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"Enough is Enough" (2006 EP)

1. Darker Half
2. Enough is Enough
3. Helpless
4. Holocaust

1. Darker Half

Tried to scream
Can't find my voice
Been denied of every choice
Why is it that they can't see
The misery they're causing me

Made me follow all their rules
Time to break out fuck the fools
Now it's time to get them back
Rally your forces all out attack

You cannot escape us
We're gonna hunt you down
Darker Half is coming
To slaughter your whole town

Tried to hold us in control
Brought about their own death toll
None of them will live to see
The day we set ourselves free
Not a soul is to be spared
Torture,pian, now getting scared
None of you will live to see
The day we set ourselves free

2. Enough is Enough

Keep on believng you're living your life your own way
Their influence just grows everyday
All that you hear you will instantly thrust
What we're shown as diamonds turns out to be rust

Taking gladly what you're given
All too blind to see the way
What a different world to live in
Can't take this one more day

We live in an age that is ruled by a blanket of fear
Don't know if to believe what i see or hear
Might be true or it might not there's just no way to tell
While they build themselves heaven they're giving us hell

3. Helpless

I see the faces
Staring up imploring to me
I feel their anger
As they pull me back down to my knees
I want to save you
But you won't even let me try
I feel your apathy
But why the fuck won't you let me try

Noone to hold you
Nobody there to stop the fight
You're wasting away before my eyes
And there's nothing I can do

I feel the frustration
I get close and you move further away
I talk and you hear me
But you don't hear a word that I say
I want to keep going
But I'm so close to giving up
Transformed by your weakness
Into something that I'm not

Standing at the edge
Right there on the brink
So close to falling down
Down into the drink
Open up my eyes
Smoke clouds what I'll see
Is there something down there?
Is that something me?
See my fear
Drawing near

Trying every day
Trying to break loose
Things just stay the same
Closer to the noose
Always crawling back
Habits hard to break
So lost can't find my track
Bright eyes fade away
See my fear
Drawing near

4. Holocaust

Senseless violence
Breaks the silence
Thousands slaughtered
More were tortured
Deadly camber no escaping
Careless for the lives they're taking


No solution
Taste of death sits on your breath
Mass damnation
Death becomes a realization

Bombs are flying
Soldier dying
Bodies corpses multiplying
For what reason I can't see
Brainwashed servants
Kill for thee


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