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Musical Abortions

"Musical Abortions" (1986 Demo)

1. Intro
2. Azathoth
3. Chopper
4. Dead
5. Mephestopholes
6. The Cops

1. Intro

2. Azathoth


Arch demon of Chaos and blood
Unearthly chanting twists my mind
An oozing, writhing mass of tentacles
At the boundaries of Time
God of all hatred and insanity
Sacrifice to you in pagan rites
Drinking blood of the living dead
Bloodthirsty vengeance, Heaven bleeds


Standing in the star I am astral
Innana�s dagger is raised
Demons guard my soulless body
As I pass through infernal gates
Chanting souls float amidst Chaos
In tribute to mindless majesty
Sacrifice corrupts their souls
Incantations from Necronomicon


�Do not open the gate except for an especial time designated at the time of opening. And the gate may not remain open for a moment past the hour of Tiamat, else all the Abyss break forth upon the Earth and the dead rise to devour the living. For it is writ: �I will cause the dead to rise and eat the living. I will give to the dead power over the living, that they may outnumber the living�.�

Captor of insanity and evil
Father of putrid malignancy
King of dark places inside
Confusion is your only truth
Dragging my soul ever downward
Chaos engulfing my body
My spirit pays homage to Him
As He devours my lifeless form


3. Chopper

Coming to kill you with dull, rusty axe
Screaming at demented attacks
Hoping to split face with malicious blade
Ghastly fright to chop you up
Severed hands in a pool of blood
Aaaaargh! Fucking Chopper!

Big-tit bitch try to run scared
Bloodthirsty axe need to taste
Polluted blood of chemical-dependent
Rape and murder, dismemberment
Bloody stumps of chopped-off legs
Aaaaargh! Fucking Chopper!

Deranged compulsion, bloodhunter aroused
Fuck with butcher knife

Chopper killer with drill and saw
Grisly carnage, fangs gnaw
Cut up by maniac, meat-cleaver in face
Disemboweled with deadly blade
Evil psychopath eats raw, bloody flesh
Aaaaargh! Fucking Chopper!

4. Dead

Hacksaws cutting into flesh
Blood-vomit, gorged on dead rats
Licking scabs and pus and snot
Leprosy and disease cause convulsions

Raised by black magicians
Puked out from fires of Hell
To spread the evil message
We have arisen!

Nuclear devastation melting faces
Tortured corpses writhe in seizures
With their hands nailed to the ground
Eating worms in poisonous earth

Ice pick in face, eyes gouged out
Shotgun blast blows off your head
Lying in vomit and partially digested remains
Dead carcasses rotting-- lick it up!

Mutated freaks gnawing bloody severed limbs
Mounds of mangled flesh decomposing in the sun
Jagged bones and bloody nubs stick out of twisted bodies
Maggots make their home in the puke in your mouth

Odor of disease, atrocious torture stinks
Vomit, piss, and shit, and snot, and blood
Morbid ghouls rape your corpse, unholy procreation
Necrophiliacs in aftermath of war

Parasites dripping slimy snot and puke
Fetuses with severed limbs are disemboweled
Fucking mutant zombie warriors drink vomit
Deformed, aborted freaks, murderous mutilation

5. Mephestopholes

Baphomet, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Abbadon
Astaroth, Belial, Lucifer, Leviathan
Diabolus, Behemoth, Legion, Baal
Vulcan, Mantas, Satan, Hades

Shooting coke and fucking whores
Butchered virgin bleeds on floor
Black candles burn, Mantas roars
Infernal maggots, corpses rot in Hell
Lick out the ass and eat the shit of the goat
Drink the blood of blasphemous, Satanic

The Beast is arising from the depths of the Abyss
The Antichrist butchers the righteous
Torture and atrocious mutilation in the name of Belial
Sucking disease and worms from the eyes of a decomposing skull

Human sacrifice and pentagrams
Infernal presence, black magic
Eat the organs of the dead
And the entrails and guts of the ram
Evil necromancy, cunt-fucking orgy
Diarrhea, Vomit, and Mucus regurgitate on Christ

6. The Cops


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