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Demo 1996

"Demo 1996" (1996 Demo)

1. Maryland
2. Engaged
3. Down We Go
4. Mac Beth
5. Another Land
6. Hymne Of The Wolf
7. Vale Of The Damned

1. Maryland

maryland the fearsome twilight grips me
and night returns to its shores
like auburn dreams of autumn as i lick my open sores

nightshade whispering, tempting, foulness in my ears
breathing darkness but he lays aside my fears

withdraw from shadows and flock to the light
my conscience is screaming, his thorns inside

the words of the cursed they sting like fire
iím too weak to deny the lies of the liar

seek for yourself the answers that you may or may not
find peace of mind, the threshold is close and the river of
time sweeps away the impure of heart and of soul


come on and lay your hand on a different path
open your heart and break with your past
the furious dreams will haunt you the darkness will strive
to never let go of your soul, struggle to survive the torment
of the forces of evil that can only be banished
in the name of god- Apocalennium -

Call the storm, thunder and lightning shall mark my revenge
Rain shall fall washing away the debris of the past

Entering a new millennium
of pain of war of suffering
of terror of darkness of hatred
of madness of carnage of bloodshed
this tempestost world will shatter and die

Into the apocalypse we fall - angels of agony dancing defeat
Into the apocalypse we fall - the threads are torn, lost and gone

Crown of thorns worn with pride throughout all the pain
Lightning strikes, illuminating judgement done

This world is lost
It's falling to pieces
In my hands

Call the storm, thunder and lightning shall mark the rebirth
Pouring rain wreaking wrath from heavens above
Tear the shroud, cleanse the face of the earth of debris
Then await a new millennium the dawn of the light- Severance -

Bearing weight of mountains of grief on my soul
Silent waters rise as the nightmares unfold

Forever shrouded lies my universe
And frozen the fields of my heart


Burning images of truth forgotten haunt my days
Fractured memories, surrendered all my hopes and ways
Feeding the demon, how can I live with this stone in my breast,
I can feel the wind turn north-northwest

When did this start, how will this end, what horrid future lies around the bend

(I) brace myself against the onslaught of the dark
Please return to thaw the insides of my heart
With fear I grasp the cramped and severed cord
And try to find my way back home to the lord

cold sweat dews mourning dawn
I cry of all my hopes forlorn

...and night comes whispering to me, the cold hands of temptation they poison my soul- A Certain Knowledge -

Lift the curse from us so we can see
Through rainy days we feed our misery
So many different names we nail upon the cross
To mock ourselves, to grin at bitter loss

And when we see right through the clouds that we create
We're gripped with fear and burn the sacred oil of
Life eternal to the darkening skies

With only memories to guide we wander through those winter fields
Where frost bites deep and cruel wind tears at our bleeding hearts
...our bleeding empty hearts

See where the sun breaks the clouds they appear made of light
They ride upon horses the wind and the rain,
whitewingèd stallions of immortal gain
Visions to strengthen the duskeaten souls on their way through the night
Towards eternal life in the face of the light

Bu t chaos still is in command

Darkness feasts upon my lack of strength

A certain knowledge engraved upon us all
This world of sin shall surely fall

Rejoice my soul, I shall not fear
We are delivered, death, where is thy sting ?

Aimlessly we stride on and on
through frozen fields until we die
And wind can no more haunt our sleep
the shallow graves keep out the night
...keep out the night...

...and night must yield to day and die - The Wine Of The Sun -

Feel my heartbeat, gather flowers to spread with the breeze
Forever entwined in each other's arms that never cease to caress
Hold your breath, drink the kiss, the wine of the sun

But again it will pass, the flickering drowned by the darkness of night
The wine of the sun, how long will it last
Forgotten the days, the fever it still burns inside but you're numb
The pain of your life, the time will ever and ever flow on
...flow on...

Don't strangle your heart, but there are things we must learn to accept
Never give up, the shadows can never be cast without light

But who would think of shadows in heavens of bliss?
Where all I crave is the touch of your hands and a kiss...

Down from your clouds
I call upon your reason

Look back on your life - how many kisses and how many scars
The wine of the sun, is it but poison that flows through your heart?
At the gate of dawn inverted you stand with your life in your hands
The pain that you spread, beware the dusk that will turn on your soul

Down from your clouds
I call upon your reason
Open your eyes
And see your self-deceit - Salvation Paradox -

One for all
Salvation paradox
Eye for an eye
The law is lost all hail the king

The time is nigh
read all the signs of storms to come
And yet I would plant trees
and finish all that's to be done, it's
One for all

Born to die
Kingdom come
One for all

Martyrium to end all pain for evermore
Wipe off all tears and fill all hearts with mortal joy

One for all, the promise holds, fear not to die
We're ransomed by this priceless flesh and blood

Martyrium to end all pain for evermore
Wipe off all tears and hold my hand on the way

See where the beautiful wounds spill blood
to quench all thirst and soothe all
pain distorts the face crownèd in scorn
as he defeats the last of all our enemies- Dona Nobis Pacem -

Rising from the lake of fire the white swan wings shall burn
Soaring up they take you higher it breaks your smile with every turn
Stretched out into cold horizons are memories of the serpent shore
A silent taste of cursed desires, afraid, but still you long for more

Defeat, oh horrid vision, leave my mind!

Set me free from the cage of my memories and of my dreams
Open doors to oblivion where sanctified slumber awaits
Be the dreams of ephemeral stature to leave me in time
Leave my private own darkness behind as I pass through the gates

Made restless by conscience I crave for relief
but I'm wedding my eyes to the hand of a thief
Will my terror at least take my mind off the feast
and caution me to not fall asleep?
Did I burn all my oil in the eve and my slumber
so the groom shall pass me left forever to hunger
Still to kindle the fire I'll start and awake
and beg and plead for my burning soul's sake

Dona nobis pacem

Father, I see the clouds march up to cover the evening sky
and the stars are but dim lights in abysmal distance,
Apprehension of the moonlit enigma - of time in reversal,
suffering eternal, judgement a-coming,
deliver me from this terminal dusk unto the dawn of everlasting light
Damnation beyond the realms of earthly fire, impotent to withdraw, eternal death

Fear not my child, I shall take your hand
If you follow me to the promised land
you shall never fear again

Defeat, itself defeated, fled my mind

Set me free from the cage of my memories and of my dreams
Open doors to oblivion where sanctified slumber awaits
Be the dreams of ephemeral stature to leave me in time
Leave my private own darkness behind as I pass through the gates - Shriving Time -

Oh what glorious fields we have reaped
Brazen, envenomed with pride
In circular motion we harvest defeat
On the gallows the tide turns to night

Luna wakes to illuminate deeds to be done in the shelter of darkness
Thus betrayed we claim schemes to be less than they seem and divide to hush up our departures
Ominous shadows and bringers of light gather up the droppings of angels
Then at cockcrow they hurry for a place to be buried and their arrogance turns to the coldest of despairs

Territus terreo!

Slave to our meaningless goals we crawl
Torn between heaven and hell
Humana sighs, to vermin and filth she's born
And duly serves her helpless masters well

And now, by our burden of sins
We are drawn down upon our knees
Again to crawl as we used to do

With the fields now infertile we turn
And blame the blood of our brothers
The sky shall grow black as we burn
And our smoke is reversed by the heavens

Luna wakes...- The MassGraves -

Bitterness holds on to me with cruel hands
eating all forgiveness, burning all the bridges
I have crossed to find the way
And, Lord, I know I went astray

All is lost, all is gone, emptiness dawns on me

The Mass Graves

Silence is what I began to fear most of all
eating all my self-importance, all the
pretentious fucking things I thought I had to say
Oh, Lord, I know I went astray

The howling, the gnashing of teeth !

Hear the darkside call my soul to the mass graves

Summon all strength with the will to atone and
despair be both vice and the punishing, tormenting stone
Vengeance is mine says the Lord in his wrath
and his mercy is great but so terribly narrow the path- Todgeweiht -

Kalt vereist zerbersten Brücken in unseren Herzen voller Furcht
Der Haß frißt tiefer sich hinein

Unfaßbar schmerzt der saure Kuß des bittern Lichts vergangner Zeit

Wir sind todgeweiht
Wir sind Einsamkeit

Ein grauer Schleier sinkt herab und seltsam schmückt der Sehnsucht Grab

Auf allen Vieren kriechen wir und jagen andres Kriechgetier

Verhüllt der Schleier schon das Wort, begrüßt das Opfer schon den Mord

Auge um Auge um Auge um Auge um Auge des Wahnsinns Gerechtigkeit

Auf allen Vieren kriechen wir und jagen andres Kriechgetier
Die Galle tropft uns noch vom Kiefer singen wir falsche Liebeslieder

Himmel hilf, die Zeit ist um

Die Brücken sind längst abgeschrieben und selbst den Haß scheinst du zu lieben
Der Furcht hast du ein Haus gebaut

2. Engaged

forever the stream of time it flows on
it turns unto us with the past and its wrath
and leaves us to paint the future with blood
the present is lost in the moment we try to hold on
and we do, we try to hold on

turn the key to the door and light will shine through
...forever the light will shine through
and take from our hands the need for the deed forever the stream it flows on

we can not hold on !

scarabaeus what do you hide in the orb of time
and why do you leave it to our bloodstained hands
to cradle the wake of tomorrow in fear
for the past is lost and the present is all but clear
we can not hold on!

lay hands on earth lay swords to rest
let moonlight eat what we detest
go paint a picture through your head
for those who sleep to time are dead

fields of scarlet morning*sunrise on a lake divine
dip your hands into the golden stream of time
flowers bloom and wither but they leave their mark
in my soul and body*and the earth is dark

engaged in the golden stream of time

3. Down We Go

hiding behind a veil of shadows
circling the truth but never see
hiding behind a broken promise
all of this world is it just a dream ?
down down and down we go

descend from your throne !

the serpent crawls through all your words
into the hearts of man to crush their souls
to empty shells bow down before the crown

"into the interior: a vast subdivision, antennae of television to the meaningless sky.
in lifeproof houses they hover over the young, sop up a little of what they shut out.
only the young bring anything in, and they are not young very long..."
(w. burroughs, the naked lunch)

nature calls what can i do
leave this world or start anew
broken are my wings to fly
with shattered dreams i turn to die
the dust it weighs me down
pulls me down to the unknown...

4. Mac Beth

reflections of the sun on the fields of grief
an eagle revolves in the sky a swarm of birds´ passing by

this is my secret desire, an empire of eternal guilt
of shame of grief and despair, an empire of eternal guilt

the morrow of dreams has come the kingdom now is yours
heir of the sorrow, the raven will call you to reason

seasons falling to ashes at my call
longing for silence the arms of fall

seek for eternity

come and accept the crown of my silent throne
macbeth he is weeping tears of blood
the enemy is calling his soul to war

5. Another Land

6. Hymne Of The Wolf

7. Vale Of The Damned


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