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Against Humanity

"Against Humanity" (2005 Demo)

1. Deathmarch
2. Fallen of Creator
3. Suicide Syndrome
4. Mystery of Annihilation
5. Here is my Kingdom
6. ...And Make the War

1. Deathmarch

Like fire, which range under the cracked sky
And smoke that bleeding sun
Vulture’s searchin’ carcases –
A worm’s escaping against murderer
Like frosty winds – storms attacking from sky

I unleash evil greed to spray cold seed of pain
I drop tears of fear
To flood by the river of blood

Sprayed sowing gives harvest of doom
Streams of blood stain the field
Deathmarch goes along to the eternal silence
And mourning will be staying for ages

His breath will flame and heavens will stay in fire
Crossed souls hang over the chasm
No rapture is foreign for me!

2. Fallen of Creator

Peevish, rotten face
Fiery eyes – angry breath
Branches of irritation in his look
In the mother’s womb he was him
Evil touched by the bite

He appeard in abyss of dark forest
He saw the fallen of creator
The day of anger – collapse is coming
Being of sin, evil and sufferance

Entagled by the lust of annihilation
He saw the fallen of creator
Element of human misery
Back to the rightful lord’s throne

3. Suicide Syndrome

When madness embracec your soul
And sufferance will be strong desire
The torch of burned corpses will go to you
To feel a sweet smell of death
Hidden under the black cloak

Ragged bodies from skin will hang on cross
Their scream will spike an eternal silence
Naked bodies will spit by the stream of contaminated blood
And winged scars will feel the favour of lord

Sleeped tears of pain will die forever
In dark gates of eternal peace

Suicide Syndrome!!!

4. Mystery of Annihilation

Beyond thousand deaths
His eyes are searching for your
Blood on your hands
Will betray innosence

Blinded eyes won’t see
The battle shows to guilty souls
Wicked and naked
Expeled from the human world

Mother Dead punish them
Seed of revenge grow
From the darkness edges of brains

Why you spare me?
I will take revenge on your children!
You will be a mortal race!!!

5. Here is my Kingdom

In the dense darkness, where dawn’s cover
Where abyss is too clean
Where picture of oblivion is touched by torment
Wounded in the place of god

In the dense darkenss, where gloom is eternal
Where past is abandoned forever
Riven in cave of fading light
And at the open gates of crawling fear

In the dense darkness, where gloom is a hope
Where heavens are dying forever
Where the torches of past life
Are fading away and dejected in nothingness

In the dense darkness, where mournful time will come
Where prayers of bastard prophets
Will burn in flames of the black sun
Where kingdom of madness will come

6. ...And Make the War

You as the messenger of devil
Beyond wild creatures of north
Surrounded by ocean of darkness and madness
You’re sending all your demons
To taste the hurts of anger and death

Toward the fallen temples
You’re sending all your legions
For drink sweet, warm blood
Enjoying of rapture of dying

Toward the fallen nations
You’re sending souls of dead warriors
To their victim will be holy ground
Feeded by the venomous poison

Toward the fallen nations
Where powerful lord will rise reborn
To rule lifes forever and make to proof of true

Seek your luck in victory – never in peace!!!


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