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First Kill

"First Kill" (2001 Demo)

1. Under Fire
2. First Kill
3. Point Blank Range

1. Under Fire

Hollow eyes of your wrecked home
they´ll never stop staring
never stop bleeding
Scarred inside and now all alone
given up on caring
given up on living... me you´re dead
- Dead before my eyes!

Faces twist and twirl afire
voices dying down around
All is calm and all is so quiet
as you step into the unknown

Withdraw thy hands beyond all doors
into the shallow grave
buried without name
Reached for sun yet ended up gone
erased with your faith
was it worth the wait?


2. First Kill

Taste the iron
in your mouth
See the dying
it makes you numb
Hear the crying
horrendous sounds
Sense the cold
that keeps growing
Comes from within
as soul is bound
Smell the fear
it keeps you going, on…

Afraid you´ll never make it home
It would break you
The first kill is the worst
Don´t wanna die alone
But it completes you
The first kill is the worst

Blood covers
the path you chose
Always appeal
that this is war
Among the unit
you´re in solitude
Scream it out
when no one hears
You think it´s
either them or you
Another day
fulfills your fears, no…!

3. Point Blank Range

Their neverending conquest
is a murder of first degree
This hideous act of masked
violence repulses me
Perhaps I can´t end this war
but to start another battle
All I need to hear is
how their dried up bones shall rattle

I´ll stick to my decision
I call…
and do it!
Accomplish the mission
vote with a bullet!


Dethrone thy kings
to uphold decent human life
I might die for this
but at least I´ll go with a smile
Another day in hell? No more!
I refuse to kneel
Like a warm old friend
with joy I greet your stainless steel…..



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