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Darkness Surrounds

"Darkness Surrounds" (2003 Demo)

1. Half Moon Blade
2. On The Inside
3. Darkness Surrounds
4. Silence Of God
5. Theory Of A Last One
6. Escape

1. Half Moon Blade

Lightning fills the sky
In my void, I push, I pull
The reins of a nightmare
What's left, what is to spare?
What is no more?
Normality, lost in me
I can not feel it anymore.

This is my last regret
I fell into the deep haze
Once left my life
Once left my joy
One slip of the mind
And all is lost
The letters from God
Are thrown away

Kingdom calling me
I knew it all along
A half moon blade in my heart
Darkness of the night
Surrounding me
I knew it all along
Just set me free

So another time
It will be thrown away
I can't hold on to
What is calling me
Call my name out to the world
As I drive the blade deep down inside

2. On The Inside

Consumed from within
Run until we die
Sorrow filled life
Once more
Welcome blackness
Allow my entrance
Through cavernous halls
To find the wounds

In the blaze of serenity
Through endless flame
For nothing
In this dark twisted fight
Freedom of fame
Freedom of light

Trip inside a soul
A rich onslaught of lies
I can see your holes
From the inside
Trip outside a soul
A wonderful disguise
Bleeding hearts behind
Undetected lies

I can see your holes
I can see your lies

3. Darkness Surrounds

Enjoy your last breath
You'll never feel it
In dancing shadows
He stands alone
In time to hear him
Bring fate upon you
Dreadless laughter
Fills the silence

With a broken lie
You can tell yourself
That it's okay
When darkness surrounds

Whadows following
The signs of footsteps
Moving quickly in the night
I'll see the end of you
Laugh at the broken figurine
Devour what's left of you
And spit it on the street

Worthless is it
To find your own grave
In the shadow
We hunt you down
In times of peril
They try to run
They try to hide from
What's already done

4. Silence Of God

Come to me
Let's go up high
Shaded sky
In the worst of pains
Where is he?

Cry, the freaks we fly
In a time of poison
Why, we ask up high
Just for the chosen

Lost in a dark shadowland
Wandering through endless time

Please, let pain decease
We can't take it anymore
Blame, He's not to blame
Who really is

Silence of the God we know
Waiting for our tears to flow

Glory gone, its coming inside of me
Morning light, I can see it through the trees
Now i stand, in darkness do you fall
Does he even care about you

5. Theory Of A Last One

In a garden which bred warriors
Our hero fell into his place in time
Roaming free across the borders
Fighting the shadow from where it came

There's nothing left to do
The theory of a lost one

Now our hero he holds his head up high
Foretelling the end of a gruesome life
He knows its over, he knows its gone
He wears the fires, and ends the dawn

6. Escape


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