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"Demo 2003" (2003 Demo)

1. Reveal
2. World of Dreams
3. Dust of the Fallen
4. Concrete Self

1. Reveal

Born to fail but still awake
Determining the path you take
A knife-edge mentality
The violent reality
Your instincts serve you well but can you tell
this shell we live in is about to be broken
and as it falls away to leave despair
A flame burns the true colours awoken

Life imitates art
if you are worthless from the start

When thereís nothing to gain and everything to lose
Reveal those thoughts you canít refuse
In the darkest hour, when the end is real
Embrace the fear your soul will reveal

When you try to stand and when you fall,
when thereís nothing you cherish left at all
At times like these can you hold together?
When the memories still burn forever
And the blood will always be on your hands,
peeling away your conscience and pain
If you close your mind you might understand
Thereís still a future for you to regain

Regain the fear
The hate is clear

Foolish men they put their faith in god
No wonder this world is fucked
I want to see it stripped away
To live free from this day
I will never kneel with you
I do not share your faiths
A flame that burns inside of me
Will guide me Ďtil my dying day

2. World of Dreams

The innocence of a new born
keeping our life clear and true.
Turn to face the new dawn,
Promised by the chosen few.
In the eyes of the blind,
No prejudice you will find.
In the thoughts of the wise,
Our weakness can arise.

This world of dreams (this world of dreams)
Is not for you (itís not for me)
This world of pain (this world of pain)
Is where (weíll remain)

Trusting in the human spirit,
Faithful messiahs turn to stone,
If life is still so fragile,
Why canít one being stand alone ?
United by belief
United in their grief
One more innocence burnt away,
One more hatred born today

3. Dust of the Fallen

Escapism, takes us all away
From the lifeless living, the delusions of the day
The days are counting down, the visionís still alive
Do I want to die a scarless man? Or just survive

Created from the dust of the fallen
Thereís no-one you can trust
We spend our lives crawling

Listen, to the voice inside
The words that speak of change, the futureís that we hide
From the ash we came, a lifetime falls apart
Someone else to blame, insanity
Let the bloodshed start

The kindest giving beings are the ones broken first
If this is a blessing in disguise, Iíd rather we were cursed
Weíre cursed to fail, but prevail

You canít stop the rust

4. Concrete Self


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