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The Art Of Blasphemy

"The Art Of Blasphemy" (1999)

1. Devil's Rebirth
2. The False Faith
3. Time for Death
4. Waiting for the Death
5. Love
6. Requiem to the Cursed Lust
7. The Art of Blasphemy
8. Taste of Dead Meat
9. Gate of Eternity
10. The Eyes of the Beast

1. Devil's Rebirth

2. The False Faith

Now they have the power
Make their wars
Full of human´s blood
They only want the redemption
Of the belief in Jesus Christ

Damned faith
In Jesus Christ
Made of blood
And human flesh

I´m rising from the ashes
My wings are made of flames
Led to the fight
With the freedom of demons
There are still more of ´em
Who want to destroy the church
To torture the priest
To burn his temple

Damned faith
In his world of beauty
Is fading forever
Bible is covered in dust

Damned for thousand years
The false faith
Will loose all its rights
When it´s king is dead
We´ll dishonour their symbol

3. Time for Death

In a desperate dismay
I give away the pain
To fanatic bastards
Destroying defenceless
I give away bloody deadly punches
I break the psyche
I put out wicked soul

Revenge begins
Burning in my chest
It´s time for death
End of church

Strong pressure controls my mind
My blood is boiling
I start to butcher that swine with dismay
Cold edge penetrates his ribs
Temperature´s still falling down
Life of a priest puts out
Light of freedom clears
The rats devour the body
Odour shrilly stinks

This is the redemption
Of a treacherous thief
Of souls of human wrecks
End of inquisition 

4. Waiting for the Death

I feel strange little space
Gloomy darkness, chill and dump
My body makes no move
The preception´s getting weak
The feelings are getting paralysed
The blood is getting curdled

I´m dying
These are the last minutes
Of my living

Absolute silence
Absolute darkness
I´m dying here for 666 day
Rotten wooden pieces
Are falling down
To my dead body

Worms are devouring my past
And my soul´s waiting
For roots of the flowers
Which could satisfy my sleep
And which could destroy nasty
Wooden box
To which I´ve been thrown off

I see the tomb with my name
I don´t have any fleshy clothes
I know my soul
Lives in another dimension
I watch the happenings on a terrible cemetery
On this enclosed piece of ground
I see the occasional groups
Of living mourning people
It´s a sign of eternal oblivion
My soul has no place in people´s hearts
I do not see anyone standing at my memorial
There are no traces left after the tears and sorrow
I´m here alone
My soul still exists

I´ll be waiting for the time
When someone´s heart
Will suffer for the pain
The memories will get back 

Then, at the rain
Under the gloomy sky
I will contently end up
My being........ 

5. Love

When you sit on an old wooden bench
Devoured by vermin in a moldy temple
Home of Jesus, listening to his words
And giving him your love till the end
Of your life

You´ll sell out everything
To a cruel parasite- he´s your love
He´s stollen everything, your life, your money
and your common sense- it´s his love

Take a stake, pierce his heart
Nail him to the floor of his temple
Stand above him, baptise him with the liquid
From your bladder
And show him what the real love is

Love is blood
It´s the decay
Mold of thoughts
False words
Love is murder
Redemption from sin
The attack against Christian evil 

Tell yourself: enough!
Stop kneeling down
Take a stake, pierce his heart
And show him what the real love is

He deserves it! 

6. Requiem to the Cursed Lust

7. The Art of Blasphemy

7.THE ART OF BLASPHEMYMusic: Roman, Lyrics: René He sells his own liesHe rose from death of his masterHe makes us live the wayHe wants us to liveThe art of blasphemyNatural way of my life The art of blasphemyBorn in my mindThe art of blasphemyIs the expression for my own ego He does not have the rightTo lead my lifeUnder the mask of ChristTo abuse the truth He opens the door of his templeSuffering in disguise of goodBow down before his holinessAnd you will forever loose your pride The art of blasphemyCelebration of freedom and human rightsThe art of blasphemyThe crucified gets the last blow  

8. Taste of Dead Meat

8.TASTE OF DEAD MEATMusic: René, Lyrics: Immortal I´ve become a victim of the nightAnd walk in the emptinessSuddenly I smell corpselike odourMy body gets the command to go Odour´s getting strongerI´m approaching an unknown victimI see dead piece of meat, soulless and motionlessI feel warm saliva flowing from my mouth I´am opening unknown body shellBeautiful scent of blood and meat surround meI´am pulling out the content of the bodyAnd pushing it down my throatThough I´m throwing up at the same timeI keep pulling out and devouring I love the taste of the dead meatBlood clots are passing down my throatEverything around is redI notice the clothes of the corpse It´s long black gown I´m a cannibalMy face reveals gentle smileNow I´ve discovered the tasteOf the best dead meat 

9. Gate of Eternity

9.GATE OF ETERNITYMusic & Lyrics : René Crowd of weeping peopleYour life´s goneYour last journeyEnds in kingdom of death You hear the cries and perceive a prayerCrucifix in your hands gives you the hopeTo redeem yourself from the world of sinsTo eternal journey to your god You open the gate of eternityYour body putrifies in depthsYou open the gate of eternityPrepared to devote your fate to god forever You see him lying under the rotten crossJesus is god and god is dustThings they taught you and the things you likedWere always cold, spreading fear You suffer without him being nearYou are dying without him saying somethingYour soul is perishedIt´s never been alive  

10. The Eyes of the Beast

10.THE EYES OF THE BEASTMusic & Lyrics: René You imagine what can happenWhat can shorten your life in a secondHand, knife, rope of a madmanCan lie low on every pieceOf the journey through darkness Can you imagine pain and suffering ?Stab of a knife in the living bodyDeath is just a part of our livesBut you are afraid to see its temple In depth of night you feel the look of mad eyesSteps and looks of furious beastYou force yourself to forget the thoughtOf wandering the world of shadows That look belongs to you and to your bodyYour sacrifice will be as big as your painCaused by the edge of steelYou´ll experience if reality really equals imagination The eyes of the beast watch your sufferingHands of a madmen destroys what still breathesThe eye of the beast dark and coldSearch for another innocent victim It´s chosen the right to control human lifeIt took more than it ever gaveIt´s time to give it what it deservesIt has only hope, quick death   


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