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"Ruin: Hymn To Loss And Cataclysm" (2002)

1. Paragon Of Horror
2. In The Shadow Of What Once Was
3. Draconian Messiah
4. Lust And Loss
5. Arcane Dance
6. To Coldly Watch
7. This Wicked Age
8. Unheard Lamentations
9. Deustus Ex Machina

1. Paragon Of Horror

Paragon of Horror
This nightmare journey never ends!
And so I'm left
Twisting in obscure realms

One breath
One movement
All familiars cast aside

Science ceases
And sanity falls
Logic's shadow shattered

Life strides smooth
As a horror's child
A ghastly cosmic spawn
Son of dirt, sacred blood
And of every hidden meaning
This nightmare journey never ends!

I drown
In oceans of paradox
Adrift in idiocy
My crown is worthless here
Where the ruin of creation
Is the womb of the divine

One breath
One movement
All familiars cast aside

Science ceases
And sanity falls
Logic's shadow shattered
This paragon of horror….shines!

2. In The Shadow Of What Once Was

In the Shadow of What Once Was
I know myself
And selves
Their presence beneath
As slumber creeps
The conscience delves

A walk in the sky
Some time in the ground
Battles fought, won and lost
The meta-state rebounds

Create a thirst within
Share our void with the fools
Still bound by their rules
And bones, breath and skin

For what we used to be
Now a pale, mortal shell

And now bloody the plain
The axioms wash
Reflective pause in the still
Before the time of Pain

A wounded rage ferment
The sanguinous wash
My soul's blood seeps
To the earth
A sacrament

For what we used to be
Now a pale, mortal shell
This fleshy hell
Only through death and sleep
Can we ever be free

3. Draconian Messiah

Draconian Messiah
The soul's rapture of death's embrace
Beckoning unto thy light
I hear the call over the ever-encompassing fear
Of self-existence and man's sinister essence

Let the legions of tormented souls arise in fury
Let their adversaries be struck down
From the Pillars of Rule
Their lives are mine to vanquish
I command the upheaval
Which shall be … all mine!

What was once a dream and vision of slaughter
Has become my reality within my spirits
Evolution's acceleration makes its way
To the end of it all and for all
Who shall stand and who shall fall
When thy soul's end draws near

The dragon shall be uplifted
From its stricken form
To take feed upon the bastion of masses
These that doubted its being from lands of immortality
With this … blood shall flow

Descended upon
And spoken to through different dimensions
The energy and power
Will overwhelm the weak hearted
As I consume the existence
With myself

Dies Atris Irae

4. Lust And Loss

Lust and Loss

Star-crossed, you say?
Nay, for ours collided
A pyrrhic stellar fray
And tragedy decided

An atavistic lullaby
She sang for me
My senses dulled
And mistaken, joy did follow

Alas, this cruel show must go on
Tears sting my eyes
Like the blood of a thorn-torn brow

So tired of the mourning's light
I seek oblivion of mind
Shall my Lethe
Be my Death?

She keeps taunting me
Keeps on haunting me
To sleep
Or to dream
Or to whatever lies between or beneath

Oh! Black Angel spread your wings
For they cast
A deadly shade
To remind that nothing ever mattered

Of no import was this
The two of us
What folly to pine
Over fragments of lust and loss

5. Arcane Dance

Arcane Dance
Unwitting pawns
Of obscurity's fevered dreaming
Caged in flesh and shallow aura

Twirling by the light
Of a haunted spectrum's gleaming
While eyes scatter heaven
To the void that lies within

White waves cascade to wicked ways

A Mercurial curse
Of darker knowledge
Life and anguish

What sorcery?
What divination?
Could cease this,
My Arcane Dance?

Vervain décor
Riven from Sylph and Succubi

Delivered to this dimensional cruelty
And to those who grasp the beauty
Of long forgotten art….
Vervain décor
Could cease this, my Arcane Dance?

6. To Coldly Watch

To Coldly Watch

From whence it comes?
The derisive chorus
That heralds a lonely ascent?
Another cry
Shattering the stillness of the air

Aloof and alone
Selenically serene
To coldly watch
Expiration in elegant decay

Fragile moments of lunar seeing
To watch above
Is this what it is to feel like God?

Fragile moments of lunacy
Truth is light, beauty darkness
And nothing in between?

The barbs and nettles
Of a neverlasting love
Forsaken as always
To Coldly Watch

The welcome knowledge
Of sensate pain
To know is comfort
That one still feels at all

7. This Wicked Age

This Wicked Age

Wind shifts the snow
Into crescent dunes
Crystallize my heart
As I dream of you

Bear the scars of this wicked age
How they disfigure
To none but me

Ah! The irony
What a bittersweet taste it leaves
Upon the palette
Shall I paint for thee
A portrait of my woes

Why should I love what is lost
The past haunts my mind
And the memory of your touch
It haunts
It haunts my soul

Artificial solace
Embraced by others
Forever more

8. Unheard Lamentations

Unheard Lamentations

My soul divided upon itself
On a table of self-destruction
Manifestation sickens me further
A torment of good and evil
From which there is no victor

Crying out in terror
No one's listening
Trembling becomes my commonplace
There is no escape
Only one soul can save me now
Is that of the white goddess

I evolve in the circles of pain and confusion
Strength of her immortal touch
Can save me no doubt
And nothing else

My outlet for torturous thoughts
This room of keening and suffering
My life to take directions and turns
Of unknown proportions
Sorrow would be a pleasant release
To what breeds itself
Within my veins

Razapni me (crucify me)
Ili Spasi me (or save me)
Podigni me (uplift me)
Ili ubi me (or kill me)

Izkushenije drazhi (evil taunts me)
Sam sa sebe sam tu (alone with myself I am here)

9. Deustus Ex Machina


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