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Entartete Kunst

"Entartete Kunst" (2001 Demo)

1. 3 Years, 10 Months, 8 Days
2. Fromm Sundin
3. At Last
4. Kiena

1. 3 Years, 10 Months, 8 Days

Render unto caesar what is caesar's
And bring the lie's children before me
I hear the lions and the roar of the crowd
Thumbs down for all to see
The bodies writhe in carnal embrace
I see no virgins anymore
The wine flows and our slaves disgraced
Bleeding and used on the floor
The once holy are now our concubines
Whether to kill or fuck i needn't decide
Every whim becomes reality
From out lust, none can hide
The palace decorated with the corpses of enemies
As those loyal indulge
And the centurians prepare
To help the christians evolve

We've no king but caesar
We hail the living deity
All hail the unholy roman empire

The strong now are celebrated and the victor rewarded
The doctrine of weakness is but dust in the wind
Free to engage in what the weak call horrors
All to the roar of the crowd
And the loyal treated to the greatest of shows
Crucifixion, battles, and the taming of slaves
Cum one, cum all, for a fee they're yours
Forsaken by a god whose own son he wouldn't save
And our army fear by all nations
The heads of those who oppoe pave our streets
A thousand years will follow in our empire
All who oppose will die on their knees
And back home, the orgy continues
All perversions welcome in our Dark Eden
The son of the gods proudly takes what is his
For he has claimed your god's children

2. Fromm Sundin

And the child looks up from the cloud of innocence
The fallen angel spreads her wings and he bows
And though i walk through the valley
of the shadow of death,
I will fear no "evil"
For i lust and i desire
And all i choose are mine
And my desires their only concern

Stripped bare of all his lies
Kingdom falls between my thighs
Drawing blood as the innocence dies
I dominate
You follow
Each lash on flagellated skin
I see your hard, undeniable sin
Golden humiliation, it all begins
No limits
True submission
Skin but a canvas, sculptor's clay
Initiation but an empty embrace
Between your legs but toys for play
I hurt you
You thank me
I punish whenever I desire
Know your mistress' cleansing fire
Shame it takes longer for the predator to tire
Be heeled
At my feet

And your face turns blue
As you do below
No release will come
Binding ever tighter

Branding the new baptism of flesh
My permission needed for breath
Worshipped as your dark goddess
My amusement
My property
Through pain, forget lies of old
In your nudity, sweating yet cold
No love for the meat to be sold
I inflict
You accept
I command
You obey
Your rights
Only what i say
You'll be trained
And shamed
In reverence think my name
Your seed spills, unused
The predator's prey is abused
In your cries, i sit amused
Not worthy
Of my touch

And the straps pull tight
And your muscles ache
Hours of your plight
And my pleasure immense

Leatherclad above your bare frame
Your arousal offends me
Your bleeding is more my taste
Ashes of your lies rain down upon you
My pleasure the only truth
This daughter of sodom looks down on
The child of god with contempt
Born to be a victim at my feet
And as they claim your god punished
So shall i punish
For your god claims all as his children
And i claim his children as my toys
And i have a nasty habit
Of breaking my toys

3. At Last

The voice that calls me always carries your name
I hear you speak though you've nothing to say
Engraved upon my heart until our last day
I'll make you realize i am your way
Why play games, when the gods made this be?
Oh so perfect, if you could only see
I see into your heart and it calls to me
The fates have set this, we are destiny
Oh you tease, and claim you are not mine
Though we've been since the beginning of time
Two souls made to intertwine
And i will love you until we both die

All the things that I will give,
Your servant for as long as i live,
Why do you insist on turning away,
i will be there always
Gods and man can't seperate
What has been decreed by fate
I must make you see, all roads lead to us, you can't escape destiny

We are one, i deny just to tease
I am blind, only you can make me see
I block our path, just to test your worth
But we were destined even before birth

I will give my blood, my heart, and my life
This long, hard road is worth all the strife
For soon, together, we will both be
I'll open your eyes, oh, yes, you will see

Anything your heart desires,
For you, i'd brave hell's hottest fires
In my quest, i cannot tire,
i must prove to you
No matter what you say,
I will never go away
You know we were meant to be,
Nothing can change the fact we are destiny
Once was blind but now i see
Only through your bondage, can i ever be free
All the times i tried
to stop you were only a test
Now together, you deserve only the best
We are one, i deny just to tease

4. Kiena


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