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"Veteran" (2002 Demo)

1. Veteran
2. Through the Eyes of Evil
3. Self Programmed Inner Suicide
4. Uznik (Prisoner)

1. Veteran

Digging the trenches we were digging our graves
Thoughts of great heroes made us feel safe
We were immortal and famous for years
But we were wrong, it ended in tears

I should have died before
To not see this horror
What are we fighting for?
Whom do we follow?

Death raising its' scythe
Is the only friend
It will set me free
Gently take my hand

Lead me all the way
To a sweet demise
Take me through the days
Through the remnant of my life

So many lives laid to waste
Perspectives erased
Whine of the bullets
Is setting the pace

A million ways
Decision awaits
If death is the finish line
Then life is a race

Another day, again we try
To push the enemy aside
Our lives willing to sacrifice
No time for beeing sorry

Another field, another fight
All rules of war have been applied
We fought together and we died
Remember days of glory

Take me home
To a silent grave
May rest my soul
In freedom and in peace

Sitting alone I wake through the night
Flashes of pain burnt into my mind
Honor the fallen, remember my friends
When death reunites, my solitude will end



2. Through the Eyes of Evil

Sickness from within
Burning head
Through the eyes of evil
Looking at the dead

I could not resist
Even if I tried
Fully mangles faces
Skewered eyes

Perceptions are torn
I'm facing the storm

Of aggressions
Of its' violent thoughts
It controlls my actions
It cannot be fought

Won't leave me alone

That is not me
A creature's inside
Each time I kill
It becomes my guide

Waiting for release
In me fortified
When it takes control
I see through it's eyes

Living full of fear
Cannot hide
It is everywhere
By my side

I'm running away
Can't escape
Seeing through its' eyes
I feel hate

Cutting through the face
Taking one more life
Blood covers my hands
As the knife I dive

Into pale skin
Engraving like insane
Symbols of the evil
Characters of pain

Wait 'till your life terminates
In a moment
When I take control of your fate
Bringing torment

3. Self Programmed Inner Suicide

Time is passing by
Hours running away
Just another year
Just another day

There's no change at all
Everything's the same
How did it become?
Why does it retain?

Whole life becomes irrelevant
Short, automatically passing days
All colors fade, nothing enchants
An imperceptible decay

All feelings left behind
A stone cold inner being
Emotionless thinking mind
Is like a dead machine

You know what's wrong but don't try
You turn away, not seeing the signs
You stopped fighting, don't know why
You throw away your life

Forget your hopes, forget your dreams
It's time to give up your beliefs
Ignore the world, reject to think
But you know what the end will bring

There is no outbreak
Give up, accept your fate
Your prison you yourself create
You must accept your fate

Suppress your pain
Accept your fate
Routine shall reign

Self-programmed inner suicide
Self-programmed inner suicide

Tears are running down
The old parchement skin
Limbs are shaking slowly
No control within

It is getting colder
It becomes hard to breathe
Death's behind your shoulder
Now it's time to leave

Forgotten hopes, forgotten dreams
Naive illusions, false beliefs
Decisions, choices - all misplaced
A wreck of unforgivable waste

4. Uznik (Prisoner)


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