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Scars of the Crucifix

"Scars of the Crucifix" (2004)

1. Scars of the Crucifix
2. Mad at God
3. Conquered by Sodom
4. Fuck Your God
5. When Heaven Burns
6. Enchanted Nightmare
7. From Darkness Come
8. Go Now Your Lord Is Dead
9. The Pentecostal

1. Scars of the Crucifix

Impale the body, scars of his flesh
Hung up to die on the crucifixion
Bleeding to breathe, cursing at god…WHY!!!

The glory resurrection, live in wounds of recollection
Who take his will unreasoned, naiveté inside soul defeated?
Lascivious redemption, justify thy vile absence, Propagate his aggression
As you use his words as weapons.

Lies now have you lost, the worthless cause of the crucifixion
The sanctity, to hang and bleed, and in the form of a human cross
Blind by prophecy, his bible fiend, a bloody sword of his fantasy
Tried for heresy, and sacrilege, to bare the scars of the crucifix

You walk alone with Jesus, in a world of non-believers
Humiliated savior, Is thy son of heavens failure
For ever left undone, on the cross for everyone
His words of god unheard, he is dead and not concerned

God fatality, the life recedes on the cross of his sign
Finality, in search of peace, to beg and plead for the end that will be
The light descends, when suffering, impaled again for you blasphemous lies
Resented death, his sins confessed, accept the scars of the crucifix.
Sad in your sorrow, withered within
stand in the shadow of all of our sins, you are the son, choke on his blood…DIE!!!!!!

2. Mad at God

Spare the bullshit of your savior's love for me
Take thy words and indulge in his misery
Finding out tha you're just a lamb of rot
No one cares in this world of god forgot
His belief in us long has been said and gone
In our age where there is no fear of god
I forsake you and hate you holy one
Give us life just to take it when we're done

Behead you with the bible, the book of god and failing son
There is no resurrection for god has left us to Satan
Reach out in desperation receive his empty words of love
Revel in man's creation, the light of god has turned to shit

Mad at god for the things he's done to me
For this life of regrets and agony
In his name I do blame and wish his death
All my life has been pain and nothing else
Curse you god for the life you left me with
Everyday's a fight to want to live
Cross of christ I despise and hate the lord
Mad at god for the world he has ignored

My life is not religion, salvation or his bastard son
Aniihilate the bible - remove it from this world at once
In total desecration, the house of god has been destroyed
At last the truth will triumph, free will and blasphemation

I hate you lord, forgot I exist
Resent your ways that I will not be forgived
Wallow in hatred, I blame you for all
Slashing and stabbing your christians I maul
Mad at god revenge in my heart
Wanting you dead it will never depart
When I was born, marked with your cross
Only to suffer and deal with my loss
Dead in my thoughts pray to myself
Not to show mercy for nobody else
I am for me, need not from god
My heart is stone and will never be loved
Mad at god and mad at you
Believing in something that cannot be true
Think for yourself, free from his lies
Trample the cross and smash Jesus Christ
Mad at god!!! Mad at god!!! Mad at god!!! Mad at god!!!

My life is not religion, salvation or his bastard son
Annihilate the bible, remove it from the world at once
In total desecration, the house of god has been destroyed
At last the truth will triumph, free will and blasphemation

3. Conquered by Sodom

The silence has been broken for centuries denied
Indulgence overlooked ignored and put aside
The light of god diminished by his holy priest
Destroying innocence the church of sodomy

Man of the cloth with no conscience of sin
Now on the run from the crucifixion
No longer trusted and never again
Conquered by sodom your fall is our win

At last the world can see, your secrets no more
Evading punishment behind the catholic doors
Your time has come to pass and now forever be
Revenge is on the minds of all you have besieged

The walls of god lay ruin, by his own demand
Stricken from sanctity, and with no flock to tend
Religion slowly rotting, in it's shallow grave
Pursuing self-indulgence, holy men of faith

Conquest of flesh has condemned you to death
Destroy the trust of the congregation
Faith insincere leaving wounds that don't mend
Conquered by sodom, in league with Satan

4. Fuck Your God

I forsee at my end to be banished
By your god for my life and branding
Never around, in the greatness of sorrow
Screw your god and his un writ moral
Stifle god, and the idols of hatred
Out of my heart, I have always been free
One with no need all alone and satanic
Wretched and vile, fuck your god, deface him
Who could believe in a lord that's demanding?
Hard to believe, when we die we vanish
In his denial and for all his creation
Fuck your god and his righteous hatred
You and your son, you are nothing but absence
Something not there, that controls this planet
Only deceit do I see in your halo
If you believe you will dwell in failure

Fuck your god, holy mother for the whore she is
Fuck your god, and his zombies preaching threats from hymn
Fuck your god, silly bible and his holy ghost
Fuck your god, only tell us what we need to know
Fuck your god, pointing fingers at my blasphemies
Fuck your god, you are nothing and you'll never be
Fuck your god, if it's Satan who possesses the soul
Fuck your god, to the pits of hell then I shall go
Fuck your god!

Fuck his commandments and prophets left stranded to die
Not in my heart or my soul as I go through this life
Good book of bullshit lay dirth with vengeance and lies
Go fuck your Jesus and get the fuck out of my sight

5. When Heaven Burns

No more lies, churches and crosses to confuse the mind
Agony watching them burn in their righteous empire

When heaven burns, I will dance in it's fire!

Drop dead hyraces, paradise has begun to bleed
Give praise to the lord, overrun in the face of war
Christian wait with death, heaven burns into nothingness
Satan on his throne, rejoice in returning home
End of god, when heaven burns it will fall to the earth
Watch it burn angels on fire and screaming berserk
Holy ghost, lost in confusion and puking in pain
When it burns pissing on prophets that fall to the flames

Wonder and wait as I stare at the cross
Thinking in ways that have christ at a loss
Kick your ass out through the lord's pearly gates
When heaven burns I will stomp on his face
Blasphemes villians, the killings begin
Murdering christians and torturing them
Conquering churches and slaughtering lambs
Doing it all for my love of Satan

Wonder and wait as I stare at the cross
Thinking in ways that have christ at a loss
Kick your ass out through the lord's pearly gates
When heaven burns I will stomp on his face
Blasphemes villians, the killings begin
Murdering christians and torturing them
Conquering churches and slaughtering lambs
Doing it all for my love of Satan
(I love you Satan, my lord)

Bring death to your lord, tear apart his begotten son
Christian you are dead, fucking kill every one of them
Drop down to defeat, retribution of hypocrisy
In life is unknown, after here I will own your soul
Death to god banished and burned to incite the invert
Blasphemy... when heaven burns we shall inherit the earth

6. Enchanted Nightmare

When you're asleep where you hide from the truth
Deep in your dreams of the mental abuse
Standing in fire of blasphemies name
Imagining me killing you
Stabbing insane dealing out pain
Do unto you as you done me the same
I won't forget and will haunt you to death
And until the end of time

Deciphering dreams, me and my stare
Over the edge into cries of despair
Eyes are upon you, and wait your expose
Then only then will my evil let go
Yours for the asking has brought you ill will
Enchanted nightmare I dream of you killed

Curse you with evil and bad luck and death
Master of black arts inside of your head
Enchanted nightmare, the splendour of watching you die

When you're asleep which I don't think you can
I am the conscious that's driving you mad
Ever forever relentless and vain
Suicide never subsides
Wanting your head is all that I dream
For all the years that you ruined me
In every breath I will wish you pain
The guilt is what's making you lie

Lost in the scheme, storybook dream
Still empty-handed your story has changed
Slowly I kill you, and without a sound
Evil upon you forever and on
You are a victim of your own free will
Enchanted nightmare the blood has been spilled

Enchanted nightmare my offer is death
Once in your mind, I will cause you unrest
Curse you with evil and bad luck until I am dead
I curse you...

7. From Darkness Come

I take his name in vain, I devastate, disgrace his sacred dove
Then raise my glass, to god and drink thy blood
Jesus I hate your guts
If all believed, what then? Where would this end
A world to live as one?
They hail the cross, then kill, for holy cause
His faith, the name of god?

I will no coven thee, murderous history
Christians forgave themselves for their atrocities
Heaven all they know, waiting their time to go
Damning who doesn't believe in their stagnant lord
Never will I give up, scared by his only son
All that I conjure conflict what your bible want
Always forever be, anti-religiously
Killing your god is my answer to everything

From darkness I come, the face of sacrilege
From darkness I come, invert the crucifix
From darkness I come, with no love for Jesus
From darkness I come, I will stab him and beat him

Beyond belief in god, don't prey for me, christian stupidity
I spite his word, with truth, for all to learn, worthless fragility
From birth scheming, I search and spread the word

Satan is on the earth
The end of god, destroyed, is all I want
Kill him, from darkness come

Get down on to my knees I won't for any thing
Nor am I filled with the spirit heavens love
It makes no sense to me, holy philosophies
Ravaged by years of his threats and hypocrisies
I will not follow with, into oblivion
Spit on his bible and refuse to worship it
After the thrill of god, forsaken only son, death to his domination
Religion dead and gone

8. Go Now Your Lord Is Dead

Holy bible, instrument of death
Book of fools and ignorance
Without a trace, to the other side
Faith in god at last has died
Aged and faded, christianity
Lying down in it's disease
Heaven hated, never know his love
Leave you where you have begun

Testaments to the contradiction
Death to you for the souls you save
Unify his masses
Sacrifice to the crucifixion
You deserve to die this way
Go now your lord is dead

Human failure, christians crucified
On the cross of christ's design
God's creation, rule this world with lies
And the truth will leave you blind
No more Jesus, evil axe to grind
Choose the path that we desire
Christ religion, genocide is near
Watch your churches disappear

Condescending ancient wisdom
Solitude begot this day
The light surpassing
Without a place of worship
The sheep have been displaced
Go now your lord is dead...

9. The Pentecostal

Zombie of Jesus, heavenly fascist, worst of worst
Christian emphatic, baptized in panic, symbol rebirth
Life ever after, total disaster, sick and perverse

Glazed eyes of emptiness stare into space
Brainwashed to clean the sins you have embraced
Dancing with serpents and chanting to god
Drinking of poison and speaking in tongues
Full of his spirit and flailing around
Warding off evil, on those who've been bound
The pentecostal revival you're suffering
Insane with penitance, mindless fanatic, every thing Satan
Wish for the rapture, death is embellished, verse his intent
Counting their blessings can't wait till heaven
Mind fucked by god

Nothing you own it was all given up
Stripped of your dignity and who you are
Recite the bible with every word said
Repent to Jesus or we will be dead
Lost in the verses of revelations
Stuck in the notion of where is the son
The pentecostal revival you're suffering


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