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Passive Backseat Demon Engines

"Passive Backseat Demon Engines" (1995 EP)

1. Internal Dismemberment Conflicts
2. Passive Backseat Demon Engines
3. Satisfaction : Radio Edit (Anti-Convention Mix)
4. Extra Mild
5. Equimanthorn (Bathory cover)

1. Internal Dismemberment Conflicts

underestimated, spreading out
contagious oversaturations
strengthened apparitions beat away
aggressions altered state pretention,
crunch in anesthesia, conscious anesthesia,

weave the worm thru/ bound to bein
the bait that I am spilling ominous trails
of blood from rejection, an' as foul as
it all is of an autocoid stench numb
from holding it in for too long
forgotten, and even if it's true whats
been said never mind 'bout not having
to flinch being one step ahead of
yourself made anagrams of your stealth
attitudes insignificunt

lost in ever / lasting sickness / writhe in
instinct / anachronistic

brick by brick shutting out all
reflections of size letting it go
backwards fall then materialize, in
remorse, incomplete killed inspite of
defeat as conclusive accomplishments

more lies, as wise as you are, regrets
designed the scars that marks the rest
of your sheltered, life logistics.

soaked in rapture, clean clots, unebbed
to cull the rumor going round, that
re occurring fucking sound
emptiness / denial / thoughtlessness

sadistic ties surmise, fantasize, to make
that vertigo away and make forever
not even itself is theself right, it's taken as
nothing necessity just to keep
giving something it's selfish.
lazyness, desire, sacrifice, a dream.
the spawn of hypocrisy's birthed
offering reasons, soul, waste of time.

Not even explained, maybe forthright,
there could be a purpose I think destiny
told me so, last nights intro, in utero
i've carried spawn for hates, cut the
guiding apostle taking dues from
underneath, footing swept from
beneath, the realm of a place I'll never

brick by brick retention, altered shape
rejection chameleons mould to the
outcome distorting the mirrors
reflecting the view.
bait that I am.

grinding paranoia calculating from a
distance, between the difference, different
sides collide an unmissing stride
running on agony racing to answers
thats finding out something thats
stapled itself necessary

not to b true

life's to simple?
tantamount in impotence.

2. Passive Backseat Demon Engines

righteous psychoticness, painting a
portrait of pain open out, spilificate,
with the weight of distress feeling
gutless you stain can't do anything
fuck up.

appetites building persistence,
resisting temp fate, block the line? spill
it out 'till it stops run as fast as u can
show anonymous victims to free
falling flight

basking in pools of the
bleeding, suppliers, desires turn passive
back seat demon engines, run fueled by
persistence, extinction drives reasons
away from pure life.

falling free down beside, underneath
where it hides disbelief as can be, as
machine bleeding free, killed by
satayagrahi now it's free being me
barely woken, awake-up

lust in psychoticness tainting that
urge, restraint, taunting tamed by
beating time beat time blockout
memory blank history face, time and
place, kill, forget, erase compiled
complex of regret deny what's felt as
soul as second thought kill as in the

lust in psychoticness, urge restraints,
taunt the sane, block time, wipe out
nothing ever mattered, limil keeps, find
away, silence pays, hear'n say.

born bonded blood of the murder
messiah, suppliers fill bloated
ovulation, spun shells of the new born
submission to social stigmatyrs for

rotting in the heart of retrospect
of anxiousness erect 2 disconnect
to disconnect the self from memory
and animate the cells re-energy
survive, revive
stimulating life, immortalize.
The inner selfish victimized,
contradictory self, please the enemy.

what has ever mattered will it benefit
an end, all that's gave, unorchestered
assimilator shedding free another
o' skin
slicing thru digging out the rot of
incapacity's inadequacies
cut into umbilicalous parasitic life
locked into / re repethion / that

beating out the will of rhetorical
overkill, brought down hard
scold, benevolent, will it ever matter,
nothing's ever relevant.

disconnecting human energy,
wasting ammunition on respect
tap into another source of X.
why, suicide is birth and life is death
(of memory) the punishment's a self
inflicted gripe
imitator, pistol type
contradict, survive, bleed the enemy.

nothings / ever / mattered / will it
benefit the end

3. Satisfaction : Radio Edit (Anti-Convention Mix)

4. Extra Mild

chemistry, chaos designs, pseudo military denizens are shackled to the populators.
gluttony, I.V. money, pumps disinformation captors caught for bait to catch another casualty of christmas.

guaranteed on speed overturn mass amounts up to nothingness, than you left with bread and butter
industry, consume me. Buy, mine, sell, your needs need a means to feed
that requires greed, inability conceived, revel in the consummation

desperately we slowly speed, on till all days parallel to saboteur, punishing the global whore.
moulding the makers tool of ineptitude. Just the way it has to be, lack of opportunity
re-occurring, retailing the big scene eating all aboard the chain blame,
feeding under hand

wholesale exploitation scheme, cleaned. Memory bank doctrine screen,
what we tell ourselves to think, eat, spitting it everywhere
twisted turning inside out, social penetrate compliancy, bartering dependency
force freedom choice smack, voice, truth, mould.
living in cachexia...

compost piles, copraphiles, sewerage banks, resource dependent guardians suck lividity,
out of grasp, realties, made of mistakes, genocide is a uni-vic design, a tailored line of token signs
10-80 pet of the mixamatosis set sees blind, first world decline,
trash can clan, big enough 2 demand domination of process thought.

fucking the chance to change addict II smoking counter cultures
conforming non conformists, political facades.
Born into one enslavement or another deafening silent speech organic dementia.

liberate manufacture of annihilation push in evitability.
suffer in excessive consummation satisfaction being fattened
by christs, contracted for slaughter.

setting trenz, trapping lands, clapping hands
government milking man, dig it up,

5. Equimanthorn (Bathory cover)


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