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Tribal Eagle

"Tribal Eagle" (1997 EP)

1. Crosshope.
2. Thinking.
3. Tribal Eagle.
4. Blue Moment.

1. Crosshope.

Symbol of death
Symbol of life
Long time ago
One man died
Lived without sin
Didn't deserve to die
But because of us
He was crucified

Reason to live
Kills desperate suffer
Amazing grace
Wants to offer
After death
Life in Heaven
No sin, no pain
Rejoice forever

2. Thinking.

I've searched for hope from the ways of men
From the mazes of those hectic nations
And what have I found? Sun and happiness?
Or eternal moonlight, eternal sadness?

I've seen all those lands and people so far
Whose children had to born into the midst of war
Their homes were burned down by the hate of brothers
And the women were raped right under their eyes

So many ships sailing at those cold-watered seas
All those planes on the sky, will the bombing never cease?
So many catastrophes with countless innocent victims
All those bleak tears left behind by sadness

Questions asked, never answered
Hearts without love, not being cared
What is this senselessness of life?
Thinking, but do I have to cry?

3. Tribal Eagle.

Tribal Eagle with no wings
You cannot fly, tied up in skin
You cannot scream, you cannot sing
Sign of freedom, tied up in skin

Tribal Eagle freedom couldn't bring
You are nothing without black ink
Ink as black as your heart of sin
You don't exist without pricks of pin

Pricks of pin cause some ache
Ache for nothing, but one man's pain
Washed away the black ink sin
To your heart, freedom brings

Tribal Eagle, your wings grow strong
With His peace inside, you won't go wrong
Tied up in skin no more you are
A real eagle, fly free, fly far!

4. Blue Moment.

These white snowy regions
Dyed to blue for a moment
Before this cold winter day
Disappears into the dark night

You watch as the sun retreats
Into the gloomy darkness
Of spruce forest
Wondering if it will never find
It's way back to day and light

This is the blue moment of your life
Sad things bring sad feelings
And you don't know if you
Will rise or fall
Is this the end or a start for
Something new?

You approach the gloomy
Embrace of the spruces
I pray that the angels would
Guide your feet
And as you vanish from my
Sight, I know
Only the Creator of Life
Can heal your heart

You roam at the edge of
Death's icy chasm
But even then you won't
Slip, you won't step astray
Soon you'll find a bridge
And cross the chasm
Between the branches
You'll see the
Glimmer of day
Glimmer of light
Glimmer of hope
Glimmer of Christ


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