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The Antichrist

"The Antichrist" (2004 Demo)

1. 66,6 (Intro)
2. Antichrist
3. Kill The Light Of God
4. Empiria
5. Death Machine
6. Namless Abyss
7. Apocalypse
8. New Age

1. 66,6 (Intro)

2. Antichrist

Judgement dayís coming
Your lifeís cursed
Youíve sacrificed it on the altar
The worldís insane
The final battle over your fate
On your knees you are at the wooden statue
Your god is atracious

Evil mistaken for truth
Mass blindness
Spiritual revolution
Youíre chasing away all evil spirits
Warshipping the god of death
Youíve created Antichrist

This is my heresy
This is my sanctity
I hold your religion in abomination
Spitting at your sacred oaths
Darkness not always followed by the evil

You keep making still new principles
But my only one is to have life and live it
Faith is no more the symbol of goodness
Whatevers differs must be evil
You are the ones to fall

3. Kill The Light Of God

Unconscious existance
Human failure
False religion
Shatters and murders
Another conception
Of the world thrashing
Hell on Earth
Itís all gonna be mutilated

Iím comming down to hell
There is nowhere to run
Gods destroy us all
Gods the creation of ours
Days comming
The damned nightmare
Brainís dying
Killing the body

The dying brain
Is killing the body
Consience in pain
Is killing the soul
False gods
And religions
Weíve coming to an and

Kill the light of gods
Give me everlasting life
Kill the light of gods
Forever - DIE!

4. Empiria

Standing waiting
Sort of deep in the fog
Canít touch
Canít feel
I think I can no other way
Show me your real face

Find me and show me
If I, too, am real
Let one of your statues cry
Let your blood flow out of my wounds

Standing waiting
Can feel your breatch on my back
Canít lean resist it
Canít run away
I know itís evil
It shows its real face to me

Standing waiting
Why am I all covered with blood?
Canít live
Canít die
Satanís waiting for me
Still donít know who I am

5. Death Machine

I can smell death round each corner
The smellís reaching graves
Struggle for a better day to come
Is killing the body
Endless warís slaughtering beliefs
Iím ashamed of such humanity
Innate hostility
Shitty, image of the reality
Terrorís the god reigning
You think youíre human
But youíre only a fucking humanís dummy

Iím a death machine
Brought into existence in order to kill
Iía a death machine to devastate without a trace

A bad touch hurts through out the whole life
Unaware of shattering my soul
Youíre smashing up the remains of humanity in me
A blaze of fire brings catharsis

Iím at the end of my way
We all are gonna die of the truth
Chaos takes control
Chaos rules the world
Genocide Ė this is our nature
To eliminate whatís human
To kill it, to murder it
To destroy it
To plunge it in hatred

6. Namless Abyss

Screaming, kicking
The shapeless nothingness
You trying to break free
But itís all over
The nameless abyss
Youíve been drawn into

The patrol of shapeless
Are surrounding and absorbing
Youíre losing your breath
And strating to suffocate
The reality disappears
Thereís no way out

The nameless abyss
Everything has died
The nameless abyss
Thereís no way out

Deadly creatures
Everyone wants to escape
Thereís not enough air
Thereís not enough power
To hold out
Everything is lost

This is the eternity
Thereís no way out
The reality and nightmare
Became into unity
The only thing which remains
Is the eternal suffering...

7. Apocalypse

Ablazing sign of death in the sky
Beast from abyss has declared war
Your beliefs dying now
Terror is being born
Third world war is the end
Judgement days coming
The star of death will wipe the earth

Reverberations of the war are time of existance
Sudenly the sun turns black
The moon like blood
Death on the hollow Ė cadaverous horse
Lighting win flash on the east side
Brightening up in the west

The Earth shattered from hatred
Nations will rise up against one another
They will kill what is alive
Your timeís coming to an end

A sign of fire
Youíre gonna die
Sacred fire
Itís time of apocalypse

8. New Age


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