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Concentrate The Annihilation

"Concentrate The Annihilation" (2004)

1. Hell Dominion (Reign Beyond Suffering)
2. Degust The Blood (Sadistic Cannibal Meal)
3. Anathematic Damnation (The Fertilization of Damn)
4. Beheader (Human Head Collection)
5. Necronivora (Silent Murderous Supremacy)
6. Awake From Within (Cardiac Excavation)
7. Tyrant (Decaying of All Civilization)
8. The Beast (Characteristic of Devourer)
9. Cannibal Lust (Impetigo Cover)

1. Hell Dominion (Reign Beyond Suffering)

- HELL DOMINION (Reign Beyond Sufferinng) -

Supracadavers, there are rotten flesh. Standing on billion corpses I am
Cacophony suffuse in my vein. Vehement odium for tormentor.
Homicidal fellow will concentrate the real annihilation.
The eternal demize for all divisions of organisms.

Will of human extinction static in our desirous spirits.
Peculiarity turbulently blaze all hopes to the ashes.

My dominion, Legacy of corpses devouring
Will instruct the race to rely that only massacre all lifes
and dispatch their souls to death for all of eternity.
I will krush , kill and destroy!!

Hell Dominion, Regard to all race's extermination
to realize the extreme genocide. Then only massacre all lifes
and dispatch their souls to death for all of eternity.
I will krush , kill and destroy!!

Rebirth of reign beyond suffering.
To seed the evil inside. Liberate your own total lust.
Follow me!! Show your victim's head!

Murderous spiritual mutilation transforms world's conception
tobe merciless killing arms. Straighten to darkside.
Twisted mankind to carcass.Cataclysm overshadow whole skies.
Cannibal war to delete human race.

All lifes were doom tobe unexist for my gory pleasure.
Recieve our concentration. Death : The worthy wish for all.

2. Degust The Blood (Sadistic Cannibal Meal)

- DEGUST THE BLOOD (Sadistic Cannibal MMeal) -

Swallowing fragmental tibia and fibula
Alive victims unable to escape the sadistic cannibal meal
Anal excrement was feed to everyone
Pipe insert in the throat , rectum feces flowing inside

Disgusting ceremony before consuming
Create stress to catalyze rigor mortis
after you die...

after injecting formalin in your trachea and esophagus
chemical assault the respiratory system
Then you agonising choke.
Pain flow through orbital , buccal and nasal regions.

Corpses hanging on meat hook
degusted the blood from wound
and synchronous masturbating
with soft mucous coat of abdominal cavity

Extremely Delicious!!
Each cadavers will be refrigerate
for future necropsy in laboratory
and extracting genetic chemicals
After feeding us your corpses
Time to gathering specimens again.

Alive victims unable to escape the sadistic cannibal meal
Merciless troops pleasure more human flesh.

3. Anathematic Damnation (The Fertilization of Damn)

- ANATHEMATIC DAMNATION (The Fertilizaation of damn) -

damnable blood flow through rotten placenta
through fetus's body of devil's womb

Myriads of worms creep out from vagina
Birth of gathering the whole sins.
Skull crush through cervical canal
thousands spikes on skins create torment

Rip labial commissure apart
Mercilessly ruin glans of clitoris
Son of the damn stand in
front of its generator

Paled skins full of nails ,
Bloody canines impale abdomen
Sucking blood from clitoris
with instinct of devil's spawned
Growing in misanthropic blood
with devouring human flesh

Master of our genes
which breed the species
of cannibal carnivora

Genital organs will insert
in all female victims
Devil's semen run from
rotten testis through ductus deferens
and penile spongiose part

Inside the uterine tube
Cannibal sperm combine the egg
Fertilization of damn
Another create the devil's spawns

We're devil's spawns
ordered to delete human
We're devil's spawns
ordered to delete human

for Destruction of human race

4. Beheader (Human Head Collection)

- BEHEADER (Human Head Collection) -

Bastard Sinners inaugurate Death night orgy.
Virgin Girls with tied legs lying on ground among us.

Chainsaw aim at Sternocleidomastoid muscle
chop through opposite Trapezius muscle
Immediatly I saw very high red fountain
splash from beautiful neck

Keep the head in 10% formalin in distilled water
after washing all blood from throat

Pleasure of Necromantic instinct
This paled body really arouse..
Smear smegma around Labium Majus
Vaginal intercourse of total passion

Blood Turburlence within me
Kiss your mouth through the jar.
Bite and lick two nipples
Dissect from umbilicus to chest

Tie Jejunum and ileum cover my body
moisture create wonderful thrill
Finally, perfect ejaculation
This cadaveric specimen is great

All organs well kept with the head
But in wrapping plastic and freeze
Internal organs was separated
for my cannibal brothers

I'm Horny again.....
Bring me another!!!

Necrosis will cover the cadaver
Fresh cunt meat more efective
Assaulting human manytimes
to capture more female..
For fertilization
For sexual need
For cannibal feast
Human head collection..

5. Necronivora (Silent Murderous Supremacy)

- NECRONIVORA (Silent Murderous Supremacy) -

Silent murderous supremacy
concentrate unprove killing
under human natural need
static unconscious behavior

Only thing I can remember
Pale female corpse hanging on the wall
whole body was skinned
last blood dew flow through my tounge

Reek of Death fulfill my lust
Butchered bodies and skull I crushed
Dissolve each bones in Sodium Carbonate
After separate all flesh with blade.

realise my silent slaughter

grinded flesh was swallowed slowly
fried cerebrum on hot plate
serve with sliced internal organs
and vaginal orifice

Acetone will clean bloodshed room
All hair will be burned and buried underground
Necromance between dead and alive
Passion of memories last forever

Remembrance of us still remain
Whenever I think of flesh
Only realise it always here
in my stomach...

6. Awake From Within (Cardiac Excavation)

- AWAKE FROM WITHIN (Cardiac Excavation) -

Insert drill in your nasal groove
Dynamic stimulation to cerebrum,
damage acoustic and optic sensory regions

Cause hallucinations to complex movements of body
Each segments of neurons were destroyed.

Static Anesthesia , Flesh soak by Blood.
Hypotensive Shock , full of malodour.

Without pulse you'll stare through the death.
Different identify from vital being

My brutality disconnect your human flesh.
Cardiac excavation. Awake from within

Trauma impulse fluid to flow

Haemorrhage until death
ecstasy in excruciation of cardiogore.
sucking your pulmonary blood

Paled organs still alive in mortality.
Remembrance of human fade to black
Bloodthirster need alive flesh.
to fulfil quenchless desire of gore

Feed me more flesh to devour.
Feed more blood to soak my mouth
Gory ecstasy that alive human can't get
Proud to wake your flesh.

7. Tyrant (Decaying of All Civilization)

- TYRANT (Decaying of All Civilizations) -

Era of Ferocious Lifeforms who dominate human race
Mutated from the deepest genes of unconsious
by unknown mechanism within every mammals
Inside human womb they fertilized and spawned

Decaying of all civilizations
With suprahuman brains in all wicked humanoids
Damnation growing deep inside everywhere
Slowly putrefy to be Evilizations

Humanity is host for their parasitism
and also victimized by their cannibalism

Cause of the best nutriment
Top consumer will not let the way of genocide
Then put all races away from extinction.
Subterranean plans started

Human Mass Culture..
Slave to Gore Forever..

Perfect and strongest female
will be in operation of genetic engineering
to clone the most effective specimen
for devil fertilizations , consuming and sexual desire
Artificial insemination of both devil and human
Growth hormone was extracted for creating adult female

Same activities of the world's Bio Technology in past
But the most demand now is 'Human'

Slave to Gore Forever..

8. The Beast (Characteristic of Devourer)

- THE BEAST (Characteristic of Devourer) -

Sublime carnivorous species
Damned to be most ferity
Distinct human behavior
in blood vessel of consumer

Sweet Putrefaction , Stinking Aroma , Ecstasy in excrement
moistened cadavers , organic commissure , necrotic intercourse

exist in the chain of slaughter
Supreme characteristic of devourer
who equalize necrological system
the sadistic natural requiem

variety of genes within all races
one of them was choosen for killing.

Prepare for genuine massacre
Result of human destroying duty.

The beast behind the shape of humanity
slowly suck the blood from inside
verminous terra and putrid flesh, they dwell

True aggressive attitude and mecilessly homicide are necessary
for world's equilibrium supervising.. Then human need to be consumed....

deceased cerebrum, touch of purulence ,
cadaveric necropsy , savour of bowel

"By rules of distinction , we generated
through billions ways of annihilation
decomposite the rotten races, we still
with Emphatic Authority of Slaughter"

9. Cannibal Lust (Impetigo Cover)


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