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New Empire

"New Empire" (2006)

1. New Empire
2. God Of Thunder
3. King Of Fire
4. Breathing A Sight
5. Eternal Travel
6. In Silence
7. Angel Of Darkness
8. Believe
9. Ancient Prophecy
10. Life

1. New Empire

Raising from the ashes
In silence growing fast
Patience not surrender
Be ready to conquer the night
Use the power from your heart
Make you stronger use your mind
Take your place
In the throne who belongs to your mind
No one knows this hidden strength
Must be ready fight the glory will come
Build a new empire
Fell the roar
It's the time to get stronger
An earthquake announcing you are coming
Break the walls enforce the will
Leave behind your fears
Send all the army
Build your new empire
Be the one it's the time face them
They awaiting for you
Fell the roar its getting strong
No one can stops you
Make your new empire

2. God Of Thunder

Feel the force of thunder
The storm are getting closer
The symphony will claim
The thunder from the rain
Are olaying the music
The power from our mother
Can bring the god of thunder
He can clean the world
He can save us all
On my knees l call
l will pray oh lord
ln the torment
Am l screaming
Screaming loud
For my beliefs
Come rain and finish my sadness
Hear the moise of symphony of rain
Como rain and finish my sadness
Burn and clean the savage flame from hell
Come rain come

3. King Of Fire

From trhe ashes
Raise the brave man
He return to us
King of fire
Iron heart
Set ne free
On the hills
Make your kingdom
Source of power earth
Fly higher
Great hunter
Take the captive force
I must be stronger to win
To defeat them
Eating the enemies heart
And slave them
Oming with big hordes of fire
So be cautions
Burn everything on your way
King of fire
He is the king of fire
The must gratest hunter
Raise from the ashes
To turn, turn all on fire
Coming with your power
Burn out everything on your way
Finish all the ice hordes
Conquer the ice village

4. Breathing A Sight

There´s only one way to fell
Every single moment in a blink
Breathing a sight
Felling my blood
Running wild through my veins
Memories confort me in my loneliness
All this great felling that l will never let go
The same hour in the clock once again
warm moments we decide it to give
All our selves
No matter what we born to belive
Coincident in a time once again
When l blink
Breathing a singht
l know am far away from you
You know you far away from me
Just hope will defeat tha pain
When l hold you in my arms in the end
When l blink
Breathing a singht
Remenber you
Ringht here
Remenber us
When l blink
Breathing a sight
All the sorrow is about to end
l can fell you on my skin in the end
Being forever in a time with no end
Living forever
ln a time with no end...

5. Eternal Travel

See my destiny is coming to me
I travel to places unseen
Magical journey to my expedition eternal travel
Be the owner of all this beliefs
Beacoming a king between kings
Defeating the shadows of fear
Trust in my dreams living my freedom
You can make it
Trust in your self
This is your time
Don't be scared
I don't need a reason
To fight for the glory
I must fly
Into the endless dream
Travelig flying
Searching for the key
The one who will lead us
Hear my simphony
Challenge the life
Fight with all your heart
Don't fall
Surrender its not a word
In your dreams
Fight with this pride
The pride of a man who can give
So much more
This is the story
This is my own life
Its the story my own life
There's always one light of hope in the end
For you for me for us so we must go
Our wings are ready for dare to win until the end
Blast them all,all your fears
Breake them all, walls of pain
Don't give up, the battle is on
Conquer all, time is on

6. In Silence

All my blood is worm
I can resist no more
I need you by my side
I wan to see your eyes
I have a dream
My secret desire
Living between your mystical fire
In silence
Hear my scream in the darkness
Am dying
You are my deepest desire
Eternal nights
It seems, seems i lose my heart
Completly blind
My eyes, eyes i left behind
Unfinish moments
I am burning
My heart its broken
Im broken
I have a dream my secret desire...

7. Angel Of Darkness

In the darkness
Fly higher
Angel of darkness
Let the power of fire turns all
See the light coming to us
Fight with all your pride
Light will face the dark
Holy fighters
Angel of darkness
Finish the light
Show no mercy
Wings of fire
Take off the life
The life from the fighters
What is this
What is these the evil dying
On battle field
Your end is coming
Wathing his defeat
Oh angel of darkness
Light never dies

8. Believe

Oh it is grow inside
Now i embrace my will
Suddenly i lose my mind
Is the time to look around
Tears around me
Running through my blood
The moon now its rising
Don't you give up
And now i scream in the darkness
And now i fell how i die
Come to me madness
And make me lose my mind
Now fell its rising
Something is in my heart
Its you
Now i feel
Now this pain inside my heart
Deep in silence
Deep i give my life
Come tome madness
And make me lose my mind
Now fell its rising
Something is in my heart
I will not surrender
This is my time
I will fight for these
Because you make me believe
In you

9. Ancient Prophecy

It came from ancient times
The beast who comes for us
Awaiting to wake up
Death and mortal fire
Destruction extintion
Mankind will fall
Salvation is lust
Black guardian
Are drowned in blood
The seal will be broke
For those who not know
All the write
It came from the book
Eternal doom
Its rising
From the mist
It came for us
The seal was keep
For kind and love
And now all that
Now its lost
And now we are alone
Its rising from the mist
Its coming the dark king

10. Life


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