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Butcher the Weak

"Butcher the Weak" (2005)

1. Butcher the Weak
2. Masturbating at the Slab
3. Serial Cocksucker
4. Tomb of Scabs
5. Autoerotic Asphyxiation
6. Anal Electrocution
7. Fuck Her Head Off
8. Babykiller

1. Butcher the Weak

Slaughtering with extreme disgust
Unrecognizable all victims will be
Mutilation no enough, I'm splattering brains
You've seen nothing yet, I will butcher the weak

If you step in my path you'll get a ballpeen hammer upside your head
I'll smash in all your teeth and pound your skull until you're dead
If you're unlucky enough to be female you'll be forced to fuck my knife
I'll keep you alive and butcher your cunt til you beg me to end your life
I'll keep you alive and butcher your cunt til you beg me to end your life

Forceful smashing, rage filled slashing, vicious stabbing of your guts
Chunks are flying, bitches dying, cum is building in my nuts
Inhuman butchering, atrocious slaghtering, my skin is warmed by the rivers of blood
I'll continue to decimate your mangled flesh long after your last fucking breath

Butcher the weak

Fuckers that dare face me
With insane force I'll plant my axe into your fucking chest, your ribs explode
Blood fills your lungs, overflows and gags your throat
The I'll slash your neck, your blood spray warms my face
I take pure joy in your suffering
The cracking of veins, the wheeze of your last breath

I'll hack you limb from limb
Grab each body part and stick my cock in
The blood on my dick gets me high
You've been butchered, I spit on you

2. Masturbating at the Slab

From the grave to the morgue, the voices are still callin me
I stalk the dead of night for young females to bleed on me
Decimating, mutilating, masturbating while I kill
At the slabs dead whores rot to fill with my insane infection

Scream for me, cry for me, bleed for me, die for me

Rotten fluids fill the morgue with a vile stench of putrid death
A profane sickness heaves from deep within my rancid breath
Cum pumps to my erection as I stare at the dead
Erected on these filthy slabs, I'll fuck these bitches back to hell

Now I jerk off on the heads of these inanimate stiffs
My cock explodes but I'm not done dominating their orifices

Time to eat their cunts

Blistering sores erupt on my tongue
The taste of the vaginal slime disgusts
Acridity's gnawing away at my brain
but still I am deeply engrossed in this shit
I chomp my way through the worm eaten cunts
I can't force myself to stop
A vile spew of filth explodes in my mouth
With this liquid I'll choke the festering meat down

I smell blood

Carving up corpses for my sick desires in this lair of slabs
Total loss of all control my thirst for gore will never end
Weak motherfuckers can't stop me
The killings will continue
Continuing my vulgar life of sickening depravity

Come with me to feel pain
Blood will pour
Beneath the shroud of death
I'm a killer

3. Serial Cocksucker

lyrics by Rosas

Whores that suck dick for money
I will kill with no forgiveness
They need to be taught a lesson
In butchery

I will leave them dead and bleeding
After giving them a beating
With my hammer I will smash the teeth
Out of their fuckin face

These cocksuckers will pay the price when
I fuck their faces with my knife
I will force my blade down their throats
As if it were my massive dick

The streets are filled with dirty whores
I'll show them what that pussy's for
They'll be forced to drink the swill
That spews from my erection

You sluts I'll show you all the way to everlasting pain and torture
To take your lives is why I live, for your crimes you'll be butchered
You'll be forced to suffer through torture, you dead cum dumpster bitches
I'll kill you all then throw your slaughtered asses in the ditches

I need a prostitute to fill with my diseased liquid
Stalking the dark street corners I find a cunt that lives to suck the dick

I'll kill that dirty bitch

I force that pig into my van and then I proceed to beat her
Blood spurts forth from every wound and splatters on me
With my knife I must sever her head and take it with me
She will now be forced to suck the cock
Fell the urge

Dead hookers fill my crawlspace, all of them decapitated
They have all gotten what they deserved, every single head I've masturbated
I won't stop until I have killed every slut walking the streets
They will be punished for their ways, forever to suck dicks in hell

4. Tomb of Scabs

There's a room in my house, a tomb of women who need to rot in hell
The stench will fill your throat with puss and drain from out your nose
Open the door discover dead whores who begged for more now covered in gore
Countless remains and piles of scabs putrid remnants cover the floor

Some of the kicked and some of them screamed and some of them never seemed to bleed
Some of them twitched and some of them kicked and some were forced to take my dick
Some of them gushed and some were crushed and some of them paid for their sinful lust
Some of them cried and some of them lied, they told me they loved me before they died

Through the torture, through the torment I didn't feel an ounce of regret
Carving insides, slashing faces countless bitches put in their places
Severed torsos, butchered assholes, skinless bodies put on wood poles
Slaughtered tissue, cutout eyeballs, gallons of fluid stain my tombs walls

One by one I watch them die, my tomb holds more that meets the eye
From rape to toture, beatings too they die, but I have more to do
My urges force me to violate
Theses bitches in their butchered state
Slicing throats while I inject my bloodsoaked member
Cumming into their slaughtered sombed

Tomb of Scabs
Tomb of Scabs
Tomb of Scabs

I will never stop till all the bitches die
My hatred and rage is what keeps me alive
Butcher them, slaughter them gouge out their eyes
Murder them, torture them, rip out their spine
Never stop till all the bitches die
My hatred and rage is what keeps me alive
Butcher them, slaughter them gouge out their eyes
Murder them, torture them, rip out their spine

Tomb of Scabs

5. Autoerotic Asphyxiation

can¡¯t sleep my sickness doubles every time I kill,
I think that I should die by hanging but instead a grand idea.
Suffocating bitches delights me,
When they bleed the stench is lovely,
Why end myself when there are slobs a plenty,
I need to go, my semen is leaking,
Semen leaking, madness creeping, mucus seeping out of me,
I saw her from a distance now she¡¯ll know the meaning of true pain.

Come with me, come with me, come with me, come with me to die,
Come and feel your neck break,
Come with me, come with me, come with me, come with me to die,
Come and feel your neck break,
Come with me, come with me, come with me, come with me to die,
Come and feel your neck break.

Come with me bitch and see the knife that won¡¯t be denied that tasty cunt,
Forced inside while you hang, ever so sweetly,
I pull on your legs, juice sprays all over me.

Spraying from your face the precious blood, I gorge your sloppy cunt,
Now I¡¯ll peel your blood soaked face, oh my god, it seems I want to feed,
I guess I¡¯ll have to eat you, hunger I can¡¯t control,
What is this, her heart still pounding, I¡¯ll show this bitch a world of pain.

With my knife I cut off her fingers, in her eyes I see life drain,
Bleeding from every hole in her pretty, filthy, sin filled body, its insane,
I¡¯ll make this party complete, I¡¯ll thrust my knife in my brain,
I¡¯m choking on my own lust, the thought of dying while killing fills me with glee.

6. Anal Electrocution

I need new ways to torture all my bitches
Peel off their skin or cover them in stiches
Sometimes they bleed sometime they spit
Sometimes I feed on their half decayed clit
I've scraped out their guts through their torn open cunt

It's so much fun to make them bleed
But I have new ways to kill them indeed
An electric rod that spwes ten thousand volts
Up her ass I pund it, her cunt implodes
Surging through her sliced open veins
Smoke emits from her boiling brain
Currents flow through her bubbling mass
Sparks and blood shoot from out her ass

Tears are building in my eyes from the stink of your burnt fluid
You hair is singed: your flesh is black, your form reduced to ruin
I pull your crispy outer skin to reveal your bloody tissue
I chomp the chips of harden flesh and lust at your dead sinew

A strange idea has taken over
I'll remove your blistered outer cover
Caress your skinless, dripping body
A burning feeling builds inside me
With staggering force I go inside it
The slims warmth with make my nut spit
I pound her slit til I feel it cumming
My eyes roll back the pleasure is numbing

I ride your toasted dripping carcass
With infinate hate I beat your face in
The third hit casuses you nose to cave in
Oh my god, she's breathing
What will I do with this toasted hog bitch
Thought she was dead, but I feel her heart beat
A thriffty idea I have excites me
Where is my hacksaw

You feel the bite
Saw through your horribly burnt open flesh
I'll cut off your limbs till you are dead
When you are really deceased
Again I will get my cock wet

7. Fuck Her Head Off

I know now I am bred to kill bitches
I will hack them till they're skinless
Slice their face or beat them senseless
Untill they are twicthing
Devestate their battered senses
Torture them for their offenses
Violate their cunts untill they bleed
They always bleed

I fill them with steel
Untill they cannot feel
Next to me they will be dead and naked

Bleeding rotting stinking all the whores are
Screaming while I'm feeding now I have to
Cut them into pieces, so that I can
Eath them, God Damn I am hungry
This pig is so tasty but I have to
Eat her so I can find another
Female to violate and indeed
I'll fuck her head right off

More bloodshed is needed
So that I can be treated
To a feast of blood and carnage
Necrophillia is my weakness

More bloodshed is needed
So that I can be treated
To a feast of blood and carnage
Necrophillia is my weakness

Covered in gore
All this blood is making my cock hard
I'll pump that vile cunt full of my semen
Disgracing her immaculate body
Yes, I will take a shit on her beautiful face
Piles and piles of my own hot manure
I've left upon this lifeless bitch
I smear it all over my body
This has now become a rancid feast
My hunger soon to be fullfilled
I force handfuls in my mouth

Masturbating on the face of the whore I will now dismember
Head and limbs removed with crude precission by the edge of my blade
Finally I introduce my knife to a feast of her anus
Brutally I force it to the hilt with every cut I fuck her
Faster and faster and faster and faster and faster and faster and faster and faster

8. Babykiller

Here I come
They call me
A beast like none before
I suck the abscess of dead infants
I want some more
I Am Baby Killer
I kill pregnant sluts and whores!!

Splaying inside the womb
Red and wet I tear chunks from the pussy Red and wet mangled unborn baby
Eat the meat dripping from filthy...
Cumstained, blood-soaked, rotten cunt Infant skull exploding in my mouth
It's brain on the floor
I grab it's tongue and tear it out
Dead meat for me. I can't believe
How much this baby is bleeding
It's tiny stumps pours out more
Than it's dead mothers open sores
It's guts paint the floor
It's flesh I shall gorge.
It seems feasting on young infant flesh has made my semen leak.
I am aroused. Fuck I'm crazy
I fuck the blood. I need meat on my cock.
No meat can satisfy me. I must spew my seed
Spunk flows throughout the mangled infant. now I'll chop it up
Chunks of guts fly as i stand with baby skin all over me
Forcing the blood-soaked gore unmercifully down my throat
Pieces of baby are lodged inside of me
Over and over I feast on it's death
It's all gone. I want some more
I turn to it's mother
Blood is still flowing strongly from her butchered pussy
I drink from her fountain, stench of menstrual gore
Gagging on chunks of sliced up pussy
I feel pressure....
Pushing in my brain
The force caves in my head
My eyes eject slowly
Where's my knife?
I plunge my knife in
Inside my head
My veins are seeping
Warm streams of red
My tongue tastes so horrid
I must swallow it
Gore taste so scrumptious
Enough to wash it down with piss.


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