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Dark Matter

"Dark Matter" (2002 Demo)

1. The Gateway
2. Dark Matter
3. Skeleton On Your Shoulder

1. The Gateway

Altering the truth
this suffocation inverse
Ability to reason
that you live without

Hunger that it feeds
liberation hurts
A manifest for denial
dying inside out

Why? Why?

Enjoy the gateway
It´s the beauty of dying
Cold piece of steel a key
To open your eyes

Entering the door to your soul
I am all what your hatred breeds
I am from what all your fears seed

To the guiding light
No place to hide in
To finish incomplete
You know you must die

You crave for resurrection
Just to see there´s nothing here
This greed for emptiness, no…
Now you´ll see what´s inside of fear

2. Dark Matter

Build up a cage
You are your own fortress
Upheld by a rotten core
Hellbent by hatred
Enjoying self torture
Hell is something man makes himself
Your kind of tool
When there´s nothing you would want more
Fear is the cancer
That eats from inside
It shows a man stripped and fooled

How I wish your kind would be gone
There´s always plenty where you come from...

...the dark matter
And we´ll remain, in the dark, forever
Dark matter
It´s all in vain, in the dark, forever

Built up a new skin
Thicker than stone
To protect this so-called secret
You bleed for your god
To make an excuse
For your own pathetic existence
Death, fear and envy
They´re deep in our nature
But are we all just plain evil
Man is a failure
An experiment of pain
That should end up extinct, soon

3. Skeleton On Your Shoulder

Once again
a blackened blood-stained day
to prove the sickness of mankind
We close our eyes
but the floater just won´t go away
It returns to dreams every single night

We dwell and drown
in our petty little needless lives
yet we´ve witnessed a sickening power game
Feel the burden
the shadow on our hearts
for it´s the guilt that´s ripping us apart...

Monster, in the mirror
How can you stand yourself? It´s your
reflection in the mirror, die!

Beneath the silent waters
a life of pain
Surface, may seem calm
suffocating rage
All this, goes ignored
All will be left untold
Sleep on; the body ´s gone cold


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