever

I walked the path of green to the misty forest
On arrival I desired the three
To guide me through trees of mist
To mountains of snow

Everywhere you led I followed
Now that it's the end I find myself falling

I'm bounded by my cage of innocence
Silenced by the echoes of the past
It's the act of natural misconception

They spun my threads complacently
But I've broken free at last
One day I will reign alone

Into the ground my heart fled from me
It's buried in sand they put over home
Once more to be forever wandering

Nowhere will I fall without fighting
I will find true hope in myself

5. Rain Upon A Shattered Sword

And the rain falls, flickering on a broken sword
The metal still holds, the sheath still there
And the earth smiles at me
Beneath thousands of empty stares

The rain dampens me
Washing away my blood

Every eye is turning, every shadow moving
All the raindrops fell on the victorious
A killing game where sword and armor is nothing

The clouds began to breathe a cold wind
That would be a sign from God
It's time to leave

Higher and higher in the sky
Fields ablaze with glory
Escape to another land
A new life awaits me

Here's someone who can take you away
Into a fantasy

Always awaiting eternity
Riding away now, we're riding away

I see a garden where the flowers are all dead
Every single one now an infection
Roots tapped the soil with everything you said
In full disguise

6. Following Wyrd

While the sun for man is setting
When the skies crumble down
Glory is the hope that I see
In the death all around

Now we all are marching with a vengeance that would
Break a time of endless winter nights
Following the wyrd with every tactic of defense
So that there's never any room for second thoughts

Every time that I feel the life running through my veins
I take my fate to cast off a fear of death by the sword
When my time to die has become as real as life
No mastery of war will become my saving grace

Odin will arise and welcome
All of us warriors
Fight by day and feast by night to
Make our lives heavenly

Following the wyrd is a trust in the cycle of fate
The past hints a future reflecting on my true nature
So if I'm good I'll face my enemies in strife
For if I die, let it be and hold my head up high

To Valhalla I will go, for I follow the Wyrd

Enough submission
Hours have passed and neither has spoken
All morals aside
They might be equal, but power sounds loudest of all

7. Alive

Somewhere lightning fades in the distance
And storms cease to be
Sometimes fires die and become ash
For eternity

Without spring while it draws near
Wasn't there a face left when you looked
But the sun shines brighter than ever
When the past becomes alive

Look to your dreams
They'll set you free
When the past becomes alive

There's a place where you don't know
That glow now resting on your shoulders
But when it comes time to say goodbye
We'll live in death and eternity
When the past becomes alive

As the rays of the sun give warmth
The tears melt away like winter
Never to be shed again
You're living in life

8. The Giant Ymir

There was the ancestor of the giants
Ymir he was called, Ymir the world
Who shed his tears in loneliness and desolation

Dwelling in a time of fog and fire
A world aflame and poisonous
Ten streams of frozen water with sandless banks

We stand upon his skin
And breathe in his skull
We sail upon his blood to faraway lands

'Twas the beginning of time When the giant Ymir lived
Father of all humankind, all the good and the evil
Bred from the Ellivagar's meeting with the Muspell air
Dead by the makings of Bor: Odin, Vili, and Ve

Yawning is the gulf in which you were living
Ginungagap between two evils
Sacrificed by Odin to make our world

Now I will write for you my father giant
And never forget your sacrifice
I see the heroes come and gone of which you were the first

Earth shaped from flesh
From blood the sea
Bones were the mountains
His hair the trees
Lashes made the world of man

9. Aspect Of Nature

There's always reason for both sides to defend
Truth appears in different ways, in different eyes

Heavens, they're coming back again
To tell our men they've given up
This one time in defeat
For us to be

Singing old songs to remember old times
As I travel farther away
I may leave, but I'll never forget
What you have done for me

There is always illusions hiding everything
When truth be told I tire of such tiring

To everyone I've ever known in life
To all of my friends and foes
In you and your passing by
I have seen myself

For those dead men who so honored the world
Their hearts will become the nature around our people

For those dead men to whom I owe my own
A grave for the Fenian men
Inch by inch, pulled through the grass
Blinded by the morning fog
Legendary courage can always be found in their souls
Eireann always knew the brotherhood would never die

10. Through Storms We Tread

Asleep at night beneath stars and rain
We felt the pull on towards the cold
Awaken to dawn and the sun
Shining bright over the water

The ice grew thicker around our sails
Penetrating cloaks made of wool and blood
The wind rose higher but on we led
Our dragon head bow will hold us safe

An ancient prophecy, that which we all believe
Will take us to the hall in the sky
I am the fire that burns in your eyes
Just understand my glory never dies

Now that we've fought for good
And spread the word of God
May you accept us now that we die

Our brothers called us to join their names
In search of the light in the great North sea

And we are ready to follow their lead
Heads up towards the horizon ahead
All arms to the sky
Odin listens to us

Through storms we tread
I am wont to believe
That glory shines through death and everything

Heavy is the burden that we do hold
Empty is the heart that burns in me
No more are the seasons, all is cold
But we ventured forward to eternity

Then we saw our dragon rise into the sky
A beacon of light in the midst
Of all our darkness

11. Kingdom Call

Everyone's been brought out here
Gazing upon the starlit winter night
Where the mountains all meet sea
And an angel there for me

Kingdom calling me, I knew this all along
The darkness of my world is now gone
To take this place with you, to be your love
Is Heaven in diguise, and Hell will never be

Here all the silences are gold
But this will be the last time for a while
So this promise is for you
Every day will bring more love for you

12. The Meeting At Ida Plain

After the storm of the end has gone
I see a new world in which we are one
And when something has come to build up this life
I'll take all the stars and fashion a dream of you

Northerner, beauty of the sea
Please hold all your powers out to me
Where now I will reign there in the dark
Silence is only more hope

In your eyes, I see honesty and strength
And a soul to make my world cry
With the joy of your love
I sometimes lie awake at night
Hoping that you'll be there when I wake up

Every day will I grow stronger with wisdom and joy
I'll brave all the world
Knowing that we'll be together to rule as just one
When we meet again

Shimmering maiden in the sky
Please take up your beacon to the night
And when the moon begins to wane
Meet me down by the Ida Plain

In my new world, with selfish regard
There's only light where we two will be
And epic dreams of glory
So that even the gods would envy our love

Since we'll know the whole world is gone
Let's swear our revenge on all hate
The promise of life will endure
So long as our faith can hold still

When all the gods will meet down
By the Ida Plain
And focus intentions to creation
Of all the world of life
I'll ask amidst a red shore
For the solace of the future
That we may be together
As one forever more

I know a heart that would burn with love
If ever I should become one with the end
And kindly would Death stop so for me now
But know that my cares would surpass even death itself

If all the lands will crumble before miracles
Let Earth shatter to a million and die before us now
Gather all of your dreams for a new reign
Just look to the north and meet me down by the Ida Plain


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