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Insensible Extinct Mechanical World

"Insensible Extinct Mechanical World" (2006)

1. Birth -44s
2. On The Land Of Hate
3. Lying In Stain
4. Buried Alive
5. Reflect
6. Awake
7. Scars In Sense
8. For An Empty World
9. Unescapable
10. The Releasing Resignation

1. Birth -44s

2. On The Land Of Hate

On The Land Of Hate

I was born in hate
To a cold empty world
My soul was cutted from affection
I smiled to the decay

I fought, till fading times
For my foolish non existent principless
My body is glorified by others
It was pulled into dirt for my love

I believed the false delight
I was delighted at non existent
I lived my aimless life
My brothers destroyed me

Greedy love embraced me
It promised me dreams and pleasure
I got a shiny blade slicing my flesh
On the land of hate..

3. Lying In Stain

Lying In Stain

Emptiness, soon glorius shining
Endless divine might
Collapse me. Decline
What i trust, the dream..

Worms swarm in my brain
They bite my body from inside
I scar in my fragile world
I dont know, the pain, him

Im defeated by insanity
Im lying in stain
Im spitting blood and worms
From my body and i retem

The pain and the sadness
Are locked in me in my eyes
Gloryfied with mad glittering
And soon it devours me alive

4. Buried Alive

Buried Alive

You pulled me traited into decay
You let me there lying on soil
I desired to enter the house of sage
But he pushed me away and laughing

I sigh for my lively dreams
The black consciousness broke it
Everlasting thought
Runs trough my brain

Do you remember? I was powerful
I was god! I was on way
Between worlds! I still remember
No one can push me from my throne out

I was glad to admit you
I knew that you will trait me
But i still wandered with you
I animated you with my light

Do you remember? With glassed eyes
I seen your bloody hand
And busily i believe in impossible
You cant do that

Now i live in dark dream
Deep i gain huge power
And just believe evilly
From my awake here buried

5. Reflect

Part 4

Tearing nerves, detestation
Broken bone, bloodhaze
Memories disappeared behind my eyes
I have no past anymore

Tearing human feelings
It's din shouting in my ears
Mild passing afflictions
Anger confusing in me

Harping sensation, I stifle it
My shape doesn't change
But inside I teared
I, new existing shade

In my eyes you can't see anything
I'm here but I cannot feel
Hate is the only thing
I pay homage to my passion (of mine)

I became a sign. A creation
Made by human. Was I ever different?
I haven't got timeless memory
There is something in my pallid eyes

6. Awake

Part 5

I`m tearing out from the feeble
Dirt.Ripping my flesh
Destroyed mortal
My wounded body and soul

The unconceivable
The sadness in your eyes
Beside you in the energy
The shadow, your past

That`s me

I never leave you alone
I become your shade,your escort
The eternal echo of your sin
You created me

Tears.. Can`t help
The remorse is not real
You want to destroy me but you can`t
I'm always there

That`s me

Do you feel me? My blood on your hands
The guilty smell of flesh
You feel it again: I'm dying
That´s your empire

You chained me forever to you
You can run away.. From you
The land of your dead world..
The consciousness kill you

That`s me

7. Scars In Sense

Scars In Sense

Alone in a huge machine
between jet-black blades
I believe in suffering
which was beared by the world's desolate

Fight against the grinder steel
In faith. Battle till twilight
My bleeding and tearing body
Suffering under me

Just words and empty
Books and tears…Nobody
standed beside me
They let me suffering

In decay…Hungry worms
My brothers, in this hungry world
Conscious living beings
they are growing fat of me

Alone In my own blood
Soulless beings beside me
My miserable shaking body
I'm drowning in my vomit

8. For An Empty World

For An Empty World

I let myself to pleasure
To the memory flashing from dark
I break out from my covered body
I fly through walls, I'm free

I take a soul from his splendour body
And I'm laughing. I take it

I break his forehead on the wall
I show him mindless pain

Breaking memories fall across
Through the wall of my insane soul
I give back a hand... I see a flash
My disciples surround me...

Laughing and holy madness…
Stinky mucus flowing on my face

My shoulders are aching, blood on the crown
Nails in my blunt hand

I break out and fall dawn to my body
I'm hiding from the world, madly, forever

Sacrifice myself like an aurelia
For a soulless empty world

9. Unescapable


I'm dreaming on the land of terror
Walking among humans
They are drinking blood, creation
Bastards to rule them all

I can't understand
Anything they say
Maybe they hate me
Living corpses

The sky is bloody red in my dream
Empty ruined cities
Drained souls are dying
They are lacerating each other

Going into the dark tunnel
Can't hold up, go forwards
To our destiny in selfish way
Sad and it's not a dream

I can't understand
Anything they say
Maybe they hate me
Living corpses

10. The Releasing Resignation

The Releasing Resignation

I was born for death
This world expected me upon decay
Which is merciless
It was swinged by the damned darkness

I lived like a dead
The time was running
My body was breathing and living
There was power inside me

Now I am waiting for
The releasing resignation
The hell of mine is closing
A long inaccessible desire

I was inferior to machines
I have never been happy
Lucky like they
Feelingless materials



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