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"Necrobscenity" (2002 Demo)

1. Orgasm in Blood
2. Take her from behind
3. She, the Vampire
4. Barbarian Sodomy
5. Maniac

1. Orgasm in Blood

Chorus :
Roger wants an orgasm inblood in blood
Roger wants an orgasm inblood in blood
Roger wants an orgasm inblood in blood.

Roger has something gloomy and disturbing,
he boasted to have tortured cats in
Putting out their eyes or in crushing
their vertebral column , he is mentally deranged


His pulsions of violence continue to get worse
with the time after his wedding with samantha
as his wife is pregnant with her second girl
he doesnít hesitate to brutalize her
in order that she lose the baby despite of many kicks
samantha gave birth to a beautiful baby girl

a few months later Roger falls into
a mystic delirium , he is always talking
about the devil as he was possessed
about the devil as he was possessed
as his wife is not at home , he has
sexual relations with his 5 years girl
one night with his wife he used a wine bottle to fuck
he sodomized her but he is too brutal
she had the anus and the vagina completly torn


2. Take her from behind

Sheís sexy so hot tonight
You wanna caress her body
Pornography , pleasure games
« Oh dirty little bitch
Letís have a good time together
She wanna sex , an erotic time »
Take her fom behind !

You kiss her neck , you touch her breast
She takes her clothes off
« Baby , show me your pussy
Let me touch your cunt
I wanna fuck you girl »

Take her from behind !

« It is so good to wank your flesh
And lick your tits
Sexy girl my cock is big
Get down on your knees
I wanna get satisfaction
Suck my fucking dick »

You have the time of your life
You give her your cream
You have fucked her mouth
Now itís time to catch her ass
Put a finger inside

Fuck her little hole , till the climax
You cock is well oiled
Slide it between her spanks
Youíre rubbing her clit with your hand
Youíre gonna make her come

Take her from behind !

3. She, the Vampire

We were having sex when she kissed me
In the neck , suddenly she bit me
I felt her canines in my flesh
Slowly my blood flew in her mouth
A wave of heat surrounded her kiss of darkness

It exited me very much , i had a hard on
Oh baby please suck my dick
I wanna come in your mouth

She the vampire , princess of desire
She the vampire , princess of desire

She relaxed my throat then she went down to my prick
In kissing my chest, she took my male organ
She began licking my glans
The extasy was total
She sucked me like a super bitch

As i was going to ejaculate , she bit me once more
She aspired my sperm as strong as my blood
It was a strange mix in her throat
I was losing control
A strange sensation was overcoming
In my body , i was shivering

The life was leaving my body,
Her bloody kisses made me die
This creature of the night has taken my soul
As present for evil,
Now iím damned , for eternity ,
I burn in hell , iím lost forever


4. Barbarian Sodomy

3 fingers in her little hole, orgasm through pain
the anus center of pleasure
then i introduce my dick
straight into the deep, girl
sex and violence between your spanks
brutality as you ask babe
masochism is your rule

erotic perversion , extreme penetration
your hand struck on the mattress
your moans are exciting me
you need to be hurt to come
you wanna be my slave be my slave

i possess you by the back
you enjoy being sodomized
hey bitch sodomized sodomy !


I begin fucking faster , you're shouting of pleasure
Sexy whore my dick is so hard
There's an internal bubble in it , i gonna explode inside you
We are physically united
Orgasm simultaneous for us ,
my male intimate liquid makes erruption
In your burning flesh


Oh girl it is so good , my dick between your spanks
I come in your ass !

5. Maniac


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