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At the Helm of the Abyss

"At the Helm of the Abyss" (2005)

1. Total Hate, Final War
2. To Usurp the Throne of Light
3. Across the Vast Storm Front
4. Come Thy Legions
5. In Frozen Exile (The Sea Of Ice)
6. Furnace of Nihil
7. The Serpentine Transfiguration
8. The Seminary of Desolation . . . At the Helm of the Abyss

1. Total Hate, Final War

Bring forth the darkest ages
Commencement of the final war
Turns nations into battlefields
Triumph, murder, proud once more
Holocaust from Hell, loathing from beyond
Terror so urgent, mastery of death

Corpses fill the oceans
Landscapes of bones and waste
Scourge of disease, pestilence of pain
Plagues of death, storms of hate
The time has come to fight and die
Chaos, destruction, hate, war
Cleanse the earth, genocide

Terror, horror, torture, hell
Bodies tremble at my feet
Agony, misery, tragedy, despair
Cleanse the earth, genocide!

The sun sets forever
No stars or moon pollute the skies
No light to rape the black horizon
Civilization has fell

Cold universe of sorrow
Impending eternal blackness
Galaxies of endless torment
Eons of unimaginable hell...

2. To Usurp the Throne of Light

Up from endless woods at the foot
Of the mountains at the spine of the Earth
Comes the grim horde of possessed warriors
Who have slumbered since the ages of darkness
They shriek and howl with swords held aloft
Glowing red in the light of the dying sun
These are the forgotten warriors of yesterday
Risen again to pillage anew

Onwards! - To rend the earth asunder!
Onwards!, Onwards! - To slay the feeble and inferior...

No more do they sleep beneath the soil
Shrouded in cobweb and dust
They have been summoned to march again
To ruin and twist the land
Now the stifling horror of evil
Will choke out the lives of the innocent
Dark clouds shall suffocate the light in their eyes
And all will be cloaked in the blackest of night

Onwards! - To slay the impotent human race...
Onwards!, Onwards! - To usurp the throne of light!

3. Across the Vast Storm Front

Dark entities bear me upon chaotic winds
The end has been summoned
The black gate has opened
The rides have appeared
To descend upon the lambs
Crying for the black tears of the fallen angels
Screaming for the true wisdom of the ancient ones
I grasp the charred hands that reach towards me
And fly on the howling winds of the storm

Tearing… across the vast storm front
Borne by the storm
Riding the chaos winds
Pure fire blazes in my eyes
As I lead the host across the skies
A figure shrouded in tattered cloak of night
Stands atop the Great Mountain and curses the stars
He beckons down the spiritual forces from nebulae beyond
His dripping wrath empowers the host as they race across the sky

The seas are boiling, the heavens are churning
The hell spawned mass cavorts on high
The earth ablaze, our lands our burning
The final hour is nigh...

4. Come Thy Legions

Come thy legions
Come the war
The angel of darkness arises

And spreads his wings
To obscure the glory of the heavens
And grant infernal twilight
To bestow eternal torment
And bathe our realms in blood

Sound the horn...
Sound the horn of Apocalypse

Great peals of thunder announce
The storm of steel
The final battle commences
The fruition of cursed humanity
Come the war
Come thy legions

Invoke the names of the Ones who wait
To arise and take up their whips of flame

Invoke the name of the one who sleeps
In the depths of the farthest abyss

The age of unlight is upon us
The great old ones stir
Come forth the lord of chaos
The crimson nightmare awakened
Brandish your blades of shadow
Your blood soaked warhammer
Come thy Legions!
Unleashed upon the earth . .

5. In Frozen Exile (The Sea Of Ice)

Aurora borealis flickers on the horizon
The only illumination in this desolate frost land
The howling winds cry out to me
As my frozen soul longs for the ancient ways

Hail to the majestic arctic wilderness
Hail to the sunless kingdom of night
My heart is forever encrusted in frost
Upon the Sea of Ice

Now a shade of black deeper than the night's shadow
Has risen up to obscure the stars
But two points of light still flicker from beyond
The eyes of Father Wolf as he lopes across the snow

The sliver of the moon is sharp enough
To flay the flesh from my soul
Her shimmering face peers down from her crystal throne
And in this frozen exile I remain, alone..

6. Furnace of Nihil

Mira, the red giant, swells in exhaustion
Aged, pulsating, expanding and contracting
The agonized growth, and forced collapse immanent

Poised and waiting for the transformation
The decaying and spent beast self immolates
Unlocking nightmares of sweltering eradication

Insidious layers of mass, stream through the interstellar
And engulf world by world
Enveloping the infinities with the strangle of abolition
All paths could only lead to damnation

Thrust off into hinterlands of spectral obscurity
Suspended in the furthest and most frigid pocket of abandon?
Or remain and be drought, scorched
And painted three shades of grim
At last, the cataclysmic finale awaits
Entombed in the furnace of nihil!

Earth is cremated...
As Mira staggers, dwarfing all existence!

7. The Serpentine Transfiguration

Again I shall descend
Into the cavern of crimson depravity

The unhallowed serpent uncoils,
Descending into the fiery hollow

In the valley of flesh and pain,
In this dismal twilight
The sun's rays fade
My eyes redden and fill with blood

...anointed with supreme inhuman volition...
Endowed with the cognizance of the DESTROYER...

Imparted with the powers of the air
Enraptured in feral and profane defilement
The serpentine transfiguration is complete,

And the vessel is forgotten
The sick scent of fresh life fades

And I ascend to the ruinous throne of desolate exultation

8. The Seminary of Desolation . . . At the Helm of the Abyss

In the valley of shade,
There dwells a darkened chapel, painted in horror
Towering spires draw down the moon
To open the gate to purgatory
To open the gate to purgatory...

The seminary of desolation
At the helm of the abyss
Beneath the cracked and rotting floorboards
The reaches of a bottomless pit

Seething with foul winds flowing upwards
Its limitless shafts strewn with hook and bone
From the endless depths of emptiness
The culmination of nihilism

Fallen out of light!?!
In the dank trenches of the black navel of Gehenna!

Falling out of time!?!
In the spiraling dimensions of demi gravity!!!

Spilling through the broken and crumbling barrier
To tumble down with entrails flailing
Shredded wings dangle limp and impotent
And feathers float up on the fetid air
Drifting on wafts of putrid breath
Belched upwards from the gaping maw below

Descent into the effervescent maelstrom
Encompassed by the fall
Drawn down to the bleakest versions of reality
Beneath the seminary of desolation
Delving into the dismal realm of shadows
To be born again through the womb of unlight!

Falling… downwards…


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