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"Ruhrpottmetal" (2005 Demo)

1. Voyeurs Of Disaster
2. Unparadized
3. Your Trust Betrayed
4. Fundamental
5. Sweet Dementia
6. Locked Insane
7. Unleash The Scapegoat
8. The Perfect Murderer
9. A Cynic Epitaph
10. Metal Maniax

1. Voyeurs Of Disaster

Countless journeys through space and time
A bleak companion, known by none
Draped in grey inconspicuousness
A fatal gathering in perfect disguise

Sinister shades darkening your lives
Can you smell the stench of ruin?
Don't mind what way or cause it may choose
To feed the need of us, the�

Voyeurs of disaster
When we're around
You should expect catastrophe
We watch your pain but we are not to blame!

Empty faces, knowing eyes
Grim satisfaction about the things to come
Impending doom threatening your peace
Heralded by the gathered�

Voyeurs of disaster�

We hear you cry, we see you die
Delight since ancient times
Hate us or fear us, but we're not to blame!

We're of the forces beyond life
Spectators of death throughout all times
As old as the roots of your culture
Since ages we're walking among you

And when you die a coming day
Surprise us by what cunning way
We're revealing out of the shadows
Your last view beholds the�

Voyeurs of disaster
Welcome catastrophe!
We watch your pain but we are not to blame!

We hear you cry, we see you die�

It's the hour of the outbreak of chaos and disaster
Fate has rolled its dice, now your is sealed - the will of the master
The entity which has lead us here to witness your end
Realize that our pleasure means your death!

2. Unparadized

This sulpherous flames you've seen already eons ago
And it ain't long ago since you've left for higher goals
You've seen the light again and the splendour of the ancient grace
And hard was the verdict that you don't belong here any more

Pay the price for your disobediance
Descent whosoever presumes his omnipotence
Cast down again into your well-known exile
A withdrawal in failure

Beliar - Once again you'll rise
Beliar - Once again you'll reign
Beliar - Once again you'll fail
Beliar - And then you fall!
A rebel re-unparadized
The tempter no more in disguise
Revenge's seed shall redound upon
Reconquering creation's throne

Once you were sitting right beside of the throne of him
Who now condamnes you out of his hallowed reich
Once you were the brightest star of all in the pantheon
And now you're left as byronic hero of your pandemonic tragedy

Now you hold your council filled with vindictive wounds
Once you will return to sow the seed of decay

Beliar - Once again you'll rise�

A rebel re-unparadized
Accuser - Seducer - Belair

3. Your Trust Betrayed

An inspiring happening:
You're dead and your soul rises
On your trip to the other side
You await your reward
For a lifetime full of faith
Of unflinching belief

You never doubted in god or in the love of christ
Spent an ideal life in piety to attain paradise
Infinite trust in all these promises
And so you wonder that there's noone who receives you now
Noone who gives wings and harp and leads you to your cloud
Your trust begins to fade deep in your heart

No - this can't be true
You refuse to believe
This can't be afterlife
This can't be paradise

A gruesome lie begins to unmask before your eyes
Garden Eden is a desert, nothing of a paradise
You're standing midst the final nothingness
You wasted a whole lifetime for an illusion
And your dead mind can only draw this last conclusion:
Your god is dead if he ever was alive

Standing left on heaven's shore
Your trust betrayed

4. Fundamental

Now look around and see your last scenario
You're midst the crowd but you're the only one who knows
That there's a bomb inside your bag
And that you're mad enough to let it explode
Right here, right now and right with them around
A life to die the matyr's death
Just like your prophets have told you incessantly and impressively
To free your land, to free your folk
A sacrifice, your mission in the holiest of wars

All the blood you spill of the unbelievers
Shall be a milestone on your way to paradise
What awaits you there you know:
Life in eternal splendour, so don't let your virgins wait

Was this worth your death, fundamental extremist scum?
Hell on earth was breaking loose when your god's terror had begun
Was this worth this all, fundamental scum of Near-East?
Destruction, blood and tears you've left, but have you yet entered your paradise?

A bomb has questioned your authority again
A cowardly suicide has taken the lives of some of your best men
You are the legitimate masters of this land
And you won't let disput your right by the heathen primitive natives

This means revenge, if they want war they will have it!
And at least they'll see that there's no way to defeat your supremacy
Violence breeds violence
Their God can't help them because your God fights at your side

Was this worth your war, fundamental extremist scum?
Peace was lost and hate was born when you usurpers have come
Was this worth this all, fundamental scum of the West?
Crusaders in a foreign land have always lead to holy wars!
Fundamental extremist scum

When tolerance dies and hate escalates
It's the confrontation of the fanatics of religions

Intifada, new crusaders, jihad, cash-cow-colonies
Endless spiral of violence in the name of prophets and of several gods' insanity
Christianity - Islamists - Stupidity

Was this worth your lives, fundamental extremist scum?
The earth was such a lovely place before your gods have come
Will you ever see, will you ever open your eyes
For a world without religions would become just like your fucking paradise
Fundamental extremist scum

5. Sweet Dementia

6. Locked Insane

How long I'm in here I don't know, and it doesn't really matter
The door is locked, the key is cast and all know that this is better
Here I'm protected from the outer world and the outside is freed of me
Dark windowless walls, a nice padded cell, that's "Home Sweet Home" for me

I won't complain, nor will I moan, for this is what I chose
The status quo is constant - providential freedom's abuse
Never I'll see the light of day, never again the stars at night
At the end it all remains the same - I'm staying here locked and insane

The madness that rules my brain
The fault of my lifelong bane
Caged here forever cause I'm insane
Caught and forgotten, isolation
Spending my days locked insane

The nice cell is like my shelter, here am I what I am
The presence of all what's in myself, no use for disguise
Alone in my sweet dementia - schizophrenic delight
There's so much to discover when I wander the paths of my mind
Here I meet them all again, here my past's still alive
Here lies the reason for my banishment, why I am here locked and insane

The madness that rules my brain�

"There's no difference between reality and fantasy
When you are not... sane!!!"

The dark corridors of my mind insane
The exit out of my stony dungeon
Here they gather all again, the victims of my past
The raped, the murdered, the violated victims of my lunacy
Where my cruelty is still alive, my favorite state to be
Perhaps one day I'm out again, your nightmare will continue
Locked insane, but who knows how long
The madman will return...!

7. Unleash The Scapegoat

He slept so long in his self-designed cage
Now he prepares his comeback on the great stage

A hallucination of a modern society
Freed of prejudices and lies
Unmasked as illusion, a cunning deception
An exalted vision of naive oddities
Crisis reveals its real cruel visage
And shows its teeth to all the unfitting
Tolerance as far as the hand can suppress
As far as the cudgel can thrash

The re-definition of political correctness
Ratio replaced by mass hysteria
It is time for his appearance now
It is time to unleash the scapegoat

Unleash the scapegoat
For our nation's harmony sake
Sacrifice him upon the altar of moral
Or burn him on the ethic's stake

The armies of ethic totalitarism
March again on their crusade
Take care that you are not the one they seek...

Unleash the scapegoat�

Welcome back to medieval times
Forget the achievements of the Enlightenment
Withdrawn is the progress of social development
What witch is next to be burnt?
Shirk the guilt by crying out loud
And who doesn't defend will pay the bill
Bid him welcome back on the great stage
The scapegoat came to receive our sins

Unleash the scapegoat�

8. The Perfect Murderer

Enter the room to act as their doom
Everything is prepared for you
Instincts switched on, emotions switched off
Mission awaits being completed by you
You don't ask why and you don't ask how
You fulfill the job you're predestined for
Massacre begins, several lives end
While the protagonist is mentally absent

You will die before you lived
And you have lived before your birth
You have killed before you knew
The difference of life and death
Beneath the borders of reality
You spend a life beyond self-control
There are other sides of right and wrong
You're the innocent destructiveness

This is what you have done
And what you see is
What you were made for
Cause you're abused

Back in the street remember your deed
But what there've just happened you cannot repeat
All is wiped out just like a bad dream
For you are a victim of brainwash supreme
Misused as a tool, mistreated as fool
An unaware culprit just lead by their rule
Mission complete, remembrance delete
For the perfect murderer doesn't know about his deeds

You will die before you lived�

This is what you have done�

9. A Cynic Epitaph

10. Metal Maniax

We are guests on every party
Never invited but omnipresent
The smell of beer and the sound of Metal
Is enough to call us on the way

Steel in veins - Coal in lungs
Beer in mind - Metal Maniax
Alcoholomaniacs - Blasphemolunatics
Extremely Heavy Metal Maniax

We don't mind whose beer we are drinking
As long it is fresh, cold and free
But better don't try to tell us that the beer is empty
For who knows what we would drink then instead?

Steel in veins - Coal in lungs�

We don't care about another way of living
For we know that our is the best
Moshing, banging, boozing and fucking
Until is will bring us to an early grave

Steel in veins - Coal in lungs
Beer in mind - Metal Maniax
Stoned by our style - Identification completely
Supreme and ignorant - Heavy Metal!

Steel in veins - Coal in lungs�


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