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"Demo" (2000 Demo)

1. Mutilation
2. Biological War
3. I Bring You Salvation
4. Everlasting Life

1. Mutilation

Cut the flesh, saw skeleton bones
Cannibal desire, victim unknown
Taste the blood that used to flow
Take it from the heart, the soul must go

One more disfigured face
In my axes' sweet embrace

I murder like insane
My inclinations cannot hide
It's everyday the same
My wicked mind

Mutilated bodies, ripped up in torment
Ptomain, extracted from the dead

Putrid remains
Cadaverous chains

I feel no sorrow when I take your life
And see you bleeding, my axe into your flesh I dive
There's no tomorrow for you, I spinned your coin
Another victim I will find and disjoin

You will be dead by dawn
With obvious signs of mutilation
Your body beaten, ripped and torn
Locked and kept in putrefaction

Mangled corpses at my feet
In the air smell of rotten meat
Noone cares about what I do
But I'm your fear and I remember you

2. Biological War

With full gear the next day I await
Armed and ready my veins are pumping hate
This will be the last mission, the last campaign
No solution was found by those who reign

Cold and void in permanent silence
The earth will rest after ultimate violence
Without victory perspectives
All life erased with no alternatives

Time has come
Lifeless sea caressing the shore
Face the end
Biological war

Biological war
Biological war

The pain will stay
The pain will stay

For remorse now it is too late
Orders were followed with precision, without mistake
Weapon deployed, I watch the running countdown
By my hand synthetic death is unbound

Shapeless remnances, boundless and bare
Left alone, I got plenty of time to spare
And still I am proud of what I've done
With no doubts executing the commands

Time from now forevermore
Can't you feel the breeze of war
We will fight and die in gore
Can't you feel the breeze of war

Sweat in my face but no sign of distress
My protection suit's decontamination in progress
Return to base, we were chosen to survive
Carry on the existence of mankind

3. I Bring You Salvation

Unleashed hate releases terror
That's the natural way of life
Those who're strong will hunt the weak
The ones unable to survive

Feel the pain
Feel the death
Lungs are pumping
Your last breath

Death is standing by my side
Is sharpening the skythe

I'm calling for war
Mission assigned
I settle the score
Resistance futile

I'm deep through your flesh gently driving the knife
Putting an end to your miserable life
I am so calm, taking my time
Mangled and skinned, now you are mine

Come to me
Die for me
I show the way
Sucker obey

I bring you salvation
I bring you salvation
I bring you salvation

4. Everlasting Life

War has come to bring you relay
Your life now is changing it's way
In law you're no longer enchained
In slaughter the power is gained

War has come and gave you the wish
To feel immortality's kiss
You find out what has to be done
Obsession and you become one

Now discovered is the hidden trace
Find a way out of the puzzled maze

In the eye of death you can't lie
In your pain the illusions will die
Sacrifice and lay them to rest
Final choice, final step, final test

Before you walk the sacred path
Before decisive words are said
Remember there's no coming back
There is no mercy no regret

Now right in front of me
In a ray of light
Is the secret key
To everlasting life


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