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"Darken" (1998 EP)

1. Enthroned by Night
2. Under the Blood-Stained Moon
3. Sorrow's Season

1. Enthroned by Night

Fortold is the martyr
A cold wind blows
Dark wings descend through
Mournful skies
Night fell into
Endless darkening

Losing himself in darkness
There pure delusions die
A world unseen before thee
Lost remorse
Enthroned by night

A constant blaze...
within thy soul
Seeks beyond...
in darkest depths
Thy calling black...
power breeds

For there is power in darkness
See to the night he holds
Echoes resound in cold silence
Lament divine under starlit moon

A force lies hidden
Amongst the stars and alone
What mortal minds have forgotten
Their ancient astral home

No longer shall I be bound
By the fetters of human kind
I will cross to the other side

And lay claim to my dragon throne
For this is my shadowed fate

Ghostly eyes possess him
Dirge from below frees the soul entombed
To stand mighty
Thrones of night shall call thee
Death's gleam
Cold void world

2. Under the Blood-Stained Moon

Upon a might-filled crest
Trees in line through starry eyes
Moon beams are cast in circle
Pillars concentric... my sanctum
Losing all fear
Dancing in morose passion
Aphotic rain falls
Under the blood-stained moon

A threshold between worlds
Lead me this night somewhere
In silence and wonder
Please take me there

Knowledge to bestow
Cosmic ring... mystic sight
Trusts impart thy soul
I have seen...

Transcend the worlds hold
Cleansed... renewal
My path shall unfold
And lead me to another time
Where all knowledge
Shall be revealed
Eternal night forlorn
Washed in the blood-stained moon

A mystical order
Of darkness enshrined
The answers I do hold
Hidden away from the light
For life and death are
Mine to give and hold
There is no ending to this life
For I am earth and sky

3. Sorrow's Season

My black eyes behold
Blood storms shall rise
My heart remains cold
With hate and pride

From light I withdrew
My nocturnal soul

In black skies I see
My fate and death calls

Eternal sleep
Passage beyond

Tortured winds I ride
Condemned to sorrow

For this world cold
I care no more
Sorrow's season - One with shadows
For I am enthroned by night,...
in reverie


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