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Dark Visions Of A Cold Winternight

"Dark Visions Of A Cold Winternight" (2003 Demo)

1. Intro
2. Behind the Curtains of the Night
3. Die under the black Moon
4. Winterland
5. The cold Light of the Wintermoon
6. Killed by the Frost

1. Intro

2. Behind the Curtains of the Night

Whispering voices roam through the night
From the creatures of the dark
The infantry of cruelty
Born to rip the human hearts

All ready for the final strike
From the crusher of the light
Whos waiting in silence invisible

The evil wait in the dark
Invisible in the background
There in the twighlight
Behind the curtains of night

Smell of rotting flesh lie in the air
Her warhearts burn like fire
Deadly screams ring by night
Die away never more

Demons come back
To ascend her throne
The world stand on the abyss irrevocable

3. Die under the black Moon

A empty coffin stand ready long ago
To take up me in my last hour
Slowly went out the flame of my existence
Howhever still is life in me

I am so tired
So heavy are my eyes
I will only sleep
Sleep forever

As long as I pine away in pain
And the death greet me from afar
I hope so he comes to me
Deliver my soul from agony

Scream if you the shadows eat
Scream for the last time
Never guide the way return
Die under the black moon

Creeping fear controll my head
Dark shadows lie over my eyes
Peaceful I fall asleep
Alone the moon see my dying hour
The time is mature to go
A last breath leave my mouth
Once again I look to the sky
Me envelope the eternal dark

The theater of my life is to end
The last curtain is fallen
Never guide the way return
Die under the black moon

4. Winterland

captive in chains of times
crowl the evil lurking along
dark powers play her game
feelings of human dry up

a fixed look from glowing eyes
the heart is cold from hate
feelings are out of place
only the strong survive

land of eternal winter
in the grip of almighty frost
from the coldness benumbed
oh land where cold winds blow

from after the smile of the sun
her way bask no more
gloomy glouds conceal the light
darkness rule on earth

humans dying how the fly
in eternity benumbed to ice
fateful,in mortal fear
statues without every life

5. The cold Light of the Wintermoon

Evil eyes explore the night
In search for fresh blood
The creatures of the dark sides
Follow the call of the light

The moon with her cold light
Gloomy the world he draw
Horrid shinning in the dark of the night
He smile down from heaven
How radding envelope you the fog
Invisible lurk the evil withhin
Shadows silent haunt about
And the fear cripple your throat mysterious

Mysterious signals emit the moon
Immens powers you draw in his bann
Entire slowly you alter the light
The cold light of the Wintermoon

Crystalls of ice run out to dust
Ghostly he glow in the pale light
Streams of sweat coveryour forehead
Slowly my body in coldness benumbed
The circle of evil almost enclose you
And the first hands reach for you
The last way for escape are closed
And you shall die in endless pain

6. Killed by the Frost

With coldness has the winter begun
Crystalls of ice run out to dust
In the icy grip the nature freeze
Bleak and empty appear the land

To be blinded from reflecting lights
Painful I have closed the eye
Cramped is my heart , the soul die
Only hope feed as spark the flames

Killed by the Frost

Coldness - The missing Warmth
Fateful Is the icy Wind
Slowly Im killed by the Frost
After all My fate is sealed

Killed by the Frost

On the ground destroy , I lie here
Not a muscle induce on me
Hopeless my thought total clear
Dead flesh banish to life

Deadly dreams flash through my mind
To tired , to live I give up
The heat of the sun , for me was to late
My dead body slowly decay


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