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"Raw" (1997 Demo)

1. Turn on the Power
2. Cold Release
3. Timebomb
4. Total Sustain
5. Raw Agression
6. No Man`s Dance
7. Quickeye
8. Nothing More to Say

1. Turn on the Power

Turn On The Power

Electric eye on your soul, a powerhead
line out plug in suck it all, you're getting fed
a static filled loaded brain, potential charge
my way of thinking can stain or just discharge
feel the impulse, a shock, a smoking trail
falling flat on your back, well, can't you tell
i need the outlet connect, plug it in
need someone to infect, to spread the sin
need some power, give me some power
Turn On The Power

want my taste medicine, a little lust
another tablet of sin, the one i trust
don't want you fake aggitation, it leaves me cold
you keep you phony sensation, it's growing cold
so plug yourself to the wall and get a taste
cause i'll be fuckin' your soul, lay it to rest
inject the venom in me, take your turn
inject the venom in you, i'll make you burn

2. Cold Release

Cold Release

turning on the scene, feeling so obscene
with a hungry appetite that makes it mean
getting into you i can taste your brew
but it poisons me right through and through
still i want some more, though you're on the floor
i keep coming back just like before
it's the pleasure i get - the chase you set
the adrnaline rush that gives me cold sweat
trembling on the ride, tearing at your pride
do you wanna feel it burn inside?
quenching your desire, dancing in the fire
till the flames of lust will get you tired
thrive on therelease, gonna try and please
first you'd beter drop onto your knees
gonna rape your mind, then i'll leave you behind
overload your senses till the plesure will blind

3. Timebomb


i'm your timebomb burning
burning up your world
i'm your timebomb yearning
pushing to let go
i know what you see
but you're afraid to be
i know what you want
pound for pound...burn
you always take all you can take
press on the bounds and watch'em break
the constant wait for the mistake
the turns into the dead man's shake
a volatile proposition
that clarifies the indecision
clouded vision, intermission
sends me back into remission
i'm a walking case of bad disposition
won't step back from my position
a loaded train of contradicition
derailingon aspark decision
you motherfucker, you turn the screws
you motherfucker, i'm turning loose
i feel the razor edge that cuts my flesh
i want the cutting knife that penetrates
i need the broken edge that separates
tuned into the blackened vibe
heartbreak starting to get hype
i can't take it any longer
the way i feel keeps getting stronger
like an inside revolution
built into your constitution
one-way ticket resolution
one-way suicide solution
i'm a walking case of bad disposition
sitting on a loaded vision
a loaded train of contradiction
derailing with deadly precision

4. Total Sustain

Total Sustain

a red light in my mind
it burns me up as i look inside
stray thought in my head
won't let me go till i'm fucking dead
i can feel it, i can taste it
you know i love when you get me wasted
can't grab it, can't break it
makes no difference cause i still can take it
you're everything i wanted
everything i need
you shoot me full of pleasure
shoot me full of speed
a black mind left to find
the only reason that is worth the time
you need the seed
the only one that really makes me need
obsession, deception
still you can take me for another session
a bloody shot - the "G" spot
coming back as i take you out
you're everything i wanted
everything i need
that's why i have to kil you
that's why you have to bleed

5. Raw Agression

Raw Agression

burstin' anger, sound of thunder
spell is cast - you're fallin' under
demon's lust, power thrust
turning everything to dust
break the will, action thrill
riding on the overkill
hanging tough, ain't enough
when things are startin' to get rough
raw agression - feeds the heart
raw agression - tears it apart
raw agression - pulls you in
raw agression - insane grin
let it in to begin
put an end to what has been
backing out, try to shout
ready for another bout
madness calls, takes its toll
slams you back against the wall
drawing near, spreading fear
can you fuckin' hear?
raw agression - gets you fucked
raw agression - tears you apart
raw agression - steals your soul
raw agression - out of control
sound is slamming you
feel it rip right through
hammer crushes down
pund into the ground
breaking into senses, hell's ready to unload
to feed the raw agression just waiting to explode
vicious circle engulphs all
dance of madness, a total war
wave of destruction starts to strike
hoards of dancing maniacs
get into the power show
souls are getting crushed below
waiting for the final blow
watch my fangs grow

6. No Man`s Dance

No Man's Dance

dragging you down, killing your sound
blasting your face without a trace
no more suspance, fall into trance
no man can save, dance on my grave
a spilled dream on cold cement
a conscious stream brain accident
illusion is set, lights are blinking
you place your bet, play without thinking
no more...

7. Quickeye


quickeye stealing the reaction
fast time enjoying the attraction
don't mind taking all the bruises
don't care if i win or lose it
best trick that i ever learnt
play with fire so you don't get burnt
stretch out, i'm a nine-lives cat
can't lose what i never had
i feel and kill while you're standing still
i cut and take when you're not awake
i push and hit and don't get shit
i live and die
give out more than you can take
bring on i'm gonna break
play low so i can take control
sit back so i can watch you fall
shake down, losing all the money
breakdown, i don't think about it
don't trust what i cannot see
don't care if you don't agree

8. Nothing More to Say


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