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"Demo 2002" (2002 Demo)

1. Beyond My Eyes
2. Burst Into Flames
3. Into The Pit (Testament Cover)

1. Beyond My Eyes

Another, day passes by,
Another, day we killed
Nothing, to define myself,
Nothing, do you feel fulfilled?

I�ve known a man, lose the will to compromise
The single minded face of social genocide
All that you feel, is all that I trust
Through wasted life your hopes have turned to dust

Give me sight, beyond my eyes
Beyond my soul, to see the memories take control
Darkness, I've known before
Strength, to live my life for more

Time, has shown to me
Time, can sometimes be the cure
Life, gets so distorted
Life, respect that should be pure

But society can change a man�s whole perception
Silence and thought, become pointless infection
For a second, the value of life is gone
For a minute, he can�t tell right from wrong

Question, Live again, Focus
Create, Control, There�s no blueprint

2. Burst Into Flames

Can you see yourself? I can�t believe myself
Your lies are an inspiration
You can�t hate yourself, 'cause you don�t know yourself
All you know is the desperation
You want to belong and maybe I'm wrong
but the violence is hard to resist
I think this life would be a better place for all
If you didn�t even exist

I want to see your world, burst into flames
Ripped apart, nothing remains
Your life, broken in two
Your future, buried with you

Your verse of despair, do you think I care?
Nothing in yourself that you hold dear
Nothing to embrace, solitude to face
I�ve seen the emptiness that you fear
I�ll live today, you�ll try to look away
Because you�re everything I won�t become
A second face, a new hollow race
The invertebrate one

The ones you see, you�ll yearn to be
The things you hate, will be your fate
The fabric of your soul�s been torn apart

3. Into The Pit (Testament Cover)


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