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"Yorick" (1997)

1. November
2. Xenophobia
3. Into the Dungeon
4. Concealed Behind the Chequered Flag
5. Question of Sacrifice
6. Ubiquitous
7. Last Rites
8. The Suffocated Ground
9. Face the New World
10. Faith (Ressurection Mix)
11. Nazgul (Morgul Version)

1. November

One man said to me
That mankind never learns from history
Now I understand so well his mention
Memories of long lost time
I'm facing all my doubts inside
Is there something I should know
That you won't tell me
Senseless actions
Devastating realistic genocide
The threshold bursts upon the point of climax
Forgotten years

I'll hide my tears
I'm feeling that I'm thrown again
Down for execution
Through the floury shades of mist
I see a light shining
Gates of love and gates of hate
Facing insignificance
All I ever dreamed about
Buried in the rain of tears

Ride the snake and ride the thunder
Through the acid tears we cry
How could we forget the celebration
Chilled to the marrow of serenity
Or is it still the pouring rain
We know it's not the rape of virtue
November fears, November tears
Abuse them all, abused for years
Being torn is our contribution
November fears

2. Xenophobia

Feelings of an ocean in pain
Dreams of wars I can not explain
I thought about the ancient blood
I watched the frozen pictures from our God
The 10 commandments are they so real?
You shall not murder, you shall not steal

Jesus Christ they wrapped in chains
Ancestors of the ghost of Cain
Witches convicted to burn in flames
The inquisition played their holy games
The crusaders with their cross of the dead
A machine gun etiquette is the head

I can't go on, I'm falling from you
I can't go on, feels like I'm losing ground
I can't go on, tearing all our lives apart
I can't go on bowing to your God

With one foot in the new millennium
The other buried in sanctum sanctorum
Frightening shadows of history
Holy wars, the holocaust nothing but misery
The words are venomous disguised to thrill
Should the image of God destroy, rape and kill?

I won't bow to a killer in disguise
I won't bow to a xenophobic agitator
I won't bow to the churches or the priests
I won't bow to the Lord of Lies

The Lord of Lies
A killer in disguise
The Lord of Lies
A killer in disguise
Jesus Christ
An erotic sacrifice

3. Into the Dungeon

I'm waiting, I'm waiting here again
I try not to tell you how I am
The mirror's laughing, I'm running in the rain
An echo surrounds me, the screaming of a lamb
This nauseous feeling tears me apart
From right or wrong, God did I try
The almighty God well is this art?
I couldn't stand to tell you why...

Into the dungeon there's no recall
I'm waiting for the death next door
The Devil and the seven steps
Are waiting here forevermore

I'm waiting, I'm waiting by the phone
I have some questions, why won't you call
You know I can't reach you on your dark throne
I had the faith in you now watch it fall
Your dreams of me were true about you
The webs you spun, you had me in your net
The wind blows me away from you as I knew
What you are is what you get
What you get, you deserve it
You deserve it, you deserve it
You bastard how could you do?!?

4. Concealed Behind the Chequered Flag

We can never understand
What's truth or lies about the world these days
In the western civilisation
We watch the new God called dollar, pound and mark
But when you sit in your 1000 square meter house
The pain and loneliness marks your face
You see money isn't everything
That makes the world go round, you live in the dark

The goal you set will forever tell you lies
You're struggling in vain for your own greed
Sit back and watch your life is rushing by
The success you want to reach is out of sight
You're going to die without the feeling that you've been alive
The life you lost, the love you wouldn't ever feel

There's no control, there's no sense of living
There's no time to die
God bless America
The land of opportunities, the melting pot
Glory, glory Hollywood
We're watching the young men dying in the gulf
The both sides of the coin they show
Makes no success for me, for you
For us, for them, for no one

We're not supposed to die
In the bonfire of vanities
We're not waiting here for nuclear waste
We're not crying until the end

5. Question of Sacrifice

The darkness keeps me in the distance
I hold it back, I keep it out of reach from the light
Will they ever hear a fervent prayer
Will they listen to me
Will they ever take me out from the night

I cannot choose my own destiny
But what's the purpose, I hope it will be a merciful fate
Come dance with me, we'll hide together
And share your strength with me
To break the hypocrite's gate

Is it a question of time?
Is it a question of love?
Is it a question of being kind?
No it's a question of sacrifice

Are these raven's of gold, or are they of ashes
If the kingdom will come, I've been waiting so long
But life is short, I'm getting older
With all running figures around
These are the days we belong

The bloodstained faces appears in the attic
Full of lies, full of hate, full of doublemoral bullshit
The drowning truth, what's the problem
When nothing makes sense
I'll never be the one to admit

Why is it so hard to say: I'm sorry
Why is it so hard to say: I was wrong
Why is it so hard to say: It was my fault
When it is so easy to deceive, lie and betray

6. Ubiquitous

I'm sitting here alone again
I'm praying for time
Time to heal my wounds
And time to make up my mind
I don't want anybody to touch my soul
Just leave me alone
'Cos I've been burned once before

It is in the air, it is everywhere
The smile on your face is on a dead skull
The air is thin, my mind is filled with darkness and pain
And I am the clown who forgot how to laugh

Love brings you problems and worries
Love brings you hatred and lies
Love is never what you want it to be
So why should we fall in love

In love, in love, in love
Falling in love

I think about the past, how I was fading away
Away from reality, rebirth in midwinter pain
I can wait for hours, I can wait my whole life
I can watch the stars above and wish I'll go there
Some day...

It was in the air, it was everywhere
The smile on your face, my God it was a dead skull
The air was thin, my mind was filled with darkness and pain
And I was the clown, but I couldn't laugh

I will never watch myself turn back again
My suffered brain just screams: "No more!"
As I know that you will find it everywhere
So I just want to be alone

Alone, alone, alone
Leave me alone
Falling in love, in love, in love
Falling in love
Leave me alone, alone, alone
Leave me alone, alone, alone
I'm sick of you
I'm sick of it all
I'm sick of everything...!

7. Last Rites

He watches from a dull old thousand land
Over the smoke and over corpse's mirrors
As the whispers of sadness if he should forget it all
And kill as they want to cause the effect

Rage and ravage, exterminate and kill on the road to sorrow
He took the mourning train to watch the sun go down
Bodies floating over the messiah never returned
And bodies floating over Europe blood is all around

Watches from a pale and bitter face
What went wrong
Watches from a pale and bitter face
These last rites

Conjuring to the time to hold on for a second
An ancient gallery of memories flows up into his mind
A picture of his mother as she kisses him goodbye
The day he marched away to finally be a man

This world of fireworks and guns of insanity
There'll be no such things as saints and martyrs
Engine calling on the electric way, laughing corpses
This is not his country, or religion
He shouldn't be there at all

Purgatory's closing in

8. The Suffocated Ground

Taken away, does freedom exist?
Taken to Hades by the Iron Duke's fist
Children are dying, women are mourning
The truth is in jail, ravaged and torn
The night was so cold
No fire, no guns so they told
Well I thought the revolution was over
A hypocrite with war to cover

Kissing away to war
Cover their hate with love
Driven away in blood
The truth is drowning in lies
In the suffocated ground

No, they should have known
Not to play with the people that own
Who gave the right to make that suffer
He's got it now, the awarded assassin
Yesterday a whole worlds hero
But tomorrow the ground was too low
The want to grow up, not to blow up

Now get him! lies...
Use your experience
Your common sense
They want to breathe
So pack your lies and leave

...As we marched away to war
We kissed the ground of ancient lands...

9. Face the New World

I watch a world under siege
I watch a world out of relief
The twisted bodies of our youth
Taste the shame of their own blood
The age of wrath, we're all doomed to die
But justice is far from our hands
I don't know what they're trying to prove
Hate your neighbour if he's not like you

I could stand here just for the night
I could watch the children cry
Burning houses, empty rooms
Face the new world

A young sweet girl is going to bed
She's anxious 'cause she's not going alone
Her own father wants to feel her
Sex! Sex! Sex! Sex!
It's not sex, it's not love, it's awful waste
She will never feel the love to a man
His incestuous addiction destroys her life
It's not a fiction, it's everywhere
Take me out of this place, out of this hate
The Chaos surrounds us hour by hour
If the world is Charon then what is hell?

Come to me
Come and see
Come to me

This path is long, an eternal inferno
Who gives the right to take a life in one's hands
If you don't have the knowledge
To resurrect one from the dead
You should not be so eager to deal death sentences
While they're killing themselves on the Balkan
For country, for colours, for religion
We're all the same
We're all the same

If God exists, well is he proud of this?

10. Faith (Ressurection Mix)

Remember how to live in the dark
Still remember snowflakes in my throat
I was dragged in, who dragged me out
How was I supposed to get it through

I can still wake up frightened
Afraid of going back
God I'm so glad it's over
Who has the faith in me

I thought I had the size of the ocean
I didn't know I was just a pond
I took the keys, I took the truth
Just for going down and watch Lucifer smile

And the light was guarding me
Through the gates so open and wide for me
I could watch the flowers, I could watch the sun
These things that has been held for me so blind
And I looked at my shadow who lived in vain
I tore it apart, I threw it away
And finally I had reached the dawn
Finally I could seize the day, but

These days were covered in black
Black curtains of suicide
As I thought my time was over
I saw the eyes of faith

11. Nazgul (Morgul Version)

"One ring to rule them all
One ring to find them
One ring to bring them all
And in the darkness bind them
In the land of Mordor
Where the shadows lie"

They were once nine kings,
with power in their hands
But they hungered too much, too far, too loud
So the dark lord heard their crying for more lands
More lands to reign, their vanity took their pride
They should have listened,
to the voices in their minds
You can get no power by being other's slaves
Now they'll hear him laughing as they're fading away
He took their minds,
their hope, their hearts, their souls
Now they're after a little man,
from the north who didn't know
The power and the magic,
in a little ring which he keeps
Guided by Sauron they gathered at the ford, they said:
"Give us the ring and come with us to Mordor"
"I will give you nothing", he replies
"I will give you nothing", he replies

In the land of death you can be no king
Now they're just false replicas,
of what they once were
They say eternal life, I say eternal pain
The sound of death and pain is in their cries
So now the nine riders,
are making the dark lord's will
They have forgotten their names,
just oblivion in their minds
They are addicted to him,
they are addicted to his ring
Their only vulnerability is reaching their home
The little man is carrying their lives in his hands
The face of Angmar,
doesn't fear this man on his way
He's approaching the Mount Doom to throw it away, down there
In Orodruin's fire they remember his words
"I will give you nothing", he replies
"I will give you nothing", he replies
"I will give you nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing", he cries
"I will never ever give you anything", he cries


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