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A Fervent Prayer

"A Fervent Prayer" (1994)

1. Lust for a Prayer
2. Faith
3. Nazgul
4. White Zombie
5. Assumptions
6. Illusions
7. Nine Miles from Home
8. Second Floor Vendetta
9. Turn Back Now
10. Hollow Smiles
11. The Oblivion

1. Lust for a Prayer

What is this cold dark room
Why can't they let me out
I can't see any resource
All I see is bars and bricks around my head
Do you think that they would hear my scream
Do you think they would wash my face
There's nothing special with me
There's nothing special at all

There's no use to resist
Unless you're flying high
So all I have is lust
So all I have is lust for a prayer

What's life and what's it for
Live your life you will never get more
And after this what is to come
And what is 101

I've always believed the words you said
But I was never convinced
I had to know if it was true
But now your lies bends out in my brain
I run around with screams of pain
Was it worth all the weeping sorrows
So what the hell am I crying for!!

2. Faith

Remember how to live in the dark
Still remember snowflakes in my throat
I was dragged in, who dragged me out
How was I supposed to get it through

I can still wake up frightened
Afraid of going back
God I'm so glad it's over
Who has the faith in me

I thought I had the size of the ocean
I didn't know I was just a pond
I took the keys, I took the truth
Just for going down and watch Lucifer smile

And the light was guarding me
Through the gates so open and wide for me
I could watch the flowers, I could watch the sun
These things that has been held for me so blind
And I looked at my shadow who lived in vain
I tore it apart, I threw it away
And finally I had reached the dawn
Finally I could seize the day, but

These days were covered in black
Black curtains of suicide
As I thought my time was over
I saw the eyes of faith

3. Nazgul

"One ring to rule them all
One ring to find them
One ring to bring them all
And in the darkness bind them
In the land of Mordor
Where the shadows lie"

They were once nine kings,
with power in their hands
But they hungered too much, too far, too loud
So the dark lord heard their crying for more lands
More lands to reign, their vanity took their pride
They should have listened to the voices,
in their minds
You can get no power by being other's slaves
Now they'll hear him laughing as they're fading away
He took their minds,
their hope, their hearts, their souls
Now they're after a little man from the north,
who didn't know
The power and the magic,
in a little ring which he keeps
Guided by Sauron they gathered at the ford, they said:
"Give us the ring and come with us to Mordor"
"I will give you nothing", he replies
"I will give you nothing", he replies

In the land of death you can be no king
Now they're just false replicas,
of what they once were
They say eternal life, I say eternal pain
The sound of death and pain is in their cries
So now the nine riders are making,
the dark lord's will
They have forgotten their names,
just oblivion in their minds
They are addicted to him,
they are addicted to his ring
Their only vulnerability is reaching their home
The little man is carrying their lives in his hands
The face of Angmar,
doesn't fear this man on his way
He's approaching the Mount Doom,
to throw it away, down there
In Orodruin's fire they remember his words
"I will give you nothing", he replies
"I will give you nothing", he replies
"I will give you nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing", he cries
"I will never ever give you anything", he cries

4. White Zombie

I don't believe a word you say
It will carry me towards a rising hell
I see no future there
All I see is faces that is laughing at me
So take this picture
And throw it away in the wind
So you can leave me here
With the vulture's all around

Feelings of love and hate
Feelings that I can't relate
Should I cry or should I die
Kill the day, kill the night
Will I never ever do something right
I'm stuck in here with my nightmare

Everything was happening so fast
Though it seems like 15 years
You came in front of me
But I never thought you came from the dead
Leave me and take those eyes
Away from me, away from all my tears
So act like you used to do
A living cold machine from hell

Calling the white zombie
Kissing the white zombie
Loving the white zombie
So love, ooh love it

It's not against me and you
It's just the fear in bloom
The jealousy's blood killed our lives
The lies you made will never fade
Vengeance's not a too easy word
To explain what we had or caused our death

Hit by the white zombie
Raped by the white zombie
So kill the white zombie
So kill, kill it now, and kill before it kills you
Kill it now because you couldn't hurt me more

5. Assumptions

Wake up from the past
A time to leave, to celebrate
Watch the cold blue sky
As you touched the rain
You touched your pain
What is this quiet noise
That ravage my soul
My mind is on parole
Due to circumstance
You can buy a throne
But you can't reign it alone

As we're moving forever
We are moving together
And you'll find my person is there, forever
We don't have to endeavour

Come on touch the sun
You can't embrace my heart
With that iron fist
So tell me who are you
The failures you make
Is the failures I'll take
Just put everything down
But don't expect that I'll be there
When you wake up
You build a wall full of pride
You do it your way
I'll do it my way

6. Illusions

I hail them again "my friends"
The brothers and sisters of my life
They're black, so dark and white, my light
They're playing on the razor's edge
So guide me to the paradise
This compulsion makes me feel like hell
Makes me feel like hell

It's a long, long way to live that life
It's a long, long time to suffer, my love
I feel, I think and I have feelings
I can also cry
You see, I can
Or is this just illusions for me, for you
Or for them...

I listen to the radio
But I can just read the papers
It's the same so I say
Fighting for peace
Is like fucking for virginity
Like fucking for virginity!

Why do they have to steal our love
Why do they have to steal our lives
Why do they have to steal our friends
It's for nothing like all the rest

After a while what have I got
Nothing they just kicked me out
After a while what have we got
Nothing they just kicked us, kicked us out

7. Nine Miles from Home

Pictures of grey, they fade in black
I'm running through the flowers of dust
The breathing walls comes like snow
I thought it was you, or was it just a picture
I'm falling again, I'm falling to the last chamber

So here it is these walls of glass
To release our sins, I'm riding on
Try to find the passage back to you
Why am I alone again
I see that there's no time to ask you why
I'm stranded nine miles from home

Can't find it
Remembering how they always told you, have some fun
But I could not feel, maybe I just carried on
So don't walk with me, feel the pain that tears inside you
Let the engine blow and don't look sideways
It makes me vomit

So I try to breathe just one more time
I see the raven's landing now
These pictures they are calling for death
I'm waiting for the sun to appear
To show the world how it really looks
I'm stranded nine miles from home

From Home

I try to breathe...

8. Second Floor Vendetta

Listen to the sound in your head
And try to understand what it has to tell
Listen and fight for your fears
It's just another bad day as the ugly face appears

Walking all alone in the dark
The cold begins to break another statue in the park
I'm walking, I'm walking to a brighter day
'Cos I can't stand to know that it was just in vain
Mother, please listen to me now
I hope you'll understand, 'cos I am half of you
Oh mother!, where is my other half
Yes I know I wouldn't listen, I didn't want to know
I'm feeling a calling for me
But I don't know if it's a calling for help
I'm feeling the ambition to be free
Free from all the questions that's been tearing me apart

When I close my eyes
The train begins to move
When the lights go out
The smoke begins to flow over me
On me
When I close my eyes
The angel starts to call
When the lights go out
The abyss is opening wide for me
For me

Dreaming of gold and green woods
Where I can live with pleasure and enjoy the dawn
I'm dreaming of a life that I'm free
Free from all the fightings, and free from compulsion
I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming
I'm dreaming to be free, I'm dreaming for me
I'm happy, I'm happy, I'm happy
I'm happy to know that this is what I want to be
I'll be there, I'll be there, I'll be there, I'll be there
Expect me to be there, 'cos I'll be there

I'll be there, I'll be there, I'll be there, I'll be there
Expect me to be there, 'cos I'll be there
Here I am alone again on second floor
With my own, my own sweet vendetta
Are you coming with me
Are you coming with me
Are you coming with me
Will you follow me...

9. Turn Back Now

It's dark outside, it's dark in my mind
Where's the light I used to find
Once I was riding on the clouds
But now I'm miles from the sun
I am miles from the sun

I'm out again, I try to find the way back home again
Too many questions, but no answers
When all I want is

To be free from all the tears
I keep inside, I'm drowning in
Be free from all the pain
That tears me apart
Like an earthquake inside
Turn back now

I see a face, I see a light
I see the damage to come
What am I supposed to do
When everything
Goes round and round my head

I'm not to blame for all the fear
The dying seer
You see I have to take another way
Out of my mind
Turn back now

I don't need no sympathy
I don't need no charity
I know it's all up to me
If I will see the dawn

I'm back in time to live again
I'm back to the scene of the crime
What am I supposed to do
When everything goes round and round

Be free from all the tears
I keep inside, I'm drowning in
Be free, don't need to fly
There's no use to cry
Fight the pain
Turn back now
Turn back now
Turn back now
Before I'm fading away

10. Hollow Smiles

Watch those faces that they brought to you
It's all the same behind their masks
Everybody has a place to go
So don't disturb my own destination

All those years I went from
Institution to institution
They'll never see me wear the mask
Never get cheated by the hollow smiles

Those familiar pictures appear in silence
With their leering eyes and their hollow smiles
I wonder what it might have been
If I just once would let them through
If I would let them through!

As I went to watch the flowers grow
The words are still ringing in my ears
"Follow the leaders, don't mind your own track"
I can't believe it, I won't do like the masses

But watch out

11. The Oblivion

She sits in a room, tries to remember
What to do next for pleasure and pain
It hurts so bad to think about
The day he left her in the rain
In the rain, rain, rain

One day, one day, one day oblivion
The weight/wait is gone
One day, one day, dawn of oblivion
She will find herself in distance
When it's done

Her finger's on the pot, don't open it
It can't help you from this pain
But understand these words he said
"You can't get everything and use it all"
Now listen girl, don't try this way
It's something you just got to understand

She sits in a room, tries to remember
What to do next for pleasure and pain
It hurts so bad to think about
The day he left her in the rain
No don't lose your mind


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