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The End of Beginning

"The End of Beginning" (2006)

1. Answer
2. The End of Beginning
3. To Proud
4. Not Alone Anymore
5. For You
6. Bloody Roses
7. Everything Ends
8. Desperate Again

1. Answer

2. The End of Beginning

It seems like my limbs are rotten
falling in scattered oblivion
blood tears flow out on my eyes
always hope on something

I'll take the path of loneliness
on wings of wind into endless emptiness
where in the halls of pain
brutal boredom rule

Into blunt eternity
listen to orgy of wind
full of tatooed memories
silent footsteps behind me

Falling into hands of despair
fenced by the walls of tears
wait for beginning
when time is closing all

3. To Proud

i waked up
felt so strange
what is happenning to me
please someone help me

that night was dead to the world
i was trying to tell you something
you were there with me
suddenly it stopped

now you are acting like you don`t
even know me
like i`m some stranger
in your life

so what
i dont care any more
fuck you i don`t need you
i fucking hate you

we could fly
above the earth
we could even die
but no
we were to young
too proud
to understand

4. Not Alone Anymore

Lived with executed idols
Dreams of young and shadows of past
Walking scattered path
Fear of future call

Blades of my solitude
Dissapear with your arrival
No more paper feelings
Heart started to cry

Only left slaughtered expectations
Whispering death-i leave it to myself
My lips are not cold fire anymore
Life is not dark closet of blood & gore

Give me your arms
I'll extend the border of life
Hit the sorrow and gather the freedom
Only for us and nothing for others!

The attempts to known unknown happiness
So painful they are
Remember this feelings
Hide and wait in her being

5. For You

Did you ever cry without a tears
stand the suffering with no howl
did you felt your own nothingness
hear out screaming guilt
wishing escort of luck

Did you ever try to get to your buried memories
colour of night and burning of day
Feelings of crazy pain
remains of broken wounds

Did you see lucid twilight
heart whispering,wrenched words
go astray in a garden of dreams,hall of sorrow
into dark embrace

Walk along the road
tread upon others

6. Bloody Roses

Empty mornings surrounded by luxury
Ragged and pathetic
Capricious youth pass away
Drag my ruined life and disappear

I hear drunken smile
And smell of obscenity left behind
My view is exhausted
I can't watch for this monstrosity

In the memories of sleepless nights
Cross of bloody roses stand
Nothing will be now
Only memories of bloody roses remains

7. Everything Ends

tired of life
standing on the edge
trying to jump
there is no one to help me

remembering the past
disturbing my self
crying blood from my eyes
am i'm going to die

i didn`t know who are you
why you helping me
i was happy to see you
somehow you saved me

your face was like
i belive i`ve seen it before
you smiled at me
and than you disappear

falling from you
need the reson
killing my self
need the life
come back
you saved me
everything ends
but not today

8. Desperate Again

Again i feel the taste of bitterness
drink out from glass of pain
incapable for anything
my wounded heart feel hate

Dreams are heavy and melancholy
desire forgotten and emotions tired

River of tears left my eyes long ago
magical nights are now desperate
No more wishes i had it before
now only left misery


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