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Psalms of The Moribund

"Psalms of The Moribund" (2007)

1. Stoned Then Defiled
2. Fatal Self Inflicted Disfigurement
3. Prelude To The Tragedy
4. Hideously Disembodied
5. Butchered Identity
6. Psalms of The Moribund
7. Engorged With Humiliation
8. Arousal Through Punishment
9. Artifacts of Desolation

1. Stoned Then Defiled

Victim Beaten Torn And Raped.
Unwanted Intercourse Decides Her Fate.
The Attacker Does Escape.
Cast The First Stone.
Ancient Religious Laws Undercifully Executed Sordid Human Being Deserves The Decimation.
Buried Into The Ground Right To Your Little Head Several Blunt Objects Bein Landing On Your Cranium.
Gruesome Metamorphosis Of Your Facial Structure A Deformed Stump Remains of What Used To Be Your Head.
The Mob's List Satisfied - Left Alone.
Hours Of Bleeding - Now Deceased.
Demented Nightly Visitors - Take Their Chance.
Toothless Mouth Dripping WIth Ejaculate.
Victim Beaten Torn And Raped.
Misogynous Laws Decides Her Fate.

2. Fatal Self Inflicted Disfigurement

Miserable Species Of Vanity Forming Thoughts Of Perfection.
Bodily Fanaticism.
Emulating Idols Of Meat Soulless Walking Dead Man Made Embellishments Manipulating The Surface.
But The Core tTill Exists SOmethign You Can Erase Corrupted Cerebral Structures Distorting The Imagine You Reflect Facial Proportions Still Unbearable.
You Own Enemy Diabolic Self Takes Control Abnormal Surge Of Adrenaline.
Fatal Decision Within Seconds Crushing Your Reflection Begin To Tear Down The Flesh Made Puzzle.
Sharpened Tool Of Death Sinks Into Every Inch Of Visage Mangling The Flesh To Partially Own.
Unstoppable Haemorrhage Blood Sprays In Fountains Half Your Face Lies To Your Own Feet Piercing Your Eyes To Avoid This Horrid Sight.
Lateral Chop Through Forehead Puts An End To Your Discontent Worthless Soul Floating Away Body Falling Lifeless From Decadence Comes This Wretched SIckness In A System of Objectification Leading To Fatality...Disfigurement.

3. Prelude To The Tragedy

Duplicating Human Cruelty By Order of The Higher Science The Outcome of Their Greed To Be The Sovereign Of All Threats.
Overestimated Intellect Turns Against Them As They Realize Having Created Their Own Hell.
No Spheres Not TO Be Affected The Centre Of All Breaking Cause Of All being's Essential Diversity.
Evolutions Instrumentation.
Man's Interruption Inquiry's Insatiability Genetic Engineering New Possibilities Came Forth Creatures Built For Immortality The Emancipation of Torture Experiments Of The Absurd.
Human Dignity Recuced To Misery Holocausting All Eternity To Defeat Out Last Remaining Sanity.

4. Hideously Disembodied

Ability of Free Thought Destroyed in Early Infancy Inbred Ancient Sickness Falling On THeir Knees To The Shapeless Manipulating Images of Grotesque Environment.
Victim Forced Into Abnormal Forms of Castigation Unholy Rituals Of Catholicism Demented Deeds of Superstition.
Body Reacts In Severe Twisted Ways As The Consequence Of Unreasonable Strain Victim Twiching And Trembling in Uncontrollable Fits.
Dogmatic Decision Spitting In The Face of Sanity Spiritual COnfinement Leading Her Into Calamity.
Her Cover Strangled The Bleeding Crippled Countenance Becoming Suffocated.
Exorcised To Death Maltreated by Men Of The Church Induced Belief Drives Them To Ignore Symptoms Of Epilepsy.
Being Scorched By The Words of Christ Demon Defies Getting Hideously Disembodied Shattered Theeth Broken Gace Half Dead Body Severe Strangulation Total Malnutrition Soon To Become Expiatory Sacrifice.
Marks Of Holy Desecration Sold As The Work Of The Demons Ravaged Empty Shell Remains As The Broken Body Of Christ.
Withdrawn From Individuality/Free Will The Victim's Demise is Set Soul Leaves The Body Along With The Imaginary Instruder.

5. Butchered Identity

Animals Driven by Their Instict Having Killed THeir Ownder They Now Stray Freely Through The Streets To Seek Revenge For Years of Oppression To Satisy Their Lust For Human meat.
Defeated On The Ground This Sickening Creature Above Me Tearing Lumps Of Slesh From My Entire Body Watching My Own Child Being Skinned Throats Butten Through Whole Face Is Getting Minced.
No Object Can be Found To Repulse The Attacks As I Try To Push Back Em Back With My Hands They Rip Em Up To Miserable Shreds.
Biting And Growling Killing Machines Products of Human Insanity Natual Insticts To Prey Trained To Grotesque Proportions.
Parts On My Dead Son Are Lying Next To me His Horrible Screams Died A Minute Ago Animalistic Infamous Massacre Inside Brutally Torn Apart.
My Baby Gets Bitten To A New Disgusting Gorm I Wouldn't Know It's My Own I Could Not Identify Its Eyeless Sockets Exposed To Me.
They Feast On Limbs And Organs As I Cry For My Own Child They Gnaw On My Own Genitals.
Razor Sharp Teeth Are Piercing My Scrotum Tearing At It Til The Nuts Come Outside These Creatures Now Grinding My Testibles Brutal Attacks On The Cranium Ripping The Flesh From My Cheekbone My Blood Flows Into My Eyes WIshing That They Reach The BRain Soon.
Awaiting my Life's End Unbearable Pain to Cease I Feel The Blackness Devouring Me.
Butchered Identity.
My Body Gets Bitten To A New Disgusting Form People Finding My Deformed Corpse Unable To Identify.

6. Psalms of The Moribund

Illusions Of Superiority Brutally Crushed by Those Who Created Those Miserable Rejecting The Purity That Was Given To Them.
Substituted By Asphalt The Creation of Babylon Man's Impurity Infesting This World Asphyxiation Of Their Own Host Unjustified Arrogance Leading To The End Of Her Sufferance.
Purifying Storms Of The Innocent Flushed Down to Build New Life A Worthy Existence On This Earth Upon The Foundation Of Their Mangled Bodies.
CHildren Seperated From Their MOthers Screaming Human Torsos All Will Collapse Into Disease.
Enigmas Never To Be Solved For No-one Of Flesh Will Ever Be Judging Religion Dies Along With its Sordid Originators.
Man Made Waste Will be Left To Rot Disfiguring Ruins Soon Will Crumble MOther Earth Takes What Is Hers Trees Tear Open The Concrete.
Dawn Of Lividity Daylight Uncovers Their Weakness Starving Survivors Gorging On The Flesh of THe Deceased.
Consume The Plague Filled Meat They Will Soon Mourn Their Own Demise.
No-one Left To Hear Psalms Of The Moribund.

7. Engorged With Humiliation

Frozen lifeless bodies, scattered on the street
Horrifying facial expressions petrified in the ice

People suffering from malnutrition
Reality of war leaves them nothing
Some would collect them to take them home
To hack up, cook and eat them

Hastily dragging the carrion so stiff and cold
To their houses, to prepare the morbid feast
In desperate attempts to bite off chunks from the body
Weakened teeth would break from icy solidity

Putting heat to the the carcass
To make flesh tender
Thawing body fluids
Revealing a stench sense numbing

Biting into half frozen meat
Trying to ignore the horrid taste
Hunger over revulsion
Will power tested

Wretched corpses lying in the snow
Over a period of 2 weeks
One by one they disappear

8. Arousal Through Punishment

Human Sanity Extremely Weak This World Of Deprivation Breeding Sexual Disorder.
A Gruesome Fetish Of The Absurd Arising From The Underground Victims Hoping To Be Released By Getting Their Bodies Devoured.
Cannibalistic Agreement Reached Behind Locked Doots Of Advanced Technology.
Hands And Legs Tied Knives Prepared For Severing Limbs Slowly...Consume...Genitals Removed Carved Up Fingers And Toes Gore And Skin Remnants On His Cheek Realizing Illusion Of Cathatsis As Your Suffering Grows Unbearable.
Last Thing To Witness Torturers Carnivorous Lust Who Now Dines on Every Piece Of Your Dead Body.

9. Artifacts of Desolation

Science Our Subject Penetrating Spheres of The Ultra Complex Genius Minds Handed Over To Those Leading Hands.
Demonic Greed Defeating All Morality Severe Conflicts Peaceful Solutions Long Buried Animalistic Insticts Take Over Humanity Shows Its Face.
Glittering Lights Of Decimation Woman And Children Awaiting The Sickness From Above.
From The Safety I return To Find Pure Infamy Heading Tortured Screams Out Of The Ruins Once My Home.
This Apparition So Real A Charred Indefinable Creature Creeping To Me Begging For Help Before Collapsing Into Its Demise Dying Before my Eyes Fascination of Desctruction Killing Capacity Tested Slaughtered For Manifest Destiny.
People Disintegrated Their Shades Remain On The Concrete.
Infant Body Filled WIth Splinters Of Glass.
Punishment For Survival The Living Eternally Traumatized Remembering Their Loved Ones In Suffering Endlessly.


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